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Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help

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  1. Corrupted Executables
  2. Browser hijacked by directrdr
  3. Is This a Virus or Rootkit That Is Infecting My Computer Or Something Else?
  4. relentless browser hijacker
  5. re: Problems with winlogon.exe
  6. problems
  7. adware/spyware problem
  8. Programs Rejected to Internet (Thread 2), Logs Ready
  9. Google Redirect Virus Help
  10. Trojan and Popup problems
  11. redirect hijack
  12. HTTPS Tidserv Request : Intrusion Detected
  13. IE asks for personal SSN, ATM Number, Pin, Password info to log into secured sites
  14. Laptop start-up issues
  15. New Problem on recently fixed computer. Google redirect
  16. Spyware and Trojan Help..
  17. Not Able To Post 'First Steps' Files
  18. First Steps - Turning off AVG
  19. Search Engine Redirect, Blue Screen Crashes
  20. my hotmail sends mail without me knowing
  21. AV Security Suite.... HOW?!?!
  22. Help, please...
  23. I may have a problem with DCOM Exploit
  24. IE opens google anaylitics and google webpages
  25. Possible Virus? userinit.exe tskmgr.exe failed to initialize 0x0000142
  26. On going virus problem
  27. Young guy/Old computer/MALWARE-ASCENTIVE PERFORMANCE CTR..
  28. BSOD, fixed but comp still freezes, possible virii?
  29. Google redirects links
  30. Search Engine Redirect Issue
  31. Insidious Infection Blocking Anti-Malware Programs & Removal
  32. Is it normal for GMER to lock up my PC
  33. Something is almost like controlling my computer
  34. Antispyware soft virus
  35. DNS hijacked issue.
  36. Computer is acting glitchey
  37. [SOLVED] Need help with DNS hijack issue
  38. Adware/Spyware
  39. Google Tool Bar Redirect Virus and another Explorer Issue
  40. Registry problem (I think) after virus removal
  41. Im infected
  42. completely invisible internet rerouter
  43. nqdymj.exe VIRUS on MAC?
  44. [SOLVED] Windows Vista Virus Issues --MAJOR PROBLEMS
  45. Computer acting weird.
  46. Redirect problem
  47. .exe - bad image
  48. Follow up to Zapchast Trojan Issue
  49. Latest online bank stealing virus/trojan. Please help.
  50. Leet Hacks
  51. virus on laptop
  52. Removed Virus but still cannot connect to the internet
  53. What is APPINIT_DLL ?
  54. Hijacked
  55. computer can't even completely boot - assume virus
  56. conime.exe and csrss.exe problem(s)
  57. Disinfecting browser redirection to
  58. Cannot upload anything via any browser
  59. computer running abnormally/extremely slow
  60. Internet Explorer Hijack
  61. computer freezes shuts down - dds files attached
  62. help with antispyware soft
  63. Trojan Problems!
  64. IE cannot display the webpage for Windows Update
  65. Windows Security alert Help
  66. "encountered a problem and needs to close" error messages, Can't open programs
  67. Cpu 100%
  68. slow laptop
  69. Thanks. [Was:Trojan in nbtsinst.dll ?]
  70. Google redirect/pop-ups
  71. TM+REGEDIT+FireFox Disabled
  72. Malware on PC. All .exe files blocked. Help!
  73. Playbox toolbar
  74. ALERT...Application.Agent/Gen-TempZ...ALERT
  75. program execution fail... Help!!!
  76. Cannot Delete Spyware Detector, Slow StartUps & ShutDowns, etc.
  77. Ran Malwarebytes Can't Connect to Internet
  78. Highjackthis log
  79. Dds
  80. Google links get redirected to random web sites
  81. Black Screen shortly after Windows Logon
  82. cant delete files in use but cant find them running???
  83. Malware Slowing Down Computer
  84. virus residue - ip blocking
  85. Help with Malware
  86. can someone help me with a possible virus?
  87. Internet Explorer
  88. Browser redirect issue
  89. Web Browser Redirect searches Trojan
  90. computer slow down
  91. question re: ComboFix
  92. Fake Anti-Viruses -> Can't Open Video Files (comp restarts during GMER scan)
  93. Serious computer problems
  94. TCP/IP Hijack
  95. Need help: Trojan
  96. "Application cannot be executed. The file "..." is infected. Do you want to activate
  97. Program running in the background, yet it can't be closed
  98. Can't access the internet
  99. Got a virus, need help :/
  100. Ried - Laptop
  101. Search Engine redirect Virus
  102. Windows-detected virus on computer
  103. Malware/Trojan/Worm, please help!
  104. Laptop Problem super slow no idea[moved from l/tops
  105. Malware Trojans Adware -__-
  106. Frustrating malware!
  107. Is my hijackthis log ok?
  108. Malware? Please help
  109. Virus/Spyware keeps returning to System Volume Information
  110. Hey
  111. Please help.
  112. Please help hurry
  113. Help with combofix log
  114. Probable Keylogger Issue
  115. Virus problem
  116. My dad's computer running incredibly slow
  117. How do you remove a (possible) virus if your a/v doesn't detect it as one?
  118. Registry problems, IE problems
  119. Need Help: everything resets after reboot.
  120. Virus runs at startup, gets deleted and re-makes itself, redirects browser
  121. [SOLVED] How do I get rid of possible security risk
  122. Win32/Alman keeps showing up.
  123. Had Virus ... Need help
  124. Redirecting virus?
  125. bad virus infection/ could not fix
  126. win32.worm.sock issue
  127. Deep Rooted Infection?
  128. I need hellp!!!!!!!!!!!!
  129. Almost certain I have a big problem...
  130. PC Freezes/Crashes
  131. Windows Security Alert?
  132. Redirected Google web page search
  133. Need spyware/virus/trojan removal help (AKM Antivirus 2010 pro spyware)
  134. Fake Anti-Virus Virus
  135. I'm pretty sure I have a virus (Help!)
  136. [SOLVED] Computer freezes/beeps
  137. myInfection: very probably malware, dds/gmer logs
  138. Spyware/Malwars/Virus?
  139. How do I load a trojan on my network???
  140. "Application cannot be executed. The file "---" is infected"
  141. Aol Email Hyjacked!
  142. "rootkit.win32.tdss.d" Help Remove Please!!
