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  1. Linux Support
    My chromebook says that the Prey GPS tracking app has been installed as an extension. Yet, when opening the extension, there isn’t any portion for generating an account.
  2. Networking Support
    A good friend of mine just recently moved house and he was troubled about the new house’s lack of networking cabling. His initial thought was to run new networking cable all over the house. He wanted cable access in centralized rooms, to which he could install a network switch and run more...
  3. Windows XP Support
    The line between Netbooks, Notebooks and Tablets are slowly merging into one gigantic pool of confusion. Recently, with the release of Windows 8, Microsoft also announced a version of their software that would run on ARM devices, which in essence will be in between a tablet and a laptop. But...
  4. Mac Support
    The TSF Forum Browser is a great little App that is very easy to use. The Forum Browser gives you the ability to be able to surf TSF with a nice simple browser. With the browser you are able to reply to threads, start new ones, etc. You can pretty much do everything through the App, that you...
  5. Mac Support
    Ever wanted to know how to take a screen shot on an Apple device? It is very straight forward. Have a look at the image below: Have a look where the red boxes are around. The first on is the on/standby button and the second on is the Home button. Just press them in at the same time. You...
  6. Mac Support
    In this article I will be covering how to Organize your Apps, which will include the following: Create Folders to store apps Delete Apps Create Folders The first thing to do is to hold your finger down on one of the Apps, the icons will start 'wiggling', to create a folder drag one of the Apps...
1-6 of 7 Results