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Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help

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  1. malwarebytes won't run, website redirects, exes automatically getting installed-help!
  2. Please Help!
  3. Trojan virus (doing freeze problem)
  4. !! Need help for bad image error !!
  5. Can't install/uninstall any programs 64bit Windows 7
  6. PC infected badly please help
  7. Yellow Triangle with exclamation point.
  8. Are .jason files save from Virut.n infection?
  9. Need help with combofix log
  10. Quarantined virus(es) now machine won't boot except in safe mode
  11. Kaspersky detected multiple vulnerabilities...
  12. "Just Answer"
  13. search result redirects and spontaneous new browser tabs
  14. Hijacker Virus (search results redirect)
  15. Is my computer still infected?
  16. popup ad appeared on my website
  17. Virus hiding on my pc
  18. XP SP3 Very very slow
  19. Internet being blocked by some virus
  20. All of my anti-spyware is disabled
  21. Req Help: Possible Trojan
  22. Win32 Heur Slowly Taking over my comp
  23. Vaio Virus? Help!!!
  24. No icons on laptop
  25. Personalguard2009 and Trojan Fake Alert
  26. Is it a Virus, sudden restart, freezing
  27. PC taken over by spyware and virus!
  28. Help Remove bcuzz.exe
  29. Screen FLickering Virus? Logs in post
  30. mem help
  31. Possible keylogger threath, please help!
  32. Nasty Rootkit Infection
  33. [SOLVED] Worried about 'KGB Keylogger'
  34. Can't start or install programs on Vista SP2
  35. [SOLVED] Help me pls I cant access any anti virus sites
  36. search engin redirects
  37. Star Toolbar
  38. [SOLVED] Laptop shuts down by itself initially, now it's just real slow
  39. Windows hangs up on start-up possibly due to!mem infection
  40. Links being redirected
  41. Remote Access Trojan?
  42. Possible Rootkit - other problems?
  43. Laptop just shuts off
  44. My Documents continuously opens
  45. Check of HijackThis log
  46. Laptop keeps shutting off
  47. Help needed with slow internet
  48. Help !!! Accessed file Infected Message
  49. Spyware causing slow desktop load?
  50. Potential Malware threat, cannot update to SP2, and unknown reasoning for freezes.
  51. Computer acting funny/ getting redirected to advertising webpages
  52. Trojan - Now can't login even in safe mode
  53. Virus Making Screen Flicker
  54. Hotmail spam
  55. Search Engines linking to random sites
  56. Vista 64bit OTL.txt
  57. threat detected (and maybe twain/twunk mtx)
  58. dinput8.dll error
  59. Taskbar pops up and disappears
  60. black screen in safe mode and normal after virus removal
  61. Trojan Malware infection, Need assistance
  62. can someone help me with what to do next
  63. .exe windows popping up?
  64. virus nightmare...
  65. Nothing Works!
  66. Problems
  67. Clever little bug
  68. 64bit Vista 100% CPU Usage On New HP "Entertainment" Laptop
  69. Trojan Virus affecting communicators like gtalk, YM, etc. Please help..!!
  70. VIRUS ISSUE: Rootkit.Win32.TDSS.u / Trojan:Win32/Alureon.gen!U
  71. Clicking on links redirects to sites such as
  72. Firefox redirect trojan - cleaned everything but this one
  73. HijackThis log - DrWatson Debugger has encountered a problem
  74. Computer won't connect to Internet yet skype works
  75. [SOLVED] Monopod Virus - Won't let me run any programs to try to remove it
  76. search engine hijack
  77. Unknown Keylogger - Windows 7
  78. Virus disables access to Task Manager, Control Panel, executables
  79. Virus has blocked me out of the pc completely
  80. Some sort of new virus or something?
  81. PopUp Problems
  82. Some Sort of Spyware.
  83. Bad Image pop up is blocking most tasks
  84. Trojan Detected!!
  85. plz help me to discover suspicious files
  86. Can't connect to antivirus sites / autorun.inf / jwgkvsq.vmx
  87. Generic host process
  88. Internet is slow
  89. My PC seems possesed
  90. Suspicious entries with the google name in hosts file. Google will not load*2ndthread
  91. XP wont boot, everything is spelt wrong
  92. Possible Malware in Firefox
  93. Is my computer being hijacked?
  94. Computer Issues possibly from a Virus
  95. High CPU time with no running apps
  96. HijackThis Log help!!!
  97. What sort of problem is this !!!
  98. help with google insatller virus
  99. zelokore.dll problem
  100. Spyware/Trojan help needed!
  101. Major computer problem. Please help!
  102. HELP!!-Bad Image Error Messages On Vista?
  103. Need help! Crack.45155
  104. I would like help with Packed.Hidden
  105. Need Help! Crack.45155
  106. Rootkit unhooker
  107. System have some problem
  108. b.exe and msb.exe problems
  109. autorun.inf infection of pen drives
  110. think i have a key-logger, need some help :)
  111. Nasty Virus, need help
  112. 64bit Vista Popups!
  113. Shutdown/Freeze problems
  114. Blue Screen of death
  115. Virus won't let me download ANYTHING needed for the First steps
  116. yet another Malware attack.
  117. ALL sevices DISABLED :(
  118. Taken over by Proof Defender 2009
  119. Missing installs and locked files
  120. Possilbe Malware Help
  121. Audio Playing in the backgorund
  122. HJT logfile, can some1 take a look?
  123. msb.exe
  124. sukoku119.exe how to delet it ..
