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Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help

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  1. Weird Issue - Random sounds coming from PC
  2. Avast goes off with Google Chrome on Win 8
  3. Am I hacked?
  4. [SOLVED] Computer running very slowly;freezing as well.
  5. Possible Malware causing Internet Loss
  6. Google website will not open
  7. Virus/Malware creating links and popups, deactivated antivirus
  8. Computer is constantly using bandwidth
  9. Outlook and AVG2013
  10. [SOLVED] I somehow got a weird virus that steals information move icons.
  11. checkup 12.9.13
  12. hit by "homeland security" got around it, but...
  13. [SOLVED] Unable to remove Aartemis hijacker and AVG Safeguard Toolbar
  14. [SOLVED] Problems with Malware: I am being well helped?
  15. Wicked Virus
  16. Having Major Issues
  17. Commercials plays at random times when doing nothing
  18. add/remove programs list blank
  19. [SOLVED] Big Problem not solved?
  20. Credit Card leaked - trojan found
  21. Recovering from 2 Trojans, is my computer damaged/infected?
  22. unable to get to windows screen
  23. Multiple iexplorer.exe issue plus crash/failed boot startup
  24. Cryptolocker - drive access
  25. Not sure if infected? Backdoor.Pihar??
  26. Not sure if I think I have a virus. I'm having weird problems?
  27. Dell XPS17 behaving strangely, am I infected?
  28. Checkup please
  29. Ubuntu Problem
  31. I'm infected with LINKSICLE
  32. PromoteInstaller.exe running on startup; lagging system speed; suspect malware
  33. Possible Virus or Trojans or Corrupt Windows
  34. PC running slow, constant Avira popups
  35. Bad ICE Ransomware, Please HELP!
  36. Evil Website is Sabotaging My Computer - what is going on, & how to fix?
  37. Some kind of Malware on PC?
  38. computer run slow, crash..
  39. jre7 not working with Windows7 & social media links not working
  40. Sony laptop Freeze Up
  41. unable to download anthing and run virus scan
  42. Wierd Bandwidth hogger
  43. Slow pc and web browser pop ups
  44. Email bug, maybe. Help, please.
  45. Browser wont connect (Skype Will)
  46. Amazon Smart Search Virus
  47. Very Annoying Reacurring Virus/Malware Help
  48. Random slow downs
  49. .block extension on files
  50. [SOLVED] FBI cyber crime virus
  51. Everythings gets back -trojan or virus
  52. PC is acting really strange, possible malware. Help please
  53. Virus the replicates and corrupts files
  54. PC has the fbi virus and can't go into safe mode.
  55. malware(?) making computer behaves weirdly
  56. Can't Access some sites. Explorer Slow
  57. computer behaving strangely. Could it be malware?
  58. Possible Adware? PUP.Optional.Installrex
  59. Sudden increase in page load times in all browsers
  60. tatanga zeus banking trojan
  61. Weird ads popping up
  62. FBI virus
  63. pc is locked
  64. Duplicate Process 100% CPU usage Virus?
  65. Computer freezes and runs extremely slow
  66. can't double click desktop items, use malwarebytes
  67. Question About AVG Find - Important
  68. Just want to check the computer
  69. Got Hacked!
  70. "INTERNET SECURITY designed to protect" VIRUS
  71. Possible Virus/Trojan
  72. Suspected Malware Corrupted Windows Profile and Blocked Antivirus
  73. Win32?
  74. Space on my hard drive is fluctuating and I have weird problems.
  75. Possible infection causing internet instability problems
  76. Ried - PC 2
  77. Virus - Please Help
  78. PC Optimizer Pro problem.
  79. Virus (or something) repeatedly changes my computer name
  80. Virus infection on XP computer
  81. Unsure Cause, Random HDD Filling, Slow Internet Processes
  82. Laptop has virus, I cant see my files or programmes....
  83. infection on my win7 making network issues
  84. PC Running slow
  86. Ramnit.A and other strange behavior.
  87. Random user account on my computer
  88. How to find/download a specific virus?
  89. [SOLVED] FBI Warning Virus!
  90. Checkup please
  91. Homeland Security Ransomware hacked surveillance system??
  92. HelP!Gotta virus that's not being detected!
  93. McAfee Will Download Updates But Not Install Them
  94. UKash Screen Block Resulted in Black Screen Windows Not Authentic
  95. CPU and Memory near 100%
  96. Norton Error: 8504, 104
  97. online links open when clicked
  98. $Recycle.bin, Internet Security Pro
  99. .exe file problem
  100. Need help removing Ejibr.exe
  101. The Parameter is incorrect Pop-up message?
  102. Word 2007 hangs on startup
  103. BEWARE ! Hexafile.exe is a new Gumblar type Trojan virus
  104. possible infection - all ram being used up?
  105. SPAM Issues/Spoofing?
  106. Browser Defender Won't Delete
  107. Slow computer, popups.
  108. Computer malware/virus removal help.
  109. Unable to open services or install Windows Updates
  110. Laptop freezes
  111. Laptop problems
  112. Virus deleted all my files!
  113. wonderfulbabyboy?!?!?
