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Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help

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  1. Malware attack...can't do anything
  2. PC running slowly.
  3. My hotmail account is sending out spam
  4. Black screen after login... (FileCure)
  5. XP Pro SP3 Rootkit.ZeroAccess
  6. SLOW PC
  7. Operating Memory Trojan
  8. Please HELP - What is this generate.php file?
  9. Browser hijacked - need help
  10. cant install or download any antivirus
  11. Baidu search malicious? and a backdoor/trojan
  12. Computer Freezes
  13. I could not connect to
  14. Computer hijacked beyond my personal geek skills
  15. My computer keeps crashing[moved from bsod]
  16. What's this all about? Some sort of virus.
  17. Getting rid of bios rootkit
  18. Slow CPU
  19. virus check
  20. Virus Problem/Possible Malware
  21. Malware/Virus problem that started with System Fix
  22. Computer acting slightly weird after a virus, do I still have one? or am I just paran
  23. Can't Revive TCP/IP Stack After ZeroAccess Virus
  24. Unable to open applications in x86 folder
  25. Why cimputer is not going to avira
  26. Laptop running very slow...can't find viruses...any ideas?
  27. Virus 0xc0000005??
  28. XP Security 2012/Wifi Dropping/Redirecting
  29. Win 32/Small.CA Virus
  30. Virus/Malware Problem hiding icons,programs and BSOD
  31. Someone who does not belong here
  32. WTSAPI32.dll not a valid Windows image
  33. Win32/Themida
  34. Problems accessing some websites
  35. Please Check for RootKit
  36. Vista Antispyware Virus + Blue screen
  37. Data restore + met police virus! help remove
  38. Further help needed please
  39. Removed Win 7 AntiSpyware - other issues after rebooting
  40. XP machine acting funny, can't access internet
  41. System Fix affter effects still apparent after removal
  42. Windows 7 Cannot Boot - Keeps Restarting
  43. Privacy Protection Fake Scan Loaded Viruses on Machine
  44. infection
  45. freebookspot attack page
  46. weird "icon" on videos
  47. Persistent Virus, need help
  48. Infected with a virus.
  49. [SOLVED] Strange problems and threats found
  50. Got a Virus but dunno even its name!
  51. Removed xp security 2012 & sys32 -still having issues want to make sure it's all gone
  52. Unknown Virus & Google Redirects
  53. java/ I still infected?
  54. Need help cleaning up sister's laptop, It's a trojan of some sort
  55. Internet not working after malware removal - system/registry/setting damage suspected
  56. Suspected Virus
  57. Computer Running Slow After Virus Hit
  58. Win 7 Home Security 2012 virus
  59. Desktop.ini (Trojan) found
  60. Ran Combofix, most files were deleted.
  61. Privacy Protection
  62. Redirector issue
  63. Trojan virus...please help me...urgent pls...?
  64. I'm Lost
  65. Computer Crashing - Malware?
  66. Been compromised again!
  67. Various programs blink and aren't responding
  68. Post Infection Troubles
  70. tcpip and dhcp failure after malware removal
  71. slow browsing and many iexplore.exe in task manager
  72. Google Redirect Malware/Virus won't stop comming back...
  73. No Windows Firewall / Internet Connection Sharing Services
  74. BIOS Hack?
  75. Rootkit Problem (Google Redirect, etc.)
  76. Network/computer hacker
  77. Is it a Virus or Hacker or just problems help
  78. [SOLVED] no internet connection after virus removal
  80. babylon Popup Virus
  81. Boot sector bug from hell or failing drive?
  82. iexplorer.exe always on, multiple sites in history
  83. very slow explorer, everything little slow
  84. Internet Explorer & Dr.Watson has encountered...
  85. Spyware/Virus caused LAN connection not working
  86. computer crashed after reading email from USPS
  87. Internet Explorer Loads & Uses Tons of Memory
  88. Google Search Redirect / Tried everything!
  89. Bad virus :(
  90. rootkit
  91. broken registry entries. no longer my computer administrator.
  92. Imminent hard drive failure or Virus?
  93. Random sound advertisement keeps playing
  94. Spyware
  95. Bluescreen when running Malware Bytes and other cleaners
  96. Pc running slowly
  97. Audio ads and Redirecting Links Virus Help.
  98. Struggling to Remove Virus
  99. Search redirecting
  100. No connection on one computer in network
  101. Tdl4 system restore kdcom
  102. WhiteSmoke Translator Issue
  103. Computer runs very slowly
  104. strange popups,redirects,freezing.
  105. a few trojans >.<
  106. Anti Virus cannot connect to update
  107. After AVG scan, my pc get stuck after 8 min.
  108. Please help
  109. PC is Extremely slow...
  110. Lock Out Virus
  111. Puter/Browser is 'Hijacked' Cursor Does Not Appear...
  112. can't install or uninstall programs
  113. [SOLVED] audio ads when running firefox, after installing ccleaner
  114. Random ads/sounds/music.
  115. Wireless Problem
  116. CPU usage spikes to 100%
  117. Virus that plays audio
  118. frozen computer
  119. Browser/s Problem.
  120. [SOLVED] Browser Hijack
  121. Possible Virus
  122. Potential Spyware/Trojan problem
  123. MalwareBytes infectged. AVG2011 says unknown virus.
  124. Randomly running slowly and then going back to normal.
  125. Symantec LU1814 + no antivirus sites
  126. Computer slowed down significantly, task manager not working
  127. Trojan Help
  128. Need help removing BOO/TDss virus
  129. Mother in law has no desktop
  130. my pc is doomed ( every possible problem you can think off)
  131. "UPS Virus"
  132. Malware has hidden desktop icons and program listing on Startup listing-All Programs
  133. Corrupted Windows 7. Can't Restore System, Can't Backup, Can't Run DDS & GMER.
  134. Rootkits and trojan
  135. Help with IE running in background
  136. Possible Hijacker
  137. Trojan.Patchep!sys and More viruses, Help!
  138. Attempt to quarantine virus failed?
  139. HJT Log, hopefully ya'll can help
  140. Windows Explorer Stopped Working?
  141. Windows 7 Ult 64-Bit, Possible virus
  142. New Browser Window Popping up !!
  143. Reformatted, checking if system is clear.
  144. malware? delayed internet access and host file device already in use issue.