  125. Maybe a Trojan?
  126. Computer Running Slowly Virus Check
  127. Please help me get rid of Trojan:Win32/Alureon.gen!U off Windows 7
  128. Virus Issues
  129. Need help with keyloggers
  130. ad.yieldmanager iGoogle homepage hijack
  131. How can I get rid of this trojan/virus?
  132. spoolsv.exe taking up all available CPU
  133. showing 250 GB or even more in 2 GB card in moblie memory card
  134. Need Help to Eliminate Viruses XP Home
  135. PC has been acting strange (Hijack this log)
  136. google continously redirected to random sites
  137. Help! Strange sounds and iexplore.exe*32 out the wazoo!
  138. "Security Tool" Problem--can't access fixes
  139. Browser hijacked!
  140. Help needed with possibel Cascade virus
  141. Trojan /googleupdate
  142. Some Serious PC Problems...
  143. rundll32 problems
  144. IE Outbound Streams
  145. Google redirects, no Safe mode, not exactly sure
  146. A root-kit by the name of SSTT.....
  147. Google Redirected to Random sites
  148. need help with hjack this
  149. TCLA MMISMM Server Lookup Error - Dangerous?
  150. Trojan/Virus Problems
  151. rundll32 problems :-\
  152. Virus Problem
  153. supergerbal trojan and possible keyboard stroke infiltration
  154. Urgent Problem.
  155. Anti virus restarting scans
  156. Sound? Music?
  157. Cannot delete file AUTORUN.INF
  158. SDMsgUpdate (TE) on Task Manager
  159. Windows Security Alert Popup hangs system on startup
  160. BAD Virus! Facebook..
  161. Ms Dos executable file.
  162. [SOLVED] IE 8 and Firefox will not run in normal mode.
  163. Malware possibly causing Windows not to load in normal mode.
  164. BSOD issue and checking that there isn't any underlying issues
  165. HTML/Iframe.B.Gen Virus (( HELP )) !?!?!?
  166. :( Please take a look at my HiJackThis! log.
  167. Malwarebyte's is saying i'm infected, IE running slooooow
  168. Emails being sent from account.
  169. "System Security" has taken over my system, nothing works. help!
  170. Search Engine Results redirect to Advertisements
  171. I think there is a trojan on my computer can anyone help me
  172. My Flash & Ext HD Drives Appear in My Comp as Folders Icon, Not Drive Icons
  173. Assistance requested with Google redirect virus
  174. fastuserswitchingcompatibility.dll Trojan Virus?
  175. Possible keylogger
  176. Cannot see icons on desktop unless "show desktop"
  177. file explorer terminates with DEP
  178. AntiVirus wont stat
  179. getting redirected
  180. Help! How do i get rid of a search engine hijacker?
  181. trojan-backdoor-progdav virus
  182. My computer hangs even before windows start
  183. I need help! ex-boyfriend put keyloggers on my computer!
  184. Virus Detection
  185. Computer Recently Started Lagging, Unknown Cause
  186. Myriad of problems from Malware or Trojan. Involves GMER locking out after use
  187. Security Tool Removal
  188. Trojan Help Please
  189. Suspected Boot Sector Virus - Help Needed!
  190. Help!!!!!!!!!!
  191. Logonui.exe please help me to remove
  192. Infected by newfolder.exe virus
  193. Google redirect malware, suspect rootkit still on machine after reburn
  194. somthing is making my computer studder
  195. Smss a virus or not?
  196. What's going on !!
  197. Trojan Horse Generic 14 BQNA
  198. Possible Malware on Computer Causing Slow-downs/browser errors
  199. Global Root Trojan
  200. Suspected virus/trojan/spyware
  201. rookit virus problems - NTOS KERNAL -HOOK and inprod32
  202. First program loaded after power down reboot loops
  203. Links redirect me with Mozilla and IE
  204. Vista Help
  205. To CATBYTE: Could not run exeHelper and Win32kDiag...
  206. Computer loads first program started many times
  207. I think I have a virus
  208. I think I have a virus
  209. Random Audio Advertisements/Diverts internet searches/Unable to run Spybot/Gmer
  210. StopClickSearch popups; unable to view YouTube videos
  211. Running 80 processes at times..Virus? hacked?
  212. Quck Review request
  213. slow and stuttering sound
  214. [SOLVED] URGENT Please Save my computer Antivirus Pro 2010
  215. browser hijack
  216. Virus I thought was fully removed but noticing new symptoms
  217. can not update any virus / spyware software
  218. Cutwail.H OneCare cannot remove or quarantine.
  219. Can't connect to AV n Microsift sites
  220. can't connect to AV & Microsoft websites
  221. cannot remove runouce.exe
  222. Virs Identified Packed.Hidden?
  223. Virus I thought was fully removed but noticing new symptoms
  224. Virus Found Lop is svchost.exe
  225. Multi-Virus Issue Assistance Requested
  226. Virus Help
  227. Google Redirects to Ads and Other Search Engines PLUS Pop-Ups
  228. windows Firewall
  229. How to prevent trojans - technical stuff??
  230. MNER Has Found Rootkit - affecting CPU
  231. Virus on Disc, Still Able to Install Software?
  232. Alpha Online scanner help is it a virus?
  233. Serious hackers issue.
  234. my computer keeps going into standby mode
  235. PC so slow....
  236. Green AV, false spyware protection virus
  237. Please help us! Alpha antivirus popups and malware problem
  238. is this a spyware?
  239. Programs not always responding and computes really slow. incl. HJT log
  240. Auto restarting caused by malware/trojan
  241. Jucheck.exe virus/error w/ log
  242. Hijackthis and MBAM log - looking for possible keyloggers
  243. Pls Help on New Win32 Virus
  244. Web Browsers Lag!
  245. vista worm
  246. Virus Will Not Allow Computer To Connect To Internet
  247. Virus on formatted drive E?
  248. Please reply huge trojan on pc cant go to websites
  249. Scan programs quit, McAfee won't update, possible msa.exe
  250. Serious backdoor and trojan virus!