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  1. Other Hardware Support
    Hey, my SD-card was formatted and overwritten, is it possible to get the data back? If so what is the best method? I had hours of work on there and now its all lost, and I'm very frustrated about it. Is there any way to bring it back? Thank you in advance :) ~Nunu
  2. Hard Drive & SSD Support
    Over the past 2 weeks I copied 10TB of files to my new external 10TB HDD. But now I realized, that I did a mistake: I trusted the manufacturer, and kept the default filesystem - exFAT. Well, I didn't know much about NTFS vs. exFAT, I just knew that both can get the job done, and both are ok...
  3. Hard Drive & SSD Support
    Hey, I was trying to install windows onto a hard drive to boot up my new pc, it was a friends hard drive, but the hard drive I was using was formatted and lost all of the data he had on it once windows was finished. I haven’t installed windows as I feared it would permanently delete his data, so...
1-3 of 3 Results