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  1. Educating the voters
  2. Anemic recovery
  3. Jobless Claims in U.S. Hover Near Lowest Level Since 2007
  4. NV Ranch
  5. Jobless Claims in U.S. Drop to Lowest Level Since May 2007
  6. ACA Premiums....
  7. Jeb??
  8. This is what we can expect to see when Republicans take the Senate
  9. U.S. Senate panel to grill Caterpillar executives at tax hearing
  10. Rounds fired across Korean "border"
  11. USS Harnett County (LST-821) Still on duty after grounding
  12. Party of the Rich
  13. Obamacare Enrollment Heading to 7 Million at Deadline
  14. Christi gets his groove back
  15. Your Opinion??
  16. How to Sign Up for Obamacare in an Hour
  17. U.S. jobs market dropouts increasingly likely to stay out
  18. News on the Economy
  19. I'm going to author gun control legistlation...
  20. The law of unintended consquences
  21. If you have not refinanced your mortgage . . time to act
  22. Say it Ain't So! !
  23. NYC blast buildings destroyed
  24. Rand Paul wins again in conservative Republican poll
  25. News on Economy
  26. Sarah Palin
  27. Texas Primaries
  28. Al Gore won't like this....
  29. New home sales hit five-and-a-half year high in January
  30. Obama Orders Afghan Withdrawal Plan After Karzai Stalls
  31. Turn off TV;bin newspapers....problems solved!
  32. Uncanny recognition of reality
  33. Fannie Mae profits push taxpayers into black on housing bailout
  34. Ukraine Crisis
  35. Lies and damned lies . .
  36. Yep . . This is who I woud want in my corner
  37. WellPoint's Growth Is Coming From the Uninsured
  38. More Than Half of Americans Believe U.S. Failed in Iraq, Afghanistan
  39. Ford bets on a real recovery
  40. Economy in U.S. Grew 3.2% as Consumer Spending Picked Up
  41. Fed Cuts QE to $65 Billion Pace as Labor Market Improves Further
  42. Obama Unveils Savings Proposal for Workers Lacking 401(k)
  43. Obamacare Boosts Health Funds
  44. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a new GOP face for the State of the Union response
  45. Minimum wage hike bills being pushed in at least 30 states
  46. Peace doves attacked
  47. a majority of states now back Medicaid expansion
  48. Finally! !
  49. What are they thinking??
  50. Good one Obama
  51. Our stunningly steady jobs recovery, in one chart
  52. Christie aides tied Sandy funds to project
  53. Egypt constitution approved by 98.1 percent
  54. We are now a police state
  55. Houston school board bans race-based mascots
  56. Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall to Lowest in More Than a Month
  57. Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink
  58. Jobless Claims in U.S. Decrease to Lowest Level in a Month
  59. 1/3rd of Americans Don't Believe in Evolution
  60. Cruz in legal process to renounce Canadian citizenship
  61. Kalashnikov assault rifle designer is dead at 94
  62. U.S. growth revised higher, economy on firmer footing
  63. U.S Applications for unemployment aid soar to 9-month high
  64. Medical bills underlie 60 percent of U.S. bankrupts
  65. Fed Cuts QE Pace to $75 Billion on Labor Market Outlook
  66. U.K. Unemployment Unexpectedly Falls to Four-Year Low
  67. U.S. Housing Starts Jump to Highest Level in Five Years
  68. American polls on the recession....
  69. House Ethics committee sets probe of Radel in cocaine case
  70. A new direction for government?
  71. U.S. factory activity gains steam as production broadens
  72. It's Official!
  73. First Obama nominee confirmed since end of filibuster power
  74. Small business confidence rises, jobs picture upbeat
  75. U.S. Congress budget talks could produce Tuesday deal
  76. House Republicans recognize they have a problem with women.
  77. Technical glitches . .
  78. Hagmann and Hagmann Radio show.
  79. Third-quarter growth revised up to 3.6 percent
  80. Economy Updates
  81. Nobody Should Get Rich Off Obamacare
  82. Nobody loves us . . .
  83. Do-Nothing Congress Dithers on Budget as Deadline Nears
  84. Kinder Morgan Ready to Drive Final Nail into Keystone XL Coffin?
  85. Durable Goods Orders Drop as U.S. Shutdown Hurts Confidence
  86. U.S. jobless claims unexpectedly fall last week
  87. Housing data brightens U.S. economic growth outlook
  88. Knockout Game Turns Deadly: 60 Year Old Woman Shoots and Kills 2 Teens After Being Pu
  89. Nuclear Deal With Iran
  90. Americans Recover Home Equity at Record Pace
  91. This will stir things up in Washington . .
  92. Tea Party site down
  93. Bernanke scores 8/10 from economists on his way out
  94. BP reaches record number of drilling rigs in the Gulf
  95. Weinie has another weapon!
  96. Bachmann: ‘I lost my insurance under Obamacare,’ will be forced into exchange
  97. I'm not keen on this idea...
  98. lil' Timmey finally gets rewarded . .
