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  1. Windows 10 Support
    So I've had this issue for a while where seemingly random programs claim I don't have an internet connection, even when I do. I can't connect a Microsoft account to my pc, I can't run Valorant or Minecraft, and I can't install any adobe products. Those are all the programs that give me a "no...
  2. Other Windows Software
    Hello, I have multiple external USB drives that are connected to a 10 port USB hub that is connected to an 11 year old HP laptop running Win 10 Pro that is on the same network as my new laptop (also Win 10 Pro) that I am learning Premiere Pro on. The drives are shared and accessible to my new...
  3. Video Card Support
    PC configuration: Ryzen 5 3400g, Asrock b450 pro4-F, 2*8 GB 2400 MHz Ram, 1 TB HDD, 240GB SSD. Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects.
  4. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    There's no better time to venture into the path of freedom than now. A new year is the best time to try out new things. I'm talking about the world of Linux. Though you may have heard of some of the awesome features of Linux distributions , there is one simple thing that is difficult to find...
  5. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    Some months ago, I posted my personal apps that I use on my Samsung Galaxy SIII ; this article will be the programs and software that I have installed on my Windows 7 PC. Below is software that I recommend and personally use on my Dell Inspiron 17R running Windows 7. Following this article in...
  6. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    Every now and then you may have to split a PDF(portable document format) file you have received or merge many of them into one pdf. Well, if this is something you are faced with, then there is a great free program available to do this, and I use it quite a bit. It’s called PDFill and can be...
1-6 of 7 Results