Which External Hard Drive is Right for You?

External hard drives have been around for quite some time. The first few generations, like their internal counterparts, were cost prohibitive for the average consumer, and were a lot slower than internal … read more →

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Solving DLL Issues in the Windows Registry

In the glory days of Windows 3.1, the computer was controlled by multiple files usually ending with .ini or .sys extensions. Beginning with Windows 95 that number was reduced to two files. … read more →

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Data Recovery Basics

Ownership of a computer brings with it a number of challenges and risks, as well as opportunities. One ever-present danger is that of data loss. Unfortunately, data loss is almost unavoidable. Whether … read more →

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Backup your boot hard drive

Have you ever had that gut-wrenching feeling when you boot-up and are told your hard drive cannot be accessed? Whether you try running Repair Console or running emergency start floppies, nothing you … read more →

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Windows Vista – error messages, solutions and how-to’s

Windows Vista, even in its Release Candidate (RC) versions, still remains a Beta product; and, as such, no formal product support is available from Microsoft for it. However, Microsoft have included in … read more →

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