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Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help

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  1. Several problems - ndis.sys corrupted with win32/patched.dx etc
  2. Multiple symptoms of virus
  3. Malware/Virus/Trojan Horse/Worm infection
  4. In way over my head in Alaska
  5. Windows Power Expansion
  6. Computer running V E R Y S L O W
  7. Google Analytics Pop Up Page Multiple Computers
  8. Can't Access Web, General Slow Performance, LOTS os Toolbars!
  9. No Internet After Using ComboFix
  10. Chrome "installed" fine, but wont do ANYthing! [Moved from Other Browsers forum]
  11. Virus/Corrupt files invoking BSOD, tried reformat/etc
  12. Win32/kryptik.LZS & Hiloti.CX
  13. virus please help?
  14. [SOLVED] Could you please assist me? Virus Cleanup Help.
  15. BIOS time keep resetting
  16. Fake AV Trojan still lingering
  17. Hijack This 2.04 (2.05?) log attached. [Moved from XP]
  18. combo fix error messages ? please help ?
  19. Windows 7 Problem.
  20. Degrading System, Possible Problems...
  21. Win7 virus can't run programs or system restore
  22. FakeAV.LCU infection
  23. Blaster Worm... FML!
  24. Attacked! Please help! Combofix Log included.
  25. Dell XP almost dead - need help urgent
  26. suspected WoW key logger on pc
  27. A question about fakeware / malware
  28. Inside Out
  29. remote access to a PC that won't go online
  30. HDD Scan Virus Partially Removed. What Now?
  31. Can't see any files in safe mode.
  32. browser was hijacked, need someone to view registry log to see if virus was removed
  33. Blue screen and google search redirect
  34. Need help with google redirect virus, please
  35. Suspected Keylogger, Logs Included
  36. Unable to access gmail using ssl after virus
  37. Symantec antivirus cant be restarted on windows 7
  38. evil little script infection
  39. Really Nasty Malware
  40. new issues with an old XP machine. Is it a virus McAfee can't find and clean?
  41. Virus Dealing with random spouts of audio.
  42. When Booting this pops up
  43. Windows Recovery Trojan
  44. Drive folders/files exist but can't be accessed
  45. Infected with spyware
  46. Stupid virus disabled Microsoft Sec Essen, Task Mang, Removed Programs, and wallpaper
  47. is this completely disinfected?
  48. "Mouse and keyboard DISABLED!"
  49. Think I have a virus, being redirected to random websites!
  50. trojan/ virus attack?
  51. Google redirection
  52. Search engine links redirect on both browsers
  53. Computer lags at gameplay - suspicious activity
  54. trojan/virus
  55. Possibly infected
  56. Avira found TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen2
  57. Flash and itunes not working
  58. Freezing Computer
  59. Crashing shortly after boot
  60. please help HJT log inside
  61. Win32, svchost.exe & firefox jump redirect
  62. virus
  63. All links send me to ads
  64. [SOLVED] Firefox and Spotify connection problems, possible virus related?
  65. How to get rid of the about:blank virus
  66. virus fills up folders
  67. [SOLVED] Browser being hijacked
  68. combofix log help
  69. Norton Virus and system restore won't run
  70. WindowsDiagnostic please help remove
  71. Strange Process in my PC
  72. HELP! IE pops up randomly! Pop-up blocker is enabled and using Google Chrome browser!
  73. Assistance but is this a virus spywRe?
  74. This may be confusing as it began with a pc that would not boot.
  75. [SOLVED] Windows License Locked notice
  76. Internet Security Essentials cleared by MBAM, but no internet connection
  77. Virus/Rookit help appreciated
  78. I'm at a dead end
  79. [SOLVED] NEED HELP! BLue Screen DELL Studio 1555
  80. Nasty Virus, unable to do any virus scans.
  81. AVG cant seem to fix my probs?
  82. Malware Suspicion (REPOST)
  83. Help me install anti virus
  84. Laptop Hacked by Virus - Please help !!
  85. Help! PC Admin Hijacked!!
  86. Spyaware removal
  87. Redirect search link virus
  88. Suspected Spyware and Viruses//Blue screen
  89. Help
  90. Disappearing text!
  91. Need Help with Bank Phishing Zbot Trojan
  92. Virus problem (laptop completely freezes)
  93. System Tool virus
  94. Can someone diagnose my laptop? (HJT Log)moved from xp
  95. From zero to trojan in under six seconds
  96. Slow Computer
  97. False hard drive full warnining screen
  98. Bad Image Errors
  99. Blue Screen and Google Search Redirect
  100. Virus HELP!!
  101. Safemode reverts all changes after reboot
  102. Trojan Infecting Google searches, opening Tabs in Firefox?
  103. Am I infected?
  104. [SOLVED] Fake antispyware blocks all .EXEs
  105. What do I have?
  106. Rootkit removal
  107. Boot Virus(es), Generic Host Process for win32 Services Error, svchost.exe high cpu u
  108. Multiple issues: rimecud, pev.exe, koobface (Win XP)
  109. reoccuring malware
  110. rootkit infection? other malware?
