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Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help

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  1. Illegal Operation - 508.exe
  2. [SOLVED] Deep Rooted Infections (Win32 and more...)
  3. I think I am Host to SMURF virus
  4. I don't understand if I am infected
  5. Computer is full of malware
  6. google virus help, slipper slope
  7. Some serious computer problems! I really need a lot of help here
  8. Google redirect problem in firefox
  9. Help please log details posted
  10. Worm:Win32/Rebhip.A
  11. hpzipm12.exe, Cannot Open New Apps
  12. Hi. Please help with virus/spyware.
  13. youporn, pornotube, nudetube virus
  14. aliens have invaded my system
  15. Rootkit ALureon-fz (windows 7)
  16. IP Blocking Virus..
  17. Virus Help
  18. Please help i have 2 viruses i can't delete
  19. Trojan Help
  20. Finishing Removal of Redirect Virus
  21. scour/infomash redirects
  22. Computer running quite slow
  23. Ran combofix, can somebody please analyze my log file?
  24. Laptop hit by Virus
  25. My PC Hijacked
  26. Please help with internet explorer redirecting
  27. Logon Security Disabled
  28. HTTP phoenix java class activity intrusian attempts
  29. Suspicion
  30. Google Redirect Virus
  31. Virus preventing me from running any programs
  32. pls help
  33. System files rundll32 and msiexec detected as Virus/Spyware
  34. dgdersvc/FsUsbExService/jqs malware from Google redirect
  35. Search Engine Redirects (Yahoo/Google/etc. on IE/Firefox/Chrome)
  36. Google redirect/Can't Update/FireFox Crashes on startup/ Memory Leaks?
  37. followed first steps
  38. Google redirect & Windows updater virus
  39. Computer freezing when idle...
  40. Need Help with Google Redirect and Frequent Computer Freezing
  41. Vista...a virus..& run dll error problems
  42. Mozilla Firefox / Google Search Engine Redirects Links Problem
  43. slow PC and slow to boot.
  44. Need Virus "Ipokoraid" removed
  45. I think I've been hacked.
  46. Possible Malware - Machine Constantly running at 100%
  47. computer shuts down when i scan for malware
  48. Virus causing lost internet connection?
  49. constant rebooting and disk checking
  50. Incessant "bad image" windows.
  51. AVG detects Trojan horse downloader.Agent2.ZUN in RA2MD.exe
  52. Win XP SP3 is running slowly
  53. Virus problem... made worse
  54. downadup and some other things...
  55. Attacked by TDSS, GMER never completes as LSASS.exe consumes 100% of CPU
  56. Trojan horse
  57. Search engine redirect virus
  58. malware that redirects google-frustrating and no luck to remove
  59. Computer errors + Trojan
  60. missing dll
  61. Help?Internet stops working, computer freezes
  62. Follow up on another posters message - Helop with constant intrusion
  63. Virus Removal Help Needed
  64. Window shuts down on its own, anti-virus program has disappeared
  65. Corrupted HOSTS file
  66. [N] Computer Infection Help (Google Redirecting Links)
  67. Search Redirect Malware
  68. Suspected Virtumonde - In need of clear and simple instructions for removal :)
  69. Congratulations, You've Won..
  70. Strange internet explorer error.
  71. ar any of this trojans?
  72. Yahoo Messenger virus
  73. slow performance, recent blue screen failures
  74. [SOLVED] jpg.crypted after virus cleared
  75. iexplore.exe Virus?
  76. Antivir Solution Pro Attack!
  77. Google Redirect for my Mac
  78. Unsecured network
  79. Driver not found "Prgds.exe"
  80. Vista crashing after getting rid of AV Security Suite
  81. Possible virus?
  82. Win32 Adware-gen infection
  83. Trojan Win32/Kryptik.EXT and Win32/Olmarik
  84. I need help to remove "Antimalware Doctor"
  85. Virus scan - post Defense Center
  86. Windows Update and google search results not working after virus
  87. laptop caught something
  88. Everything is TROJAN !!!
  89. computer has a virus!
  90. Processes are randomly duplicating
  91. Windows Security Center
  92. PLEASE HELP!! Trojan problems
  93. jspack virus
  94. Sloooow to respond, Internet windows auto-open & Google link redirecting.
  95. Popup and possible Trojan problem
  96. Hoping for help with pop-ups, volume settings and phantom music
  97. Potential Virus and Other Problems
  98. Debugging Mode
  99. Another Antivirus Soft/Google redirect
  100. Yet Another Google Redirect Virus
  101. Not booting up, even in safe mode
  102. Avira has become flaky
  103. Browser being redirected to other search engine ads
  104. Google links redirect, popups, chrome and system restore don't work
  105. Computer + Antivirus Infected
  106. Google redirect virus
  107. blue screens and safe mode only, please help
  108. Unable to remove virus
  109. An artificial intellignet virus
  110. Firefox won't open
  111. Trojan Horse Clicker.AJRO
  112. Computer infested with malware, google redirects aswell
  113. Computer suddenly slow, windows hanging
  114. Win-spy emailer
  115. Google Redirect Spyware
  116. Multiple iexplore.exe processes
  117. PC running very v e r y slow!
  118. keyloggers
  119. "Program Not Responding" Virus or Trojan
  120. Another Noob with a Virus :(
  121. Virus hid all my files, now i cant un-hide them :(
  122. ried home pc 1 (Mine)
  123. [SOLVED] 2 iexplore.exe, lots of memory used, Startup repair constantly needed for bo
