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Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help

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  1. "olhrwef.exe" detected by Avast!
  2. Trojan infection, slow computer
  3. Virus Removed but Ctrl+ALt+Del & Task manager still not working
  4. EZ Antivirus infection?
  5. HELP! reboot.exe on startup, windows installer also
  6. My computer will not allow me to install any anti-viruses?!
  7. ok followed ur instructions heres the new logs
  8. Random Popups and IE Crashes
  9. Virus that I can't delete
  10. Big Virus Problem
  11. Slow internet connection in correlation with a possible virus
  12. No Task Manager, Can't Change Wallpaper, Antispy-spider pop-ups
  13. Suspected malware infection
  14. slirsredirect recurring internet explorer problem
  15. Malware disables keyboard even during o.s installation
  16. NTOSKRNL-Hook :(
  17. Computer Slowed/Trojan Downloader Found
  18. malware...
  19. msn virus
  20. sudden downturn in form for my computer
  21. Your Help Please!
  22. Email spam virus thing Part 2
  23. Email spam virus thing
  24. Pop ups when not on internet
  25. Help, please :) HiJackThis Log.
  26. Icons / Toolbar Disappeared
  27. malicious website blocked. help
  28. PC INFECTED with "System Security Version 4.52"[MOVED]
  29. XP not responding
  30. Checking Up.
  31. Please help. Bad viruses, probably from P2P sadly...
  32. Google redirect virus
  33. Stuck at Login screen (in a loop)
  34. Can't open any programs, CMD prompt ect
  35. possible malware
  36. moved from xp]HELP! a blue screen that says WARNING! your're in danger!
  37. Web Hijacks + Virus Galore!
  39. Logfile of Advanced SystemCare 3 Security Analyzer
  40. Thanks for nothing
  41. Rootkit residuals - Weird characters in message box at logon
  42. Desktop Smiley, Internet Explorer & Services Virus's! Help!
  43. Windows explorer problem - Malware or corrupt windows files?
  44. Spyware removal icons/sites not working
  45. very slow pc,please help thanks
  46. Desktop Smiley, Internet Explorer & Services Virus's! Help!
  47. Recycler virus P.exe need help!!!
  48. PC and internet have bevome painfully slow please help !!
  49. conficker removed but suspicious activity
  50. Downloaded a keylogger, it disappeared after computer crash
  51. [SOLVED] Connection problem to NY Times
  52. Can't open task manager.
  53. Trend Micro Renamed files to .Vir
  54. Help possible virus wont allow me to save onto c:
  55. trojans caused IE search to stop working and eventually windows wouldnt load
  56. codec.exe downloaded - help?
  57. Hidden Driver
  58. Virus causing computer to freeze
  59. b.exe help
  60. Adware.Tracking Cookie, keep on coming back, please help
  61. Programs will not work
  62. dc1.dll, defrag, and locking computer
  63. PC freezes after a while of usage
  64. Ive got Personal Antivirus
  65. Huge Problem! Kaspersky keeps crashing and locks my computer up.
  66. PC moves very slow
  67. Help
  68. i am really desperate and dunno what to do
  69. Gaaaah! Im Infected! And It's Causing Lots Of Trouble!
  70. Infected network, weird virus.. please help?
  71. LSA shell
  72. Browsers freeze when searching yahoo & google
  73. CPU Usage Meter Running High & PC Running Slow!
  74. antivirus system pro
  75. Uh-oh
  76. Trouble with a Trojan.....
  77. backdoor bots, virus, and possibly spyware...
  78. Computer skips and slows down[moved from xp]
  79. I'm not sure if I am infected or not. 64bit Vista
  80. Attacked by backdoor bots and virus possible spyware too.
  81. Ridiculously nasty malware
  82. Browsers freeze after search??!!!
  83. LSA Shellu - lsass.exe
  84. Extreme slowdowns but not problems found
  85. Windows media player blocked by buffer overflow protection.
  86. Driver/malware infection
  87. How to check on the status of a help request?
  88. [SOLVED] Bad Image error message
  89. MBAM Problems, Possible Virus?
  90. Got many viruses need help
  91. Trouble with a trojan....
  92. Run time error R6034 problem
  93. get rid of My Web Search-Can't access hijack this
  94. IE bar states Hacked By [email protected]
  95. Annoying ads
  96. Unhandled Win32 Exception Error Occured
  97. My computer has gone crazy... can anyone help?
  98. rootkit problem
  99. Trojan horse SHeur2.ARAO, Agent2.NNQ
  100. Win32:Alureon-BY [Rtk] please help
  101. perflib_perfdata_xxx.dat crazy infestation
  102. Search results redirect
  103. Google Redirecting
  104. help please Generic Host Process Win32 error
  105. NTOSKRNL-HOOK Problem
  106. Buffer Overflow Witable BO:Heap
  107. Please help. Backdoor.generic11.zne
  108. May have Trojan/Rustok-N???
  109. Malware affecting hard drive performance
  110. antivirus disable, search results redirected
  111. Virus help
  112. redirect and SystemSecurity Virus
  113. Symantec antivirus still show alert message w32.downadup.b
  114. Slow comp,slow internet
  115. Malware preventing programs starting & disabled screen display
  116. IE Windows Will Not Display Web Sites
  117. Trojan Horse Help
  118. xp control panel recover
  119. Backdoor.ranky removal help
  120. Logs To See If I Have Malware
  121. Help with virus - AdvOcr.dll, TRSOCR.dll and others
  122. Search Page Redirect Problem
  123. Please help, I do not know what to do.
  124. Spyware/keylogger or I'm just being paranoid
  125. Laptop is slow! Trouble performing tasks!
  126. Malware's Gone, but Adware's Still Here
  127. No "run" option, usual online help inaccesible
  128. Party Poker/Zone Alarm etc. Pop-Up Virus
  129. Forced User Logouts
  130. Cant Run Any Anti-Virus/Malware Including HJT. Re-Post
  131. Cant Run Any Anti-Virus/Malware Including HJT.
  132. Party Poker/Zone Alarm etc. Pop-Up Virus
  133. Need big time Help.
  134. HijackThis log, need urgent help.
  135. several viruses in one go?
