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Your Smartphone on the Big Screen – A Matricom Q3 Android TV Review

By on November 26, 2017

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs walked onto a stage to introduce a revolutionary update to a device that would change technology to what we know today. His vision and innovation of “fixing” … read more →

An update to the eero networking system

By on January 26, 2017

During CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017, there were a lot of great new technologies shown. It’s one of my favorite technology based shows around the world, because it gives companies a chance … read more →

A Brief Overview of Google I/O 2016

By on October 11, 2016

On October 4, Google took to the stage for millions of watchers to announce some new and upcoming changes to their brand. Known for their superior search engine and Android operating system, … read more →

Google’s Reinvention of Captcha

By on December 16, 2014

When purchasing online, signing up for forums, or logging into an account, chances are you’ll face the irritation of guessing the curvy words inside a captcha box. Known as a Completely Automated … read more →

Android Makes its Way to Watches

By on March 20, 2014

Google has just recently announced that they will be partnering with smartphone manufacturers, HTC, LG, Samsung and others to expand the Android OS into smart wearables. As the next tech phase seems … read more →

Enterprise Security for Mobile – An ESET Mobile Security 2.0 for Android

By on March 10, 2014

It’s no surprise that in a world of internet connected technology there are people out there looking to steal or hack your devices. Since the beginning of the internet there have been … read more →

Google Subsidiary to take control of Moffett Airfield

By on February 13, 2014

The United States Government has chosen Google’s Planetary Ventures LLC subsidiary to run and renovate a federal airfield that is most frequently used for personal jets of Google executives. Announced on Monday, … read more →

Google’s Worst Investment Ever!

By on February 2, 2014

Two years ago Google saw an opportunity to purchase a somewhat dwindling company as part of a plan to expand their hardware division of computing. In 2012 Google confirmed that they had purchased Motorola … read more →

World’s first e-Tattoo!

By on January 14, 2014

Google has always been at the pinnacle when it comes to innovative commercial products. First, it was Google Glass, now Google-owned Motorola Mobility appears to be aiming a few inches lower, working … read more →

Google acquires Nest

By on

In a continued movement of property rights, Google has recently bought Nest Labs, adding smoke detectors and smart thermostats to their repertoire of technological areas, especially those related to home use. Google … read more →

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