  124. Norton constantly states a connection has been blocked,Internet Explorer doesn't open
  125. volume wave drop and redirect problem
  126. HELP! I don't know WHAT the heck is going on!
  127. Trojan ASPX.JSwin32 problem!!
  128. Help! Application cannot be executed. The file is infected
  129. How do I remove Trojan horse Downloader.Generic9.CAXD
  130. Redirecting Bug
  131. CDRom virus????
  132. Trying to remove AV security suite-failed sofar
  133. Malware Removal Assistance Required
  134. D: Frustration
  135. Search Engine Redirect suspect Virus/"untrusted connection" for gmail
  136. Computer freezes after a few minutes in normal mode no matter what
  137. High CPU problems[moved from vista]
  138. Another google redirect problem
  139. Browser redirection
  140. Yahoo Account Compromised - Malware System Check
  141. Trojan/Infection
  142. Defense center post removal bugs
  143. sound card malware
  144. Bank virus
  145. Extreme lag, suspected virus
  146. iexplore.exe Slowing my Computer
  147. Google search redirected in all browsers
  148. Can't Perform Windows Updates
  149. Trojan/Virus Help please
  150. All kinds of trouble!
  151. Think computer may have a virus
  152. Virus: PE_VIRUT.AE
  153. Computer Slow-Wierd things happening
  154. My computer is COMPLETELY boned, how safe is it to get documents etc off of it?
  155. Unable to download or change virus software
  156. Terminates processes, redirects links, freezes up everything
  157. "" Pop-Ups, Slow Browsing & Trojans (Win 7)
  158. laptop infected with Trojans and Virtumonde
  159. slow computer and other problems
  160. AV Security Suite Infection
  161. [SOLVED] My laptop has been severely compromised by Trojans.
  162. Looking for Help - Google Results redirect
  163. Firefox google search redirects
  164. Want to Know If This Machine is Actually Clean
  165. Slug fest
  166. odd problem...
  167. Worms in my Network
  168. Virus has returned! Need assisstance!
  169. Virus (Trojan) Please Help
  170. AV Security has taken over my laptop.
  171. Very Serious Problems Infection. Nearly Impossible To Even Download DDS or GMER.
  172. In need of help; cannot open any programs due to virus infection
  173. Involuntary cursor movement
  174. Malware in IE
  175. Please Help me to resolve Trogan, Spyware and Borwser Redirection
  176. my admin acct is behaving strangely
  177. i had the 6to4svc.dll virus and i think its gone, but pc is acting wierd still
  178. Every file I download is corrupt no matter ZIP or RaR. Possible trojan!
  179. Please help me determine the spyware on my computer that is messingwithmyaudio!!!!!!!
  180. Looking for help with trojans/spyware--malwarebytes & hijackthis logs attached
  181. AV infection
  182. [SOLVED] Frequent hangs for no obvious reason on XP -- don't see obvious malware eith
  183. Remove Trojan Generic Horse
  184. fraud.sysguard malware fake av popups
  185. Annoying Clicking sound in background
  186. Registry Defender (Virus?)
  187. AV defender (another) please help!
  188. just a post-virus check, please
  189. Error loading idivubeq.dll and splstr.dll-Remnants of malware
  190. [SOLVED] Combofix issue
  191. Win32 FakeSpyPro infection - reports attached
  192. Restart Loop
  193. Continual navigational 'clicking' noise
  194. Frequent DCom exploit attacks pls help
  195. No services will start (error 1053 or 1068) updated net framework1.1 & it didnt help
  196. Suspected Virus (Worm, possibly rootkit) after Download
  197. Google redirection problem
  198. iexplore.exe virus
  199. unknown virus affecting .exe files,please help!
  200. Can't remove AV Security suite, can't complete First Steps
  201. Trojan or Worm Help, HijackThis log included
  202. Internet explorer malware redirection
  203. Avast disabled and hijackthis after installing a file from internet
  204. Continuos Blue Screens, problems while using the IE, and programs not running.
  205. Found TROJAN, ran ComboFix, need assistance!
  206. Problem with windows xp pro on vmware workstation
  207. redirect from aol login to page asking for credit card info
  208. all browers redirect; virus?
  209. google hijacker help please..
  210. nude and porn tube on my desk top, please help!
  211. Trojan disables all programs
  212. Virus Help
  213. Security Master AV
  214. Got a Trojan, now browsing very sloooooww...
  215. Virus - symptoms
  216. Help! Run-time Check Failure #2 Stack Around the variable 'Cache Manager' was corrupt
  217. Security Master AV
  218. Unknown Computer Problem
  219. Need Help with Debug Error
  220. Windows Boots to Black Screen in all Modes
  221. Ohtgnoeriga Redirect Virus,redirects google.
  222. Malware, Trojans and Rootkit Problems
  223. virus:win32/Alureon.G found in Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal tool
  224. Spambot infection
  225. Google/Search Redirect / MediaPlex
  226. Redirect virus even after Reformatting!
  227. Vmain.class virus, combofix, and now stability problems.
  228. side by side configuration is incorrect help please
  229. Newish Computer Running Slowly
  230. [SOLVED] Possible virus - need help!
  231. Not able to visit specific sites in google chrome and other browsers
  232. Help Please!! Malware attack
  233. Download pop-up when I first log on to computer
  234. Avsuite....again
  235. Help - virus blocking internet?
  236. What is going on?!
  237. Display Glitch (2)
  238. Trial and Error Success
  239. test
  240. E-mails being sent without me knowing.
  241. Possible trojan with FLV Direct Player
  242. Suspected Malware Infection
  243. Browser Redirect + Pop up Warnings
  244. hacktool.rootkit problem
  245. Can not see C drive in disk manager
  246. Internet redirect problems
  247. Major Malware/ connection speed issues!
  248. Homepage keeps resetting to ""
  249. Possible virus issue
  250. Fake Anti-Virus Program!