  143. Major problem!! BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!! Time is of the essence
  144. Undetectable Virus Causing Numerous Problems
  145. Phishing problem
  146. My PC is completely hosed
  147. Virus WINYGG32.DLL
  148. No Desktop.
  149. Antispyware Soft
  150. explorer.exe buffer overflow and crashes
  151. BSOD apparently caused by virus, can't load
  152. Just got KAV now getting lost in alerts
  153. [SOLVED] GMEr crashes potential keygen
  154. Some keys are open by the system or other processes
  155. Suspected Keylogger
  156. Cant Save the dds.scr files
  157. Virus help required
  158. WoW account hacked, need to clean system
  159. Rogue.Agent help plz
  160. Help! Computer is messing up!
  161. (randomnumber)_notepad.exe virus
  162. dds, ark, and attach files
  163. Virus, help needed.
  164. I think i need some Help
  165. Malware or virus? sqlite3.dll not a valid image
  166. I have a virus
  167. gmer fails
  168. Help please with log, possible malware?
  169. Lots of a loss! Please help
  170. Does this sound like a virus?
  171. Desktop Icons gone/Possible virus
  172. Suspected Virus Continuously Typing Forward Slashes
  173. Requesting help about suspected malware.
  174. Help!! (0xc000007b) error, Can anybody help?
  175. Malware - unable to run *.exe files
  176. Browsers hijacked?
  177. Fake antivirus problem. Help needed
  178. Application cannot be executed. The file csc.exe is infected.
  179. Malware Help!!
  180. automaticaly runs on start up ! ... ARGH!
  181. Windows 7 bad startup (exporer.exe fails to start, opens my documents)
  182. Services stopped, System Restore and McAfee fail
  183. Win32.nuqel.exe and bankerfoxa virus
  184. Cleanup assistance required
  185. ave.exe wont leave!
  186. Malware:Redirected to other websites
  187. Comp freezes
  188. Need help removing malware on computer !!
  189. Agent_r.QS persistent infection
  190. Computer being attacked, redirecting problems, more
  191. ccplg.xml: unable to find file (c:\programefiles\Avira\Antivir desktop\ccplg.xml)
  192. Need help removing the motherload of malwares
  193. Malware in Reg keys?
  194. [SOLVED] Unknown port: 65079
  195. Popups
  196. res://C:\Windows\system32\shdoclc.dll/navcancl.htm Issue
  197. [SOLVED] Potential Virus Problem?
  198. Rootkit revealed by gmer - keep regenerating
  199. avgtdix.sys detected as a virus by avg 8.5(posted in another area; told to post here)
  200. RunDll32.exe is missing I think the Security Warning Virus is still alive
  201. Need Help Removing Mirar from XP
  202. Re: Does not allow McAfee download
  203. Desktop Not Responding and other things
  204. Fake Antivirus Software Alert: BankerFox.A & Win32/Nuqel.E
  205. Can someone please help - HJT Log
  206. Google Redirect etc.
  207. %SystemDir%\regedit.exe, and %SystemDir%\explorer.exe
  208. Trojan Dropper/Something Else?
  209. Waiting for a week - is anybody going to help me?
  210. still cleaning security tool 2010 windows xp
  211. Works in safemode only, second attemp at posting.
  212. System wont boot
  213. Browser not opening certain websites
  214. Seems like another user is on the computer.
  215. Stuck in viral reboot loop.
  216. Ebay - Enter Your Information Infection
  217. fake AV ruining laptop!!!!
  218. All File/Program Associations lost - "Vista Security Center"
  219. Believe my computer hacked...
  220. sound/audio skipping and glitching on normal usage on pc
  221. Please take a look
  222. Cleared Virus, Now Bluescreens!
  223. Google redirect and Congratulations sound
  224. Disabled Services and Win32.Genome trojan?
  225. Reformatted But Same problem with virus. Please Help.
  226. [SOLVED] Crashing, freezing, and only works in Safemode.
  227. MSN virus
  228. No Windows update service - can't DL updates
  229. Cannot access Windows Update page / Google redirects
  230. XP Security spyware help please
  231. Some folders and Skype out not working properly
  232. Can somebody look at this?
  233. Virus on business computer
  234. Google Virus Won't Go Away!
  235. Some Programs wont run / install / uninstall
  236. Vista Virus help
  237. virus help please trojan....
  238. Application failed to start netcfdemm.dll was not found and locate component errors
  239. Fake Windows Security // Virtumonde??
  240. Search engine (Google) Problem
  241. Someone or something keeps changing my email password
  242. [SOLVED] Windows 7 Virus
  243. Online Protection Tool infection
  244. Window internet security popup
  245. Malware Help in Windows 2000/NT
  246. Hijackthis log, if someone could take a look
  247. PC Security tool says i have viruses and no icons appear on screen!
  248. Help with Malware
  249. Help with a persistent Trojan
  250. Can't get rid of mywebsearch, installed Hijack this and don't see it there, help plz