  114. Problems with computer after virus
  115. Strange Network activity??
  116. Help Please?
  118. [SOLVED] FBI MoneyPak Ransomware
  119. Virus that emails my contacts
  120. Malware issue and exe file not downloading
  121. Browsers not working after SpyHunter installation
  123. [SOLVED] SBS 2003 Exchange trying to send out massive amounts of SPAM all the sudden
  124. Ice/FBI Virus Help-Help!
  125. Malwarebytes will not update/Windows Firewall stuck off
  126. pc running 100% all the time
  127. Corrupted Profiles, help?
  128. Weird stuff going on with bluetooth...
  129. Remove Fake Windows Genuine Advantage Warning
  130. Computer slow - please help me check!
  131. vbc.exe slowing pc
  132. Cannot Access Internet, Cannot Install Anti-Virus
  133. WhiteTrader and wow.dll Issue
  134. Slow laptop now dead laptop
  135. Virus, Something - PC suddenly running very slow/freezing
  136. Wow.dll malware
  137. Rootkit Question / Possible Fix
  138. Hitman pro found ask toolbar junk
  139. Not sure if this is a virus (Lame MP3)
  140. Quickbooks failure?
  141. Still infected after the disinfection
  142. Something seems to be wrong with my Desktop
  143. win32.downloader.gen virus
  144. Fake accounts, chats, hidden and encrypted files!!!!
  145. Slow computer/internet.
  146. Unremovable Police Virus
  147. SAS reports Tojan Gen-Weirdon
  148. Malwares in server?
  149. Zone Alarm found ...
  150. Ads not by this site
  151. Windows Logon Box will not load post virus removal with McAfee
  152. Trogan Cyber Crime Virus
  153. Norton allowing malware exe files?
  154. Please Help - I Suspect I Have a Rootkit Problem
  155. Periodic Advertising Sound Virus / Malware
  156. I just installed a program and now my browser keeps crashing...
  157. computer crime and intellectual property virus
  158. Possible svchost infection
  159. Browser/AV Freezing
  160. IYogi Malware
  161. BUMP please... Infected?
  162. Safe Boot mode not working due to Spyware
  163. Laptop keeps crashing...
  164. Possible Windows Vista Infection
  165. Constant Software Crashes
  166. Infected?!
  167. Trying to follow instructions
  168. Possible infection
  169. Proper Malware Removal
  170. Problems Check
  171. Virus! Please help.
  172. Need Help For Analyze ComboFix Log
  173. pc keep freeze within a minute
  174. Spybot finds viruses but cannot remove them.
  175. expert pls help!
  176. [SOLVED] svchost.exe eating way too much memory. virus?
  177. help
  178. Laggy computer
  179. my laptop is being weird, possibly hijacked by virus?
  180. Dell Studio Fingerprint ID + UKASH
  181. Computer problems with administrator changes and system files getting changed - HELP!
  182. Netbook hacked
  183. Dell Studio Fingerprint ID + UKASH
  184. Malware in the Laptop
  185. [SOLVED] totally confusing possible network infection
  186. antivirus vs trojan removers
  187. Redirect Virus?
  188. Computer keeps crashing, I think ive been hijacked.
  189. Help Removing Win32/Small.CA
  190. I think I have a virus that is messing with lots of files
  191. Windows installer popping up
  192. Yellow shield states I have updates available
  193. Please help--computer suffering from malware
  194. Keyboards Unresponsive
  195. XP smart defender pro
  196. Checking for Malware/Spyware using ComboFix
  197. IE9 issue
  198. Laptop checkup again
  199. MSE Popup + mysterious iexplorer auto starts on boot
  200. combofix
  201. redirect + HJT log
  202. Help with malware
  203. Black screen with cursor enabled on startup (Windows 7)
  204. Help..xp bsod when i run virus scan.
  205. Need Help Quick
  206. Antivirus Program does not apply updates
  207. Antivirus Program does not apply updates
  208. not sure what is going on another thread had sane details but can't post on it
  209. UKASH damaging the computer?
  210. Can't delete files and computer crashes
  211. search (hijacked homepage)
  212. Windows 7 Virus or Error Help
  213. freezing on startup with antivirus?
  214. Infected
  215. Extremely suspicious high CPU usage
  216. Trojans: too many to count!
  217. Moneypack pc blocked virus?
  218. Laptop running really slow
  219. Windows 8 virus
  220. Completed initial scans/steps -- browser stalls and slow start-up
  221. Browser redirects and pop ups
  222. juchecker.exc in wrong folder Malware?
  223. Random Popups help!
  224. computer sacked by scumware/malware etc??
  225. Trojan Alureon Virus?
  226. trojan.0access
  227. win32 virut
  228. Unusually High Disk/Memory/CPU usage.
  229. IP Spoofing/Internet Dramatically Slow/Please Help
  230. Probably a virus?
  231. Virus wont let me open doccuments
  232. Mouse unpredictable
  233. Google, Yahoo, and Bing search links jacked
  234. i need help!!!
  235. Bad virus help please
  236. Laptop all of a sudden running very slow due to malware
  237. Sweet pack virus/random words linking to adds.
  238. My computer is running unbelievably slow
  239. BitTorrentControl_v12 Community Toolbar
  240. Malware?? Updates?? Slooow laptop
  241. Removing Websearch.just-browse
  242. Insidious Virus: Multiple points of regeneration
  243. Pop-up Problem
  244. Virus Windows XP Security 2013 Removal
  245. Infection: The file or directory ..... is corrupt and unreadable. Please run Chkdsk.
  246. iexplore.exe help
  247. Help! My computer is gonna be goner soon!
  248. FBI Ransom virus ...nothing working to get rid of it
  249. slow startup-unlclear malware issue
  250. Shortcuts No Longer Work...Programs not working