  111. Computer freezes within 6-9 minutes
  112. Norton 360
  113. Firefox Search Engine Redirects
  114. Possible Keylogging Or Other Nonsense. Not Sure
  115. ComboFix.log
  116. Slow Computer Am I Clean
  117. Help virus cannot stopped!!!!!!!
  118. PSW.Generic8 cleaned by AVG, now CPU slow
  119. Scared about a keylogger!
  120. Windows Security Center Service Can't be started (Windows 7)= > VIRUS?
  121. Antivirus software forces shutdown in safe mode
  122. viruses found after resolving issue on forum
  123. Brower redirect and phantom audio noise
  124. What the heck is this?
  125. ctfmon.exe
  126. Computer running slow
  127. redirect ~ then unresponsive (windows\system32\drivers\disk.sys
  128. Exploit issue...
  129. My browser is being redirected
  130. slow/unresponsive performance and startup, BSOD, and other issues
  131. Potential Virus
  132. Sound goes off
  133. Iexplorer/Fl1 .exe Dr. Web for windows 2011
  134. Another Anti Vira AV hijack
  135. [SOLVED] Virus Removal
  136. Missing folder option, AV not appear and lots of problem
  137. Please save my computer..:(
  138. Redirecting to random websites
  139. Browsers inoperable after malware infection.
  140. Search engine redirects; GMER causes BSOD
  141. perpetual reboot after hijack this
  142. my hotmail is spamming my contacts
  143. got a virus and etc.
  144. Unable to remove virus
  145. Browser redirect help
  146. Please help!
  147. Windows Explorere Keeps Starting and Restarting?
  148. Ran malicious software sandboxed..
  149. Virus/Trojan/Spyware help- Reply to Reid
  150. Antivira Av - fake AV software, completely hijacked everything
  151. Virus/Anytime I click on anything dozens of pop ups appear
  152. i did a GMER scan
  153. [MOVED] Lappy
  154. Bandwidth Virus
  155. New user, sydney, aust with email spam prob
  156. Please check to be sure virus was completely removed
  157. Help with Dell XPS M1530
  158. suspicious link
  159. boot record problem
  160. xd_proxy.css from
  161. Slow computer/virus/malware issues. Please help.
  162. Infected with various trojans/spyware???
  163. Slow Internet, Tried Everything ..
  164. Slow Computer - possible virus?
  165. IE Exlporer wont connect to Internet/Firefox will cant install webcam software...
  166. pop-ups all the time, sound shutting off, general slowness, etc.
  167. computer is stuck in safe mode
  168. Slow computer/spyware assistance
  169. Trojan that keep reappearing
  170. TrojanDropper:Win32/Oficla.G infection
  171. msvcr90.dll is not a valid
  172. Images and pictures are blurry + malware detected through Avira search
  173. Random crashing
  174. ATTN -- Please Advise: Moron (Me) Removes Malware and Destroys The Internet
  175. My post got closed!
  176. Randomly losing space on Hard Drive - Virus?
  177. Re: Unable to complete genuine windows validation
  178. Fakw MS Security Essentials, WhiteSmoke Tanslator Help!!!
  179. The most persistent virus/malware I have seen
  180. Blinking cursor on boot up after installing Avast and after an infection/trojan
  181. Computer is very slow then BSOD
  182. AVG detected multiple virus... HELP!
  183. IE Clicking sounds in background, mebroot variant?
  184. Google Redirect Virus Help
  185. Unknown account (S-1-5-21-1547161642-838170752-7253) Appears in windows 7?
  186. Computer Reboots Frequently
  187. Picked up virus through svchost.exe file
  188. Suspected Virus
  189. Slow internet
  190. Virus wrecking havoc
  191. Trojan/Keylogger?
  192. REMOTE Hacker - Bank Accounts, Email, Facebook and Administration Control
  193. Malware
  194. [SOLVED] Two threats found, causing other problems too...
  195. I Have Various Virus's/Trojans
  196. Google Redirect Adware = Critical!
  197. rootkit and unknown sids
  198. My acer aspire one can't start up. Can someone help me pls?
  199. Need help getting rid of HKI virus.
  200. programmci malware (logs included)
  201. Google redirect virus?
  202. Spybot seizes CAEEFAC-0016-0000-0020-ABCDEFFEDCBA
  203. 14th Jan nod32 update says I have SDG.Gen trojan
  204. Computer Slow, Unresponsive, Unable to Boot Time Scan
  205. AV8Scan/Spyware Doctor
  206. Problem with E-mail attaching stuff
  207. Mozilla won't open... now Yahoo/Skype won't download properly
  208. Trouble after deleting hAIgaEn worm
  209. Malware / Virus Help
  210. PC Tools has jacked my Vista OS laptop
  211. want gamblock off my computer
  212. Redirect link from search results
  213. Computer Compromised
  214. System performance is virtually standstill
  215. how to get rid of pop-ups?
  216. Badly infected
  217. Annoying connection problem
  218. [SOLVED] google redirect problem
  219. black screen on a dell 6400
  220. Computer freezes while sufring web.
  221. virus reply
  222. Suspected Virus/Malware! GMER crashing before finishing
  223. Help w/ System Tool 2011
  224. Need Help Please
  225. Browser Malware. (Repost)
  226. BSOD-Repair Install- Now still infected
  227. Virus / Spyware Help
  228. Got a Virus now Win XP Won't Start!
  229. bluescreen shutdown
  230. virus infection
  231. Infected with a Virus!
  232. computer reboots on its own
  233. [SOLVED] Cant go to any microsoft/antivirus site.
  234. Locked out of 90% of system
  235. Constant Internet Activity
  236. Adware?
  237. Svchost.exe & generic host process errors - darn rats!! (Take 2)
  238. looking for virus/malware help
  239. CPU running at 100% bogging computer
  240. Malware causing Talking Ads in background
  241. Please Help other sites ignoring my request
  242. Virus? - Graphic Problem (Artifacts), doesn't show up during boot up, at login screen
  243. virus need help.
  244. Problem with "Security Shield"
  245. Random music playing+cpu usage high with nothing running
  246. Website redirect, moving cursor
  247. Cannot access Device Manager
  248. Babylon Spyware Help
  249. I Have A Hijacker On My HP Pavilion
  250. I suspect Malware