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  1. Hard Drive Support
    I have a Fujitsu MHV2060ah hard drive out of an old laptop. When powered up it doesn't have any abnormal noises or smells. When I connect it to my PC, autoplay pops up saying there are errors on drive D and asks if I want to fix them. When I look at the devices and drives on my machine, it lists...
  2. Windows 10 Support
    In details, I have right clicked the E:\ drive icon, then clicked on Security, then to Edit, then to Administrators, pressed Deny and Apply (so dumb, I know. But I really don't know why would this option exist). Any possible way of fixing this, I have important files there. Huge thanks!!!
  3. Hard Drive Support
    Hi there, I have an external WD hard disk drive that recently stopped working in my pc (windows 10). It shows the drive name but doesn’t display the capacity indicator and I can’t enter the drive. When I try to check disk, it says “The disk check could not be performed because windows can't...
  4. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    Computer networking is one of the more challenging aspects of the informational technology world. Switches and routers, packets and frames, there is a lot of terms to understand and they need to be applied exactly to work. Although, when they do work people can be very appreciative. Most...
  5. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    Restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, schools, hotels, malls, and many other public gathering locations all contain one important necessity in today’s world and that is access to the World Wide Web. Over the years, the term “Coffee Shop” has begun to transition into an “Internet Coffee Shop” as...
1-5 of 6 Results