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  1. Malicious web site - Dell laptop inoperable
  2. How to Restore Files & Folders Hidden by Malware?
  3. [SOLVED] Is my google account hacked by Russians?
  4. Need help getting rid of RAT
  5. Need Help with Computer Issues
  6. Certain websites not working, unable to patch games from some developers
  7. [SOLVED] Soundmixer.exe trojan
  8. [SOLVED] A case of Mac muy malware?
  9. [SOLVED] picked up malware from amazon
  10. [SOLVED] Possible Trojan Infection
  11. [SOLVED] slow computer - malware - blocked from attaching addition.txt
  12. System repair
  13. Possible Issue
  14. [SOLVED] Chromium Virus
  15. [SOLVED] I know Email
  16. [SOLVED] Infected!!!
  17. Nasty Malware Problem--Maybe RAT?
  18. There's something happening here
  19. [SOLVED] Bleeping Computer's RKill results.
  20. i still have a virus
  21. i believe u have a virus
  22. My web browsers are automatically deleting my history
  23. Malware Removal Help Posting Instructions
  24. Bookmarks problem, my fault...
  25. i have malware, how do i remove it or how do i fix it?
  26. GANDCRAB V5.0.4
  27. Slow Internet, OpenLoader Ads, and Google Chrome Homepage Redirects
  28. Trojan:Win32/Starter.R
  29. Win Erx03 pops up constantly
  30. Randomly downloaded a file simply called "$"
  31. Bullguard Trojan
  32. Facebook (blocked newsfeed)
  33. 2nd: Super slow boot, Outlook send/receive errors, over-heating, CPU maxing out?
  34. [SOLVED] How to subscribe to own thread (can't see it?)
  35. Super slow boot, Outlook send/receive errors, over-heating, CPU maxing out?
  36. RE: Ransomfree
  37. AVG Antivirus and internet security
  38. AVG help
  39. Antivirus Customer help
  40. I found a new virus not detected by any anti virus. Objectinstaller
  41. Suspected Malware
  42. Clock resetting to incorrect time
  43. Need help with MAC Virus.
  44. Malware removal help
  45. slow boot up and programs
  46. Site has been hacked ans possibly infected
  47. diskdriver.exe trojan keeps reinstalling itself
  48. Possible stealth crypto miner?
  49. [SOLVED] Can't remove cmdsrvs.exe/secrypt
  50. Google Search Results Go to
  51. Unable to create Recovery USB for Win 10 - virus?
  52. Is Rspark a virus?
  53. 99% CPU usage
  54. Shuts off my laptop without warning
  55. [SOLVED] chrome web data virus
  56. Computer keeps trying to reach several IPs
  57. [SOLVED] Exe not working
  58. [SOLVED] Exe not working
  59. Having an issue with win7, not sure if it's a virus or simply corrupted files.
  60. Lag after everything I do
  61. Computer Keeps trying to open .tmp files
  62. Malware, incessant beeping and bogged surfing
  63. I might be infected
  64. System is bogging down
  65. Can malware change your email?
  66. Need Help with HijackThis Log
  67. Infected with INSANE bitcoinminer. Desperate for help
  68. Computer acting "sluggish". Screen freezing...
  69. Yahoo is not my default search engine!
  70. Computer networking problem or no?
  71. trj/CI.A
  72. Internet connection do not work in multiple apps
  73. "Microsoft Alert!" audio message from self-starting Firefox shortly after login.
  74. [SOLVED] PayPal getting hacked, phone number being accessed
  75. Per your instructions
  76. Samsung Laptop Jitters Randomly - Looking for solutions
  77. [SOLVED] Computer Running Slowly
  78. Help audio gone thank to unknown virus
  79. Hidden Remote Hacker on My PC
  80. Unexpected lag on computer
  81. [email protected]
  82. [SOLVED] Windows 10 NDISTPR64.SYS
  83. Yahoo! Mail Redirect
  84. suspecting virus : random start
  85. Help, accidentally entered a hacked website!
  86. SysWOW64 virus removal
  87. Possible virus maybe?
  88. [SOLVED] No internet access via ethernet; wifi OK
  89. Computer turns off every 90 mins
  90. Is my friends computer infected?
  91. pop ups and redirects
  92. Virus confusion
  93. A "taskeng.exe" virus, or something even more sinister?
  94. Suspected virus
  95. Your Computer is Infected with a Virus -Call this Number.
  96. Audio Virus?
  97. How to stop spam browser or plugin to install in system?
  98. Slow Internet windows 7 home premium service pack 1
  99. Lag Spikes When Gaming
  100. [SOLVED] AdwCleaner Blue Screen
  101. Strange computer behaviour going on for months
  102. One Avast shield keeps turning itself off; possible virus
  103. Crazy Popups Nonstop!
  104. Checkup needed 5.2.17
  105. Cat.exe and kitty.exe malware
  106. sh4ldr folder??
  107. Error about procedure entry point & dll file
  108. Laptop extremely slow, disk usage 100%, hangs randomly
  109. Internet history remains after clearing it from pc
  110. Really invisible malware that survives Win10 clean install?
  111. Firewall hiding, File Explorer won't stay open, slower than a dead sloth & more! :(
  112. Unable to delete cookies
  113. event ID 10016...Virus?
  114. PLEASE help!!
  115. [SOLVED] Outlook Software may be infected
  116. Usb Virus
  117. Zeus virus
  118. Need Help: ASUS Laptop running Win 10 keeps rebooting over and over
  119. dds wont run, Virus removal help please!
