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Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help

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  1. Rootkit Virus
  2. Link to installing DDS software does not contain the installer
  3. Virus from Music Download
  4. My administrative priviledges for compaq presario CQ5300F taken over by virus
  5. Any other hackers removal program
  6. Networking, dim screen... basic operations failing
  7. BIOHD-4
  8. Infected with Gen:Variant.Kazy
  9. Recommened For You advert Virus
  10. Help Please!
  11. [SOLVED] Help please!
  12. E-mail sending out SPAM through contacts list.
  13. My sister allowed someone to control our computer
  14. Possibly infected with Zlob.DNS Changer
  15. [BSOD] Cannot Boot
  16. Audio Commercials playing in background
  17. Rpc shutdown 60 second timer
  18. Possible Virus?
  19. Windows Firewall Problems
  20. Welcome to NGINX!
  21. Unable to run DDS.scr
  22. Fake AVG on daughter's computer [PC 2]
  23. Cannot boot up
  24. ~*~Mixed Bag of Problems~*~
  25. Virus Making my computer BSOD even in safe mode?
  26. I was Informed to post my computer problems here
  27. Virus Help please
  28. ignorant XP pro 02 ver. #3 owner w\ virus!
  29. Wont Connect to Internet, XP SP3
  30. trojan plz help everything is crashing!
  31. [SOLVED] Audio Ads on Laptop, Redirect Virus and Random Message Boxes Appearing on Screen
  32. [SOLVED] Random Freezes on Windows 7 64-bit
  33. Slow 'net speed and long boot time
  34. Very slow computer booting up, stating that windows is not genuine, halting/stalling
  35. Malware Removal
  36. AutoIt Error, Data Prevention Win32 Error, and Memory Reference Errors.... Help!!!!!!
  37. Ads in the background while running IE
  38. Probably a rootkit
  39. Trojan horse Patched_c.LXT
  40. Hacked
  41. Have "police" locked my laptop? HELP!
  42. A few problems.
  43. Windows XP PC unable to access internet or copy files
  44. Removing old viruses
  45. Removed Virus Now Internet Browsers Do Not Connect (logs inc.)
  46. PC running slower and slower
  47. Internet Explorer Connection & Windows Defender
  48. Trojan.Happili and Exploit.Drop.9
  49. HELP backdoor.win32.zaccess.oun
  50. Can't do steps!
  51. [SOLVED] Cannot remove str.sys? (Rootkit?)
  52. TR/Atraps.gen2 and now boot problems
  53. Trojan has completely locked me out of my PC apart from guest account (windows xp)
  54. Ramnit.Y virus
  55. Kaspersky Killed My Internet
  56. Unsure, possible virus - Losing space on hard drive
  57. New user created by virus?
  58. [SOLVED] Virus/spyware issue involving audio ads
  59. Infected with malware, need help please.
  60. Ried - PC 2
  61. Malware transforms folders into .exe files (USB drive)
  62. TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen5
  63. Want to make sure there are no Rootkits on computer
  64. [SOLVED] How to remove Alureon Virus?
  65. hotmail spamming my friends with my email addy
  66. Screen is going wakey and msn hot mail messed up
  67. Have a badly infected laptop need help!
  68. Possible Infection
  69. RPC terminated Unexpectedly
  70. Suspected Virus/Malware/Trojan Attack!!!
  71. Google re-direct virus has left me with un-removeable trojan...
  72. Combo Fix Log
  73. Can't Remove Avast
  74. PCEU scam
  76. Probable rootkit virus
  77. Extremely infected/hijacked computer
  78. MSE doesn't activate anymore after finding sirefef.j and other malware
  79. Vista and Mac virus will not me to do anything!
  80. need help!
  81. Help I know nothing about computers
  82. Mayham on my computer
  83. [SOLVED] Hidden Folder Views & Custom Icons Reset
  84. My IBM thinkpad will not connect to internet
  85. [SOLVED] is being redirected a virus ?
  86. cant run virus sorfware, or connect to internet
  87. Trojan rendering PC useless
  88. Trojan.gen
  89. Bluescreen every few minutes
  90. Netbook infected with win32/ainslot.a
  91. [SOLVED] DDS.scr file
  92. You guy's mind looking at something for me?
  93. All my user details gone no shortcuts on start menu
  94. Please help me with my problem - little white box top left
  95. PC Optimizer Pro - HELP!!
  96. Opens multiple windows with "harddrive error". After shut down, everything gone.
  97. Application Error
  98. FTP Error/Virus? -mkII-
  99. Windows not booting
  100. Hitman Pro finds Trojan.AVKill.8892
  101. please help with virus
  102. laptop recovering from virus
  104. virus stops me to install antivirus or use internet
  105. Is Safe Mode really safe?
  106. Trojan:JS/Redirector.JA - Help!!!
  107. mywebsearch
  108. eror: ordinal 379
  109. Virus HEUR trojan win 32
  110. Severe Computer Problems
  111. Error Message with C:\ProgramData\ipcoetup64.dll
  112. Best registry cleaner
  113. PC running slow. FastClick DoubleClick cookies etc...
  114. Keyboard disabled & other strange issues
  115. PC Very very slow. Funmood is shown by malwarebytes
  116. Virus? Malware? I'm not quite sure...
  117. Post Virus Problem
  118. Windows Vista not starting up
  119. Please Help,windows 7 is not opening any programs,including task manager
  120. Help! Internet Security has captured computer
  121. Nasty trojan virus seems impossible to remove
  122. Google images and chat greyed out
  123. Metropolitan police virus/scam? help remove please?
  124. Am I Infected pt 2
  125. Malware Blocking Sites
  126. Incredibly bad Trojan: please help!
  127. Trojan Horse Agent3.ATLI help!
  128. Virus - Realtime Protection has Stopped
  129. After an awfull attempt at removing redirect. I have no DNS
  130. combo fix not wirking
  131. Cleaning
  132. how do i open a program trugh sandbox with avast?