  145. Programs Crashing and Excessivly SLOW Computer!
  146. Help! Internet blocked, Antivirus blocked, Firewall blocked...
  147. 9 spyware/keylogger can't correct this. Can you?
  148. Trying to learn a thing or 2...
  149. Windows Security Center, Windows Color Schemes, Defender, all disabled!! Please help!
  150. My Email Send Spam to my contact list
  151. What is this? Detection V:2,loaded:,site:7148,url:BHO_vcsoftwares
  152. USB key infected my computer?
  153. A usb with vitro virus
  154. Startup Repair loop following 'System Restore' infection
  155. Possible rootkit infection.
  156. Permission Changes in Wins 7
  157. Probable virus
  158. lagging, internet wasnt working, etc
  159. Firefox Redirecting Issues
  160. Firefox Keeps Redirecting
  161. ugggggh!
  162. Guard Online? Dangerous Malware
  163. trashed computer
  164. AOL spamming
  165. ?Virus in computer - problems typing in word *comuputer typeing by itself
  166. Freezes A Lot
  167. Browser hijack, firewall disabled, removal makes unbootable - help please?
  168. Google links being redirected to ad sites, please help!
  169. [SOLVED] Request for review of scan reports
  170. computer heavily infected
  171. Possibly spyware?
  172. [SOLVED] Can't go to some websites after infection
  173. OpenCloud AV Remnants?
  174. W32 Ramnit.E
  175. Can i delete Qoobox?
  176. SearchSettings and ApplicationUpdater Virus
  177. Horizontal Banner Ads Being Displayed On Every Site including Twitter (Just On My PC)
  178. supect virus in system
  179. Blue screen after gmer
  180. wow... i have no idea. i need help fast.
  181. Hard Drive Keeps Making Shortcuts
  182. + Caption Hello World (c drive) + d+E drive showing unknow
  183. Have Sma.rt Search popping
  184. Trojan virus blank screen need help...
  185. [SOLVED] Missing ipsec
  186. Recurring request
  187. Computer is hijacked with random typing and window opening
  188. my computer cannot access the internet possibly because of virus?
  189. Am I infected?
  190. DNS hijacked?
  191. svchost.exe Virus Causing Blinking Underscore at Boot
  192. Windows Security Essentials Won't Install.
  193. Very Slow Performance
  195. [SOLVED] Task manager, regedit and other software problems
  196. Need help with Ebay ATM confirmation popup box
  197. Virus - Backdoor.win64.ZAccess.a + Other Issues
  198. Computer up/downloading by itself when idle
  199. Google Search Results Link Redirection
  200. Botnet? Help!
  201. infected.. No desktop icons, no links to programs...
  202. Google Redirect Vius
  203. my computer is infected
  204. dds and gmer scans not working
  205. Virus that shuts my laptop
  206. My laptop got killed during the "Preparing for the Malware Removal" process :\
  207. Start up slow and email sending spams
  208. Dedicated video card won't work with anything
  210. Application Error
  211. Popups, redirects, reduced system performance, and blue screens...
  212. Some programs cannot connect to the internet
  213. Browser Got Hijacked, Can't Install Spyware/Virus Removal Software
  214. cannot access download server.
  215. Badly Infected PC, virus utilities disabled and .exes won't run, NIC disabled
  216. Google redirects and I tried everything
  217. Search engine redirects to bogus sites and blank pages
  218. Backdoor:win32/cycbot.b
  220. Need help
  221. No desktop when i log on
  222. Hello4/Black Screen 2 Advanced Help
  223. Browser Search Redirect -- Easy Fixes not Working
  224. Help Removing Infections
  225. Cannot get ark.txt file as GMER app crashes computer
  226. begar2x.exe??? JVmAWKTrlPRxRXfUAJKINk????
  227. Internet Explorer Problems
  228. ComboFix Log
  229. virus scan from safe mode
  230. Can't run Malwarebytes or Anti-virus, google redirects
  231. Nobody else can help, need a virus gone [Logs Included]
  232. In reference to my other post (Malware, Rootkit, Something very bad ??????)
  233. Suspected Malware/Spyware, ran GMER...
  234. Avira Premium antivirus is disabling automatically and won't update
  235. Running Slow, Internet Drops
  236. [SOLVED] Login and password verification from opening new IE page.
  237. slow
  238. [Moved fr Gen Security ]Virtual Private Network
  239. Pc lags. Even youtube lag
  240. Computer Slow - Virus
  241. Google redirect and more...
  242. Hackers Very High Tech
  243. T_T..
  244. CPU usage 100% all the time
  245. Need help with slow new laptop and strange errors
  246. Blue Screen after MalwareBytes and a Bad Decision
  247. Computer freezes after 10 mins
  248. Crazy spell check
  249. External disc folders dispay as shortcuts
  250. Possible Virus?