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Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help

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  1. Infected Win32 carber fn, and Alureon
  2. Win32:Malware-gen detected in notepad.exe
  3. Suspicious file dumping?
  4. Keyboard, mouse acting strangely, Drives changed to Share
  5. Problem - Computer opens "My computer" whenever keys are pressed.
  6. [SOLVED] Infected with Dept of Justice Ransomware - Cannot do anything, need help rem
  7. Obfuscator.xz Detected (Sometimes)
  8. [SOLVED] Computer won't boot up...
  9. How to remove metropolitan Ukash virus?
  10. Computer Running Slower
  11. is this a false positive or bullcrap?
  12. What NOT to reinstall after reinstalling Windows XP Professional
  13. DDS/attach/ark
  14. Missing OS after "BOOTMGR missing" error. Possible virus?
  15. Infected, need to recover folder of files
  16. 100% processor load with nothing open?
  17. Random sounds through computer
  18. Win 7 Home Security 2011
  19. BSOD [moved fr general security]
  20. Only boot in safe mode
  21. HELP: Credit Card Online Account Spyware/Virus
  22. Atapi.sys - BSOD problem
  23. PC nearly RIP.. running very slow. Help please?
  24. I have got a virus, can you check from where it comes?
  25. Windows XP laptop..lets me login but blank white screen...
  26. ASUS AH8 After Repair and Reinstall of SP3 several devices not working
  27. Unable to logon safe mode
  28. Ran malwarebytes & Avast, now unable to start computer
  29. Is my pc clean?
  30. How to get rid of Brontok Virus
  31. Trojan.Agent/Gen-Kazy
  32. Police Virus [Moved from Gen Security]
  33. Updating Windows loop virus
  34. [SOLVED] Virtool.win32/obfuscator.XZ infection. Help!
  35. Redirect Virus--64 Bit Windows 7 QUESTION
  36. Internet access lost intermittently
  37. Adobe Flash Error Virus?
  38. Virus or network adapter issue
  39. Laptop frozen at desktop
  40. IRP Hook, Win64/Patched.A, Luhe.Sirefef.A all detected using..PLEASE HELP!!
  42. Will reinstalling windows clear a virus?
  43. Sister-in-law's Laptop Infected
  44. Win64/Patched.A virus in services.exe
  45. spyware removal
  46. HP Quick Touch
  47. Internet Explorer Endless Crash Loop
  48. Infected during loading ISO?
  49. NT Authority Remote Procedure Call Shutdown in 60 second and no browsers
  50. Virus? Cannot start programmes & "Failure to display security and shut down options"
  51. FBI MoneyPak Ransomeware / lost admin rights / no networking
  52. Multiple Computer Problems
  53. VIRUS blocking Internet
  54. Virus, frequent computer crashes
  55. Police Virus
  56. Chrome Error 104 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED)
  57. Hooker virus (moved from general security)
  58. Help
  59. How to remove win64/patched.a infection? services.exe
  60. Windows XP Randomly Freezes With No Error Message
  61. I think I have a keylogger/RAT, need help QUICK
  62. unable to open jpg files, etc
  63. KMSemulator.exe
  64. files corrupted and now display .block file extension
  65. Need help to get rid of Google Redirect Virus
  66. [SOLVED] FBI, This computer has been locked.
  67. Google redirect virus links to
  68. Random Delay/Slow Computer
  69. google redirect to
  70. *SENT HERE: Wireless Connection Down(Possible MalWare?)
  71. Virus Problem or Windows Issue?
  72. Java exploits are attacking computer even after Java uninstalled??
  74. Copy data on virus effective computer
  75. I went to this link and something was downloaded, can someone tell me if it's a virus
  76. Yahoo mail keeps restarting after exiting
  77. Potential Virus Symptoms
  78. Reveton Virus ( FBI )
  79. Vista failed to connect to a windows service too many "Locked file. Not Tested"
  80. Real quick question
  81. TABs hijacked by searchnu-com
  82. Problems with susppected Virus/Malware
  83. Google Redirect Virus/Rootkit Problem
  84. Keylogger
  85. Acount are hjiacked help me
  86. Weird Mouse Virus?
  87. Really odd virus!!! Help!!!
  88. Fake, Virus Packed Email Got The Computer
  89. Need help fixing a problem with my PC, exes crashing, shockwave crashing,...
  90. PCeU - new version?
  91. Bad image help needed
  92. Windows Command Processor - HELP
  93. help please
  94. TrojanDownloader: Win32/Adload.DA Virus
  95. I can't upload the logs you wanted
  96. It keeps coming back!!!!
  97. Problems after downloading google earth
  98. Sluggish PC - Virus check
  99. Avast, Services.exe infected but am unable to do anything.
  100. Laptop freezes when connected to internet!
  101. Laptop infected?
  102. Unwanted links popping up on website, please help.
  103. Google Redirect problem and Windows Defender Off
  104. Originally, Babylon...but now?
  105. Found a few Trojans and PUPs; are they keyloggers?
  106. I Think I Fixed The Google Redirect, But Now Wireless Isn't Working
  107. [SOLVED] Virus or trojan on win 7 home premium. Please help!
  108. My comp won't run out of safe mode
  109. Replicating file in recycle bin
  110. Unable to download updates from windows update
  111. Horrible Trojan.Sirefef / Internet DNS problem!
  112. Possible infection hidden in W7 update.
  113. rootkit
  114. crippled vaio
  115. Acer-One: Broken Shortcuts and Lingering Threats
  116. computer running slow - maybe spyware?
