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    The year is 2015, yet we’re still using printers in our daily lives, but let’s face it, we need them for many uses, particularly their fax functionality. If printers and all-in-one devices are here to stay, the best we can do is innovate them to be some of the best printers available. Remove...
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    We all know the frustration that comes with plugging in a USB device. It seems that no matter how hard we try, the first plug-in attempt is always wrong. This year at CES, the producers behind USB are making a strong effort to simplify this small, useful device. Dubbed USB Type-C or USB 3.1...
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    Welcome to the 2015 Recommended Build Guide Custom Intel and AMD PC Builds Outstanding Quality, Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Value   For those interested in building their own computer, please visit our 2015 Build Guide containing Intel and AMD builds...
1-3 of 3 Results