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Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help

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  1. infected or KIS 2011 problem
  2. Redirect virus/trojan/spyware
  3. Seems ive tried everything! To no avail :(
  4. Major Virus Issues
  5. Cant get rid of virus!
  6. Spyware/Computer issues
  7. Trojan horse?
  8. windows explorer crashing
  9. Bug Redirecting Entire Network
  10. Rogue Emails from me
  11. IE shutting down itself after few minutes ?[moved from xp]
  12. google result redirect - backdoor/trojan?
  13. Virus? Help
  14. Trojan gives BSOD on Windows startup
  15. Please help with Trojan or virus
  16. Are there any hacks or virus here?
  17. Nasty Redirect Hijack
  18. Had a virus, now computer won't connect to Internet
  19. Computer literally won't do ANYTHING
  20. TDSS.c1mem again
  21. [SOLVED] I need of help
  22. Can't see google results after searching from bar
  23. Win32/Injector.DFS
  24. WinPatrol Fighting opmkkl.dll and efcbyy.dll Startup Program
  25. Can a virus physically damage a hard drive? Please help
  26. Any help would be fantastic.
  27. I'm a NewB please help
  28. i want some1 to tell me does my pc has to be repaired?
  29. Connection Status: Unkown, Class Not Registered, No Sound and a lot more
  30. Need help analyzing security log....
  31. Scans quit working...
  32. Crashes, Slowness, Distrust
  33. Kindly looking for help w/ Virus/Trojan removal
  34. Rootkit Problem (I think!)
  35. Virus "Congratulations You've Won" Help
  36. Nasty Google search redirect virus in my MBR
  37. Redirects, E-mail errors, Windows won't update
  38. Spyware/Trojan help
  39. [SOLVED] Problem with dds.scr
  40. BankerFox.A Virus Support
  41. My BsOD scan files
  42. Virus ....
  43. Possible virus on my computer??
  44. Possible Infections 2
  45. I feel like I've tried everything....
  46. win32 infection
  47. Error loading c:\Windows\$NtUninstallMTF1011$\mmduch.dll
  48. Desktop virus
  49. Virus with fake "Windows Security Essentials" ( I think) solution-search popup
  50. Ried - Desktop #2
  51. Warnings From ISP[moved]
  52. Strongly suspect rootkit
  53. Possible Infections
  54. Possible Virus/Adware - Google redirects
  55. Trojan Help! Generic19
  56. multiple start up and virus attack
  57. Help me, my search engines appear to have been Hijacked
  58. trojan VBInject.gen!EE
  59. Ried - pc
  60. Lag spikes every few seconds
  61. No Clue What's Wrong...
  62. Health Checkup
  63. Got a trojan and cannot start firefox or IE, think i'm keylogged
  64. Malware or hardware fault?
  65. Windows Application Error??
  66. New Attack Blocks XP From Loading . .
  67. "TrojanASPX.JS.Win32" :(
  68. Need Help - Virus/Adware/Trojans
  69. [SOLVED] irratic behaviour of browser
  70. My email getting hacked?
  71. Need help removing viruses, possibly 2 of them
  72. My Way Search Assistant
  73. Computer remains busy
  74. Fake Anti-Virus Software Virus
  75. Firefox/IE wont open...
  76. After reinstalling OS I now have "Congratulations" audio
  77. STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}
  78. [SOLVED] rootkit bug redirects browsers and makes computer unstable
  79. urgent im not in control!
  80. AV8 malware 64bit os
  81. Antivirus 2010 and spywaredocter
  82. Trojan new thread
  83. Symantec update and safe mode oddities
  84. Malware problem: Google redirections and popups
  85. [SOLVED] AV8 Malware infection
  86. Intermittent Web Browsing Problems
  87. after effect of my security shield virus
  88. infected with virutWIN32.exe
  89. Fake.Alert Removal
  90. Malware Detected and possibly removed
  91. Thread was closed.. still need help :/
  92. HELP! Laptop extremely slow, Problems with desktop and DivX
  93. Cannot access Microsoft and Security Websites
  94. Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert
  95. strange reboots and strange pop-up.
  96. windows xp issues says TRI\CI.A trojan
  97. Freezing video streams and buffer problems
  98. Can't access GMail after virus clean up.
  99. Computer Performance/Crashing Issues
  100. Fake anti-virus hijacked my system!!
  101. Infected, Fake Security Analyst Pop Up
  102. Attention! Your web page request has been cancelled
  103. I need advice for (freeware) Spyware Scanning software.
  104. Antivirus mimicking malware on new Windows 7 machine
  105. Access to MS Updates website blocked; adload_r virus
  106. Red Cross Antivirus
  107. I found this in windows/system32 what is it?
  108. Problems with GMER Rootkit Scanner
  109. Random Update message...
  110. Win 7 freezes often/periodically for minutes at a time
  111. Security Suite Vrius logs
  112. Trojan horse generic19
  113. New problem on my computer
  114. Help me with a Trojan..
  115. Redirect Virus - Last Post Went 6 days with no help, would appreciate suggestions!
  116. Problem with Virus / Malware removal
  117. Somebody please help - my system tray is causing explorer to crash
  118. CPU usage at 100%, not sure why...
  119. Rundll32 Problem[moved from xp]
  120. Computer connects to IP automatically
  121. Numerous strange issues: Dell Laptop, Win XP. Please help!
  122. svchost.exe problem?