  117. "Failed to connect to a windows service" problem, plus computer boot issues
  118. Ads in bottom left/right of browser, links redirecting
  119. Windows Update/Defender/other problems
  120. Google Image search shows "Redirect Notice" upon click
  121. Google redirecting to random pages
  122. Need help with internet connection virus
  123. Torjan.Agent.BRV.Gen + Google blank page redirect + Blue Screen of Death
  124. I've been hacked. Remote Connections Running My System
  125. Babylon virus and audio advertisements
  126. Svchost possible infection
  127. Ordinal 1109 could not be located wsock32.dll
  128. Google Chrome redirect
  129. UPS Email Virus - Take 2
  130. BSODs may be down to viruses
  131. Persistent problem with Windows.edb
  132. Scour Virus Infection
  133. - Vista machine
  134. Action center constantly set to disabled and browser links being redirected
  135. HELP. must have malware
  136. Google Search Hijacked, plays music
  137. Help! Exploit Java Virus
  138. Browser unable to get to certain websites
  139. AVG confirms SVCHOST virus
  140. BC PATCH hijacking browser
  141. IE Issues
  142. Computer infected by bot
  143. Trojan. ZeroAccess
  144. Backdoor-DKI!mem Trojan recurring problem
  145. Google Redirect Sometimes
  146. Redirect Rootkit Causing Massive Slowdown[Mvd fr Gen Security]
  147. Redo: Certain websites and programs blocked; Nothing showing up in scans
  148. Re: My PC is running very slow!
  149. Slow Performance & Intermittent Internet
  150. Internet Browser Problem
  151. Me being paranoid? or actual potential threat?
  152. Windows Firewall Service Missing - Trojan Lameshield already Cured
  153. win32 mal-gen virus
  154. I strongly suspect a malware problem, need some help. thx.
  155. HELP, pc just won't fully load
  156. possible infection
  157. quick review - not urgent!
  158. Unable to get Windows Updates
  159. Win XP - random browser redirects
  160. [SOLVED] Primary drive 1 not found...? BIOS issue maybe?
  161. Help! Win32:Malware-gen virus found
  162. Firefox connects, but no other program will
  163. Laptop Randomly Loses Ability To Detect/Connect To Any Networks
  164. IE about:blank error popup
  165. Trojan troubles
  166. Website Redirect Virus
  167. Trojan.dropper, JS:iframe-QO, mup.sys hang in safe mode
  169. Help with laptop IP flooding every five minutes
  170. Zeroaccess variants
  171. Help With Trojan Horse Patched_C.LZI!
  172. Help With Virus (I Think)
  173. Computer boots to desktop, then shortly BSOD (Safe Mode Works)
  174. Something is wrong (repost)
  175. [SOLVED] Possible Issue with Computer
  176. Please assist me to remove rootkit
  177. Infected with malware! Help!
  178. Win32: Patched-PR [Trj]
  179. Possible Malware Infection
  180. BSOD after restarting following a malwarebytes scan and windows xp repair
  181. Virus?
  182. Possible rootkit?
  183. Think i have a keylogger
  184. Random freezes and general slowness
  185. I cannot open any programs
  186. Help needed.
  187. [SOLVED] [win7] services.exe trojan
  188. services.exe, svchost.exe infected?
  189. Corner pop-ups and redirecting.
  190. windows vista problems
  191. MyWebSearch and MapGalaxy
  192. Sirefef Virus
  193. cant run avira or malaware bytes even in safe mode
  194. Unknown Exe file opened
  195. DDS not supported in Windows 8?
  196. black screen no programs
  197. Internet Explorer will not open
  198. virus attach
  199. Re: Cant open IEv9 in normal mode
  200. Another Trojan Horse Patched_c.LXT
  201. Google links redirected
  202. Anti-malware finds nothing
  203. CPU usage issue & framerate issue
  204. Recurring virus trying to access my computer every two minutes. Logs attached.
  205. Malware I have it but cant get rid of it!!! Help
  206. Google Redirect
  207. Persistent Google Redirect (?)
  208. Need help!
  209. Please help! random advertisements playing from background
  210. Weird SpeedTest issue, resulting from a possible Trojan?
  211. Newbie Follows 3-log Forum Pre-Query Rule
  212. Chkdsk notifications
  213. Have I gotten a virus?!
  214. Secure shield fake antivirus help!
  215. Dell PC randomly plays music
  216. trojan horse patched_c.lxt services.exe
  217. Virus blocking internet and error logs
  218. Cannot start computer
  219. Ransomware/wpbt0.dll error message removal
  220. Possible deep PC malware infection
  221. Win 7 virus issue, Ran dds please help.
  222. Frequent freezes on my win 7 64 PC - PowerOffer application (adware?) main cause?
  223. possible bootkit
  224. Formatting my computer is not an option/ 0 recovery points
  225. possible malware
  226. Random audio ads on start
  227. mouse not working / malware?
  228. Possible malware
  229. Redirect/Popups rootkit symptoms
  230. explorer.exe threat
  231. Email Hacked? Keep Getting Return Titled "Mail Delivery Failure"
  232. Trojan Horse Patched_c.lxt
  233. Strange files
  234. Nginx Virus
  235. jumping windows
  236. Files are randomly getting deleted
  237. Should I be worried?
  238. Sirefef Returns
  239. security errors java oracle?
  240. sirfef trojan help please
  241. Frequent slow internet - Possibly malware?
  242. Threat has been detected
  243. pop-up help
  244. Green L's in Word and IE Google Search Field
  245. Random Ads
  246. Black Desktop and all my programs are missing...
  247. BEWARE of Adaware anti-malware by Lavasoft
  248. I need help with malware removal
  249. ukash virus grrrr...
  250. facebook won't let me sign in- malware?