  99. Obama Stocks Among Best After Re-Election as Rally Tested
  100. Misery loves company....
  101. Budget Deficit in U.S. Narrows on Record Revenue for October
  102. Obama Says He’s Sorry Over Americans Losing Health Plans
  103. Republicans Take Obamacare Strategy to War on Coal
  104. Rotting Grapes From Bordeaux to Burgundy Cut French Wine Outlook
  105. Second Amendment Shoots the First at `Guns & Ammo'
  106. How Washington is dragging down the economy
  107. Payrolls Jump 204,000
  108. U.S. Third-Quarter GDP Rose 2.8%
  109. Surprise Services Pickup Shows U.S. Overcoming Shutdown
  110. Nasdaq Shuts Options Market for Almost Entire Day on Malfunction
  111. Hope for Obamacare website??
  112. Tea Party damage to the Republican Party
  113. Warms the cockles of the heart . .
  114. US Government Spying
  115. The Ultimate Oxymoron . .
  116. What kind of insurance are people signing up for?
  117. A scrap metal company got one red cent from the Navy to take USS Forrestal
  118. Where Ted Cruz get his insurance . .
  119. Voter ID in Texas
  120. I wonder....
  121. Where does the buck stop?
  122. The Internal Revenue Service....
  123. Fed QE Taper Seen Delayed to March as Shutdown Bites
  124. Bald Faced lies . .
  125. Progression of Events
  126. Fringe Elements
  127. Sometimes even free is isn't enough....
  128. Washington Redskins
  129. The Totaltarian States of America
  130. Congressmen Arrested
  131. Yellen it is . .
  132. Debt Ceiling
  133. The transformation is almost complete
  134. Affordable Care Act
  135. The Republican Party change away from being the party of business
  136. New approach
  137. Stuff that Actually Matters
  138. Marketplace up and running -- NOT
  139. Debunk time
  140. Sign of the times
  141. Not Latina enough
  142. The Middle Class....
  143. Gun control by any means necessary
  144. Govt shutdown :)
  145. 1984
  146. More about Syria
  147. A message to all the Russian members of TSF
  148. Into the Void
  149. Pro-gun control Democrats ousted in Colorado recall
  150. 'Breakthrough' is possible on Syria
  151. Infamous '47 percent' not paying federal taxes, now 43 percent
  152. An apology to my Progressive friends . .
  153. Early big winners of ObamaCare: investors, lawyers, consultants, tech experts
  154. When will poor ol' John learn . .
  155. Syria vote complicates U.S. fiscal debate; stop-gap more likely
  156. obama seeks congress approval?
  157. Pelosi's office clarifies her position on speakership
  158. Who says our little closet Conservative POTUS divides the country? ?
  159. Obama promises mayors unilateral action on guns
  160. What keeps these clowns ears apart ? ?
  161. Egypt shortens curfew as unrest over coup wanes
  162. Fort Hood shooter convicted on all charges
  163. Don't need a gun....
  164. 40 days until you can sign up for Health Care Insurance
  165. Bradley Manning: I want to live as a woman named Chelsea
  166. If Syria Used Chemical Weapons Do We Go To War?
  167. Two patriots exercising their 2nd Amendment rights . .
  168. Can't make this stuff up
  169. Bill S.1224
  170. Another myth bites the dust . .
  171. Obama cancels meeting with Russia's Putin over Snowden decision
  172. Some Socialist this guy is . . .
  173. fat ball found in London
  174. You just cannot make this stuff up . .
  175. Hmmmm . .
  176. Zimmerman pulled over in Texas
  177. Economy in U.S. Expands More Than Forecast
  178. Interesting anti-SYG
  179. Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun club suddenly isn’t such a hot ticket
  180. G20 puts growth before austerity, vows to tread carefully
  181. More of the law of unintended consequences . .
  182. Awwwww . .
  183. This pretty much wipes out the TEa party
  184. its drone season
  185. Big Labor and the ACA...
  186. I am thoroughly shocked,
  187. Interesting take on the ACA act.
  188. Coup in Cairo
  189. Tornado
  190. Good Economic News . .
  191. ?We don?t have time for a meeting of the flat-earth society."
  192. Where's Waldo . .err . . Edward Snowden
  193. Big Brother is Watching You - Worried?
  194. Rules of the Current Events Discussion Forum