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  1. Small in Size, Big on Memory – A Samsung Portable SSD T3 500GB

    Hard Drive Support
    Back in the 1980s, if you wanted to share some computer files with a friend or transfer files to a secondary machine, it was common to use a floppy drive which stored data onto a magnetic disk. Floppy drives were common with most computers, but their storage capacities were limited. Then, ten...
  2. Problem with 500GB ext hdd Toshiba

    Hard Drive Support
    I've Toshiba Ext HDD 500GB, using on Windows 7 ultimate it works fine, but on one occasions i plug it into Windows 2000 usb port to copy some data, but when i plug it i notice that it show red light instead of normal white light, then when i open my computer the drive was there, but is written...