  123. dds.txt & logs
  124. [SOLVED] Antimalware Doctor Virus Issues
  125. Virus causing explorer to crash on startup
  126. Question: Can rootkits/viruses reside in wifi router?
  127. HJT will not remove selected virii
  128. Log help
  129. unable to start computer properly
  130. Google search redirect
  131. Search Engine Redirect -
  132. Laptop seems infected - please help
  133. Infection causing mass-mailings
  134. Computer freezing, virus the suspected culprit
  135. 0xc0000005 error
  136. virus --> infected autorun.inf
  137. Malware Problem - Antimalware Doctor, Security Tool, etc. Programs won't run
  138. Facebook Redirects to Pricegrabber
  139. Suspected redirect virus
  140. Malware: Plays Random Sound Clips, Changed Desktop Appearance, Deleting Preferences
  141. Redirecting Malware/Virus
  142. Virus, help needed
  143. AVG free probelms
  144. Searchsettings v1.2.3 being a huge pain.
  145. Google Pop ups and redirects
  146. No internet in normal mode, no restore/updates, looks fishy
  147. Something wrong here
  148. My Wife's laptop is jacked!
  149. need help please spyware, rebate informer, menu bar in internet explorer missing,
  150. Help. I think I have an ugly trogan
  151. I think I have been hacked!
  152. Problem with Trojan-aax5
  153. okay here is the problems i am facing
  154. Help with Winsock problems?? Believe to be malware or spyware
  155. Windows Explorer crashing/restarting; Mystery windows in Taskbar
  156. Laptop restarts automatically in 1 minute when connected to internet
  157. Security Tool/AVG Virus...Methods Thus Far Ineffective
  158. Help Appreciated Strange Behavior Lately
  159. Task manager blocked? Virus? Not "blocked by admin"
  160. 1st time user using your Virus/Trojan/Spyware Removal Help
  161. Internet Very Slow After Malware Removed
  162. Hi I am getting annouying Popup ads in IE even it is not open.
  163. McAfee causing computer stalling / firewall
  164. Computer was attacked by antimalware doctor/security suite malware/computer wont boot
  165. Suspected key logger
  166. Suspicious
  167. Invasive Security Software & IE/SEresults Hijack.
  168. Windows live messenger :D emoticon virus
  169. My Uncle who is an NYPD cop got fired upon while using the computer
  170. Can't boot up XP system
  171. Unknown Infection
  172. Possible maleware infection
  173. can't find virus
  174. Computer OS won't load
  175. I KNOW I have a virus!
  176. Redirect Virus?
  177. Trying to fix infected PC ? Please help !!
  178. malware defense found in windows security alerts
  179. Google/Bing/Yahoo redirect problems
  180. mouse random clicking virus
  181. PLEASE HELP! Work Laptop Broken! No start up! HELP!
  182. Task Manager Blocked? Third Party Software?
  183. Duplicate csrss.exe
  184. Here is my status after following the first steps...
  185. Why are these files, what do they do?
  186. Help with Virus
  187. Google Redirect Problem/Issue
  188. [SOLVED] Browser Redirect & No Windows Update Site
  189. Bad image error message after restoring Win XP
  190. HELP Laptop infected with virus can't run any programmes
  191. Systems Tray Causing Explorer.exe to Crash
  192. followup to combofix
  193. Security Suite Virus?
  194. Unable to rkill.exe the malware to run tests
  195. [SOLVED] Virus
  196. Antivir Solution Pro infection
  197. PC keeps rebooting at login screen
  198. Need Urgent help please!
  199. Connections Buttons Disabled After Antivirone Virus
  200. Need Help not a valid win32 application
  201. Foto-link virus
  202. Google Redirection problems
  203. My DDS & GMER logs - Problem: Drivers not installing
  204. Windows crashes after login page - Possible virus/malware
  205. tpubkoyns.exe ..anybody encountered this??
  206. please help:a virus on my laptop uses 99% of cpu
  207. Missing DLL cache, taskbar, icons
  208. Movie PopUps and Virus, Please help
  209. Application cannot be executed virus
  210. Virus caused explorer.exe to stop functioning
  211. can't reboot after removing Trojan
  212. Bad Viruses and Blue Screen - Help Please!
  213. Undetected virus may have compromised my Yahoo!
  214. Antimal Doctor removal
  215. 1394 Net Adapter Missing after removal of Virus
  216. Am I infected?
  217. Antivir Solution Pro
  218. HijackThis log... Help me? :D
  219. Removed Virus, Need some help
  220. May have a malware in my computer
  221. USB Device Not Recognised, BSOD and the Phantom Defender.
  222. computer, restarting, spybot wont run, error reports
  223. Brontok Worm, Windows Vista
  224. csrss.exe virus
  225. Evil, Impossible Redirect Virus
  226. Newbie 34 reincarnation
  227. Windows reports TrojanASPX.JS.Win32
  228. Spooldr.sys
  229. Trojan: Fakespypro keeps coming back!
  230. Please help with Antivir malware
  231. windows explorer, media player, internet and more keep not responding
  232. Can't update windows anymore
  233. can't run gmer.exe properly
  234. slow computer[moved from xp]
  235. Could someone take a look at my Combofix log?
  236. Google Re-Direct Code Has Imbedded Itself in My Browser
  238. fake antivirus and illegal execution detected-- please help
  239. Virus
  240. w key isn't qworking
  241. Java trojan: require assistance please
  242. I've been getting alot .exe has stopped working on win 7...
  243. trojan.gendal
  244. Malware found
  245. Random Sound bites
  246. "The file wltuser.exe is infected"
  247. Audio Ads and popups, unable to remove
  248. Google Redirects Driving me crazy
  249. msn keeps opening on its own
  250. Audio Ads and popups, unable to remove