  136. Big Bad .FLV Virus Killed My Computer (Please help!)
  137. Unknown malware?
  138. pc restarts when in connect any device through the usb port
  139. Help Please. no idea what this is
  140. Trojan.vundo?
  141. Have a feeling my computer is infected...
  143. Need Help Removing Malware?
  144. Computer stops responding and SLOW
  145. What is This VIRUS called and how do i get rid of it
  146. my website was jacked, and then embeded virus on my machine
  147. Help needed
  148. Task manager has been disabled by your administrator.
  149. Update problem
  150. NOOB NEEDS URGENT HELP! (big surprise) iexplore.exe - bad image related
  151. trojan HTML:IFrame-HY
  152. Trojan.agent and rootkit.trace
  153. I am new to forum i need help with pop up adult finder pls help
  154. Weird entries from System Information
  155. Browser hijacker -
  156. Need help FASTSCAN
  157. Help with Trojan.DNSChanger
  158. Need help, think i got virus
  159. Multiple problems, started with Task Manager
  160. Shutdown taking too long........
  161. Nasty Malware: dstsvc.exe and lsass.exe errors at startup
  162. Virus win32/gaelicum.A - log and files
  163. Malware Help PLEASE!!!! Posted on Monday, havent heard back. Please Help!!
  164. Do I still have something nasty lurking in the background?
  165. I'm puzzled, please help
  166. System Security Virus and More... HELP
  167. Ok
  168. Virus BAT + others
  169. Virus win32/gaelicum.A
  170. HELP Explorer windows opening
  171. Run Updater
  172. Serious trojan problems please help
  173. Do i have a problem
  174. Very Slow computer
  175. Help!!!
  176. i cannot right click on my desktop icons
  177. Antivirus System Pro alert Virus
  178. Family laptop hit by virus
  179. Major Infections. Viruses, AntiVirus System Pro...
  180. Search results coming up blank
  181. Generic Host Process for Win32 Services...
  182. Hi ive got quite a problem on my hands some malware has damaged my pc
  183. pretty sure its a trojan problem.thats what it says.i dont kno much bout comps.sorry.
  184. Win32/Patched recovery help please?
  185. Taskbar is disabled for initial 2 minutes whenever I turn on Pc.
  186. [SOLVED] System Security Virus remnants
  187. "your systen is infected" background
  188. Symantec won't run/Google redirect/Firefox crashing
  189. Trojan:win32/AgentBypass.gen!G infections
  190. Vundo Variant. MBAM says I'm clean, but SAS finds infections
  191. Multiple problems - May be caused by malware.
  192. Possible Malware? Windows Installer
  193. User documents are missing
  194. Choppy mouse problems Vista x64
  195. Cpu usage 100%
  196. An annoying problem....
  197. YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED Blue Background
  198. Spyware and memory issues
  199. Symantec won't run/Google redirect/Firefox crashing
  200. Virus not deleting, clearing & Now Hiding
  201. Help needed again
  202. trojan
  203. Possible Virtumonde Infection
  204. "you system is infected" backround
  205. Google Redirect Virus in both FireFox & IE - Please Help
  206. Firefox crashes need help ASAP!!
  207. Issues with Trojans/Viruses that refuse to be removed
  208. Google redirects me to wrong sites - Overclick
  209. Please help with virus infection (and can't run either DDS or GMER)
  210. Google redirect, Firefox crashing, etc - HJT Log included
  211. Malware Suspected...Infected by Flash Drive
  212. system security
  213. Google toolbar trojan
  214. Virus Preventing Access to Anti-Virus websites
  215. programs
  216. Google takes me to a wrong page - Overclick
  217. torjan backdoor.generic11.zne *!
  218. Infected with malware need help removing from vista home pc
  219. Trojan/Virus on Task Manager, Regedit & others
  220. I'm willing to bet this stumps everyone...
  221. Virus Preventing Access to Anti-Virus websites
  222. Google re-direct malware
  223. Services.exe and iexplorer causing erratic CPU usage
  224. Hijacked browser malware won't go away
  225. Virus disabled all antivirus, redirects browser and cant do system restore
  226. Many problems developing--Rt Click/IE/"C++ error", etc
  227. Having some virus and redirection problems. Help please :D
  228. Computer slowing down with traces of Malware
  229. Computer Malfunctions
  230. Help defeat this Malware
  231. Desktop has been hijacked
  232. system security! won't let me get rid of it!
  233. Virus wreaking havoc!
  234. How to remove newfolder.exe virus
  235. IE Rediection Issue
  236. SVCHost.exe Application Error Every Two Minutes
  237. Sound Virus???
  238. harmed file?
  239. External harddrive infection by brontok
  240. Google Redirect issue
  241. threat of attack
  242. Crap, keylogger -.-
  243. need help !!
  244. Elite keylogger log files.
  245. Desktop has been hijacked
  246. HijackThis log, please help? :)
  247. Trojan found- please help!
  248. Trojan backdoor virus that I can't get rid of?
  249. Yield Manger problems - HJT Report
  250. passware installed without knowledge