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  1. Laptop Support
    In March 2022 I bought used Dell G3 15 3590 from my friend. It's several years old, so I guess some hardware may have failed. From time to time the laptop fails to recognize an AC Adapter. BIOS tells me that on start and the system shows me that the laptop is charging, when in fact it's...
  2. Laptop Support
    Howdy, I've got some strange power issues on my Lenovo Thinkpad 13 (Type 20GJ). Initially I found the laptop would not recognize the AC adapter (no "Plugged in, not charging" - just would not recognize being plugged in or charge). I solved this by disconnecting the battery (internal), doing a...
  3. Laptop Support
    Hello! So, yesterday, i was using my laptop normally, and it was charging properly. I unplugged it and used it for about 1 and a half hour, and it was time to plug it back in so it could charge. Nothing out of the ordinary here, however, i went to get the AC adapter so i could charge it again...
1-3 of 3 Results