  133. Suspected virus or trojan
  134. MRI_DISABLED After removal of fake.trojan
  135. Port Scanning attacks & DNS cache poisoning attack
  136. HELP Anitvirus 2012 attack now unable to get IP Address
  137. winlogon.exe + Gmail doesn't load + low virtual memory
  138. Searchnu toolbar
  139. Windows XP With No Internet PART II
  140. Very BAD virus! please help asap
  141. Possible Keylogger
  142. Trojan opens a window after login which I can not close(Windows 7 home 64bit sp1)
  143. Local only network access
  144. web pages closing unexpectedly?
  145. There's a Virus SOMEWHERE!
  146. Super Antispyware still detecting many adware and spyware on my computer
  147. Possible Virus and Hijack this log
  148. Windows Explorer restarts over and over
  149. [SOLVED] systems check, now redirect
  150. [SOLVED] Trojan Problem
  151. Unremovable Viruses "Win32/Karagany.I" and "Win32/Winwebsec" from Undeletable File
  152. Fake Antivirus took over computer
  153. Can't get my PC to work
  154. Huge Memory Usage
  155. Dell inspiron e1705 xp service pack 3
  156. Malware removal confirmation.
  157. [SOLVED] Win32/Cycbot.B
  158. System Check Virus
  159. USB flash drive is being corrupted of virus.
  160. Virus Spyware, Similar to Taz1's problem :(
  161. Completely cornered here.... D:
  162. Rootkit problem
  163. No internet access after tdss killer
  164. Strange Virus/Worm
  165. Need help to remove Troj/ZbotMem-B - 'manual cleanup required'
  166. not sure of the problem
  167. Internet explorer favorites folder
  168. Can't get rid of MyStart as default search engine
  169. Checking to see if I'm free of this boot sector virus
  170. [SOLVED] all my main folders turned into shortcuts on external hd by virus ???
  171. [SOLVED] win7 backup fails MSE reports "exploit:Blacole.BI"
  172. Trend Micro continuous notification
  173. My computer "zombie" won't die!
  174. Redirect, remote use, virus scan block, blue screen - DDS, Attach zip file attached
  175. Google Search Hijack
  176. Is TITANUIMRES dangerous? Please help me!
  177. trouble with viruses
  178. combofix results
  179. HELP!! most annoying malware/virus EVER !!
  180. Something is blocking my computers from accessing Google
  181. Popups and random music playing
  182. Trying to recover after Malware attack from "DLACTRLW.EXE" problem
  183. Running like a snail
  184. Rapidly loosing access to the internet
  185. [SOLVED] cannot click download or install buttons
  186. Need Help in Removing the js/ Malware
  187. DDS and GMER Log 3 Rd Laptop.
  188. virus removal windows 7
  189. Cloud AV 2012 Malware Infection
  190. Bsod A driver has overrun a stack based buffer constant reboot
  191. WBug.A found... What does it do?
  192. cannot connect to the Internet
  193. Got the website problem
  194. Prob with dds.scr and gmer.
  195. blue screen, laptop shuts down in safe mode help
  196. Redirects, pop-ups and audio from sources unknown
  197. Combofix deleted data
  198. uwro attacked my pc
  199. Tenacious Virus
  200. Rootkit Scan on My Computer
  201. Need help on deleting "Conhost" and "Svchost"
  202. Help with Malware Removal
  203. Referral from XP thread - Malware Removal
  204. Common MyDomainAdvisor bug
  205. DSL Modem Virus [moved from Gen Sec]
  206. Locked out of xp
  207. Windows 7 Crazy Activity
  208. What do I do with my combofix log?
  209. [SOLVED] A Variant of Win32/InstallCore.D and Unable to uninstall Win32/OpenCandy
  210. Redirect and other problems...
  211. Help with malware, possible rootkit?
  212. Need help Removing Trojan:Win32/Anomaly.gen!A
  213. Computer keeps freezing up
  214. Computer, calculator, browser keeps popping up randomly
  215. Nasty Virus AntiVir Guard Attention Detection
  216. Slow computer and internet
  217. bad audio/video playback high cpu processes
  218. Win7 anti virus 2012 no internet
  219. win 7 won't start after virus removal
  220. smart internet protection 2012
  221. Faulty internet after forum help with malware
  222. [SOLVED] redirect virus and slow.
  223. Lag/Freezing in windows 7 64, possibly mal ware!
  224. SLOW OR SO SLOW...
  225. Every single file association lost due to virus
  226. Win Security 2012 / Trojan.Gen / Cannot open anything, have to choose program
  227. How to get rid of bluekai
  228. anti-malware help
  229. Pc Running Slow
  230. Bad Image - cabinet.dll
  231. Trojan.Win32.Generic =/
  232. Ghost tpying.
  233. How to remove Searchcompletion/AutocompletePro/ Malware
  234. Infected: "Win 7 Internet Security 2012" virus
  235. Security Centre and Firewall problem
  236. My email has been hijacked
  237. Serious Malware Infection
  238. Sirefef
  239. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!
  240. Trojan:Win32/FakeSysdef
  241. Completely Infected!!
  242. Fake antivirus after effects
  243. Internet running very inconsistent Machine in Trouble?
  244. can't beat yahoo/google redirect 64 bit
  245. My wife's PC is running painfully slow
  246. Potential Virus/Trojan/Spyware problem
  247. Black Desktop with Multiple system errors
  248. [SOLVED] Hotmail account used to send SPAM
  249. Virus?????
  250. "Get-Answers-Fast" Redirection Virus