  120. Rid of the virus
  121. Error message after computer starts on Windows 10 doesn't work after reformatting
  122. Ransomware?
  123. Credit card data theft
  124. DDS Logs: Flash Player for Edge
  125. MS Edge: I keep seeing this page
  126. Thought better safe than sorry after random Microsoft Virus Alert last night....
  127. Bad Performance Issues
  128. Unauthorised email sending & Unwanted emails
  129. Scammer took control of laptop
  130. Possible root kit on my cell phone?
  131. Something Randomly Deletes Files and Emails
  132. Help with possible Virus/Malware - DDS couldn't run
  133. Possible Malware on Win 7 Home 64 bit
  134. [SOLVED] Malware/Spyware on my sons computer
  135. AdWare (continued)
  136. Unauthorised email sending & Unwanted emails
  137. Malware on Friends computer
  138. "App Explorer Updated" on Startup
  139. Trying to run DDS
  140. Windows Blue Screen
  141. Sent here by Corday
  142. Your TV Link
  143. Flash® Player for YouTube™ has been updated
  144. Win32/Zperm virus & popups.
  145. Infected by osiris ransomware
  146. [SOLVED] Windows 10 Chrome - "YourTV" Browser hijacker won't go away
  147. Ransomware in Firefox
  148. Help with removing malaware ?
  149. Houdini Trojan/Worm
  150. Thank GOD for TSF
  151. take2 100%cpu on aspire 5515 vista home
  152. 100%CPU on Acer Aspire5515 os is VHE
  153. chromium removal
  154. Crazy virus that prevents window & IE update.
  155. Rogue Norton Utilities 16 Installer, Cannot Remove, Sys Restore Prevtd, Backup Failed
  156. Default page!
  157. Possible Botnet Infection, all network traffic is being used by my adapter
  158. Per Windows 7 forum, posting logs here.
  159. Not working correctly Windows Firewall
  160. No Longer Able To Upload Images Online
  161. Malware on my PC
  162. [SOLVED]
  163. Poor performance and MSE issues
  164. [SOLVED] Please check for infection
  165. WAMP Server hacked
  166. Virus stopping Eset from completing
  167. how can i get computer virus type
  168. Malware/Virus Check After Windows 10 Upgrade
  169. taskeng.exe after login
  170. Can connect internet but browser can't load any page.
  171. All files locked by Nemucod :( crypted: pls. Help!
  172. Reverse Engineer Trojan
  173. Unauthorised Emails Being Sent
  174. Possible Virus/malware
  175. "Your Windows Licence has Expired"
  177. mpckpt.sys removal
  178. Pop Ups Going Crazy. One-Click Pop Ups.
  179. JoniCoupon File Type
  180. Guitar playing virus?
  181. Help with detecting malware/spyware etc
  182. Need great help to remove these please
  183. Windows script host C:\windows\run.vs
  184. Ebook suspicous file or Malware
  185. Crypt virus/Trojen hijacked phone and puter!
  186. [SOLVED] please check me out
  187. Hijack.FolderOptions won't remove.
  188. Crippling virus
  189. Command prompt keeps opening and closing
  190. Issues with my Computer
  191. Painfully slow computer - possible malware?
  192. Suspicious Network Activity (Can't remove)
  193. [SOLVED] Infected PC
  194. Need help on lag spikes.
  195. What is this..
  196. Annoying Adobe Flash Player Virus
  197. browser hijacked pls help
  198. FVP Hijacking
  199. Startpage browser hijacking
  200. I think I got rid of my virus, but I'm still experiencing some issues
  201. Browsers/Programs wont open/run
  202. Search bar hijacker. Nothing found in programs, extensions, or security scans.
  203. EXE disappeared on Open
  204. Computer Issues (With requested logs)
  205. [SOLVED] Possible malware or virus
  206. Don't know where to start
  207. Possible malware causes file deletions/slow PC
  208. Microsoft Tech Support Scam
  209. 31337 Elite - Trojan, Back door
  210. Encrypted docs & pics
  211. Internet behaving Glitchy
  212. Virus Alert from WIN10
  213. Javascript Injection After Malware
  214. [SOLVED] programs installing that I didn't install and keep popping up
  215. Hacked via phone call
  216. Newish High-End PC Extremely Slow
  217. How do I check for the Zeus trojan?
  218. Something is going on with wifi data usage
  219. Computer Self Boots
  220. Rescue disk
  221. Unknown Virus
  222. Unusual DNS Connections - Can't find cause
  223. Annoying trojan that can't be scanned?
  224. Svchost hogging CPU
  225. Register Key HKLM/sof 6432NODE
  226. Computers taken over
  227. Infected but don't know what to do
  228. Odd vbc.exe command prompt at startup
  229. West Cheshire Police Authority Virus - Android
  230. smart_tag.js message pops up
  231. Multiple instances of processes slowing computer
  232. Rootkits and Koobface on Windows 10
  233. What is PUP.Optional.Spigot? How to clean it?
  234. Avast Detected Malware
  235. Mouse acting weird
  236. Computer most likely infected.
  237. interpol virus encrypted
  238. Hard drive constantly working
  239. Spreading viruses that lock files(check screenshot)
  240. Possible Virus
  241. Infection Suspected - Pls Assist!
  242. help needed removing gamegogle
  243. Peerguardian 2 virus??
  244. [SOLVED] I think I am infected with BadUSB
  245. Downloaded .src virus but didn't open. Am i okay?
  246. [SOLVED] win 7 and MSSE won't update - was asked to check for malware
  247. dell inspiron 530 - virus
  248. PC Slow Down and Constant Virus Detection
  249. Computer Acting Strange, High CPU, many connections, Thanks in advance for Help!!
  250. Help please! CHrome infected with Melware?