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  1. Odd Question
  2. I was asked this in class....
  3. Back to College or Cert School?
  4. 19 y/o girl and career in IT/Networking...
  5. What should I do for CCNA exam besides training ?
  6. Need direction in what carrer to choose.
  7. Choose career path
  8. Disclaimer forum
  9. Becoming a software engineer
  10. Having an AA + OSSS Certificate + Bachelors better than going after just plain certs?
  11. Oracle MYSQL error
  12. Computer Science Major
  13. Free Computer Repair (tools I'll need?)
  14. Tips on how to get started in the IT field
  15. Physical Security to Information Security
  16. Going from Windows 2000 to Windows 7 (figuratively speaking)
  17. Want to start advancing early
  18. programming with a degree in anthropology?
  19. Starting in IT
  20. Cerco I.T. (Staffing) Solutions Ltd
  21. Career in computers [Help?]
  22. DOD Directive 8570 / Certified Ethical Hacker
  23. Not sure if qualified for this job...Help?
  24. MCTS: Configuring Server 2008 and Active Directory
  25. anyone ever worked on a cruise ship?
  26. Entry level certifications - Am I on the right track?
  27. where to start with A+
  28. Starting all over, Advice?
  29. Computer Business
  30. Looking for a career in IT
  31. Any recommendations...MBA or Cert courses?
  32. IS degree in health sector
  33. Certifications: Valuable or Not?
  34. how much will the A+ cost and were do i take it?
  35. Edulearn CBT for A+, etc.
  36. Which Certification A+ or Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)
  37. Getting started in Software Engineering
  38. All neccessary Windows install disks for a repair business?
  39. COMPTIA A+ any recommendations?
  40. Microsoft exam Diagram?
  41. Need a career change
  42. Java vs ASP vs PHP?
  43. Network+ ?
  44. Question about IT fields
  45. Technology Certifications
  46. Certifications-Valuable or Not?
  47. Looking for a "foot in the door" any ideas?
  48. Technial Support Help
  49. Guidance needed..for future work
  50. Help
  51. MCDST Still Worth Getting?
  52. Lots of people talking about the Cisco Certification..What is it? What does it test?
  53. Recommendations on Certs
  54. Need to re-take the Security+ exam
  55. CompTia A+ essentials vs The MCTS
  56. I would like some guidance
  57. Computer Business
  58. comp engineering + cert?
  59. Programming, web design/multimedia, or networking?
  60. First IT job, any advice appreciated.
  61. Help
  62. Books on Windows 7
  63. Whats available?
  64. Bad ethics or crime?
  65. Networking Courses
  66. A+ Cert
  67. Network+ Last Minute Advice
  68. Some Basic Questions in Cisco Certifications
  69. Major in Computer Science and minor in Communication?
  70. Javascript 2+ yr Ex, what can i learn for my career developement???
  71. just suggest me when to proceed my certification
  72. Advice for those seeking to work for the Federal Gov
  73. Career and School Choice
  74. A+ Certification.
  75. Can someone spare some time?
  76. Career Change
  77. A+ 220-702 Advice
  78. Anyone Hiring?
  79. What direction should I take my computer business to?
  80. Looking to work at home Tech support
  81. do you have to go to school to take the a+?
  82. Certification advice
  83. Any help with my job?? Information Technology Questions
  84. Urgent need help reg career
  85. Support Analyst - Good step into IT?
  86. Some advice please on career progression
  87. Is there a Database Admin in the house?
  88. Starting as a NOC technician soon, first job, any tips?
  89. Useful resources for A+, Networking and Administering Server.
  90. Network+ help: Ethernet Standards
  91. Best course of education to host computer servers?
  92. Need career guidance
  93. Please help me to decide CISCO or JAVA
  94. IT/computer/manufacturer Conferences
  95. Need help on how to start, where and how
  96. cloud computing - threatening IT support jobs?
  97. Web Design / Development Certificates
  98. Linux/UNIX certifications
  99. Loving IT again
  100. Maintenance fee???
  101. Conflict at work
  102. Top 10 (20?) Most Common IT Issues?
  103. Which would you rather have?
  104. System Administration, Programming, Hardware
  105. Hopeful for Microsoft SQL 2008 certification
  106. Co-op opportunities?
  107. software engineering or ICT
  108. How hard is the MCDST compared to A+ and Net+?
  109. Ccna ...need help to continue
  110. Confused
  111. Starting as IT freelancer with own business
  112. Best careers for the money?
  113. What tools and Practices are best?
  114. Advice on starting a computer repair shop
  115. ccna bootcamp or mcitp?
  116. A+ in 7 days, any advice?
  117. Info on A+ Exam Plz
  118. Online College vs Traditional College
  119. BTEC extended diploma level 3 or comptia A and N++
  120. A+ and Network + classes at same time
  121. PC Repair Business - CC Merchant Services?
  122. Advice Starting up.
  123. Any "for life" certifications
  124. Looking for the right path
  125. Who has a degree in computer information systems?
  126. Curent Company wants to add Macs to the table.
  127. Help me to get right goal
  128. Interning
  129. Know where I'm going, not sure how to get there
  130. Where to go in career from Desktop Support?
  131. What certs should I get?
  132. CCNP certification
  133. Programming - general advice
  134. Need Advice for Advancing...
  135. Career Decision...???
  136. Death of the Desktop Computer?
  137. interest in the computer field
  138. Computer science programs in university
  139. computer classes in college
  140. How to show someone that their computer is faster?
  141. Need advice on a career change from teaching to the IT field.
  142. Thinking about a career in computers, but advice.
  143. which certification exam should i give??
  144. Is volunteering at a local computer organization a good choice for experience?
  145. Just started CompTIA A+
  146. making money building computers?
  147. Certs to get
  148. Career change
  149. Lost A+ Essentials Paper
  150. What kind of jobs could I get?
  151. Transcript for college
  152. Is it bad to have too many COMPTIA Certifications?
  153. Practical Application
  154. having a hard time finding a job
  155. How old to take the test?
  156. Passed!!
  157. Comp TIA vs Cisco vs no certifications
  158. Need some advice about choosing certifications
  159. Have an unrelated BS, what would certs do for me?
  160. Making up for some major education mistakes?
  161. A+ passed and conquered!!!!
  162. Taking the A+ in two days
  163. 1Z0-033 Dumps
  164. Prepare for 310-220 exam
  165. 5 Huge Tips to Passing the A+ Certification
  166. Desk or Bench? And book suggestion for Linux Cert
  167. Price question
  168. comptia a+ where to begin
  169. is it possible?
  170. Certification and experince through military
  171. New Job opportunity, Lack of Experience
  172. Preaparing for linux+ exam
  173. Taking the A+ Essentials in 6 days any last minute advice?
  174. Is being a Computer Repair technician a good place to start?
  175. A+ test given on computers or on paper?
  176. Break Fix Jobs or in house IT
  177. Testout Labsim A+
  178. Want to start Repair business
  179. Management asking for career path + training
  180. Is there any other certs tha compliments CCNA?
  181. Anybody know if this site is legit?
  182. Worthwhile CompTIA certs?
  183. Good A+ training videos?
  184. Need a catch phrase
  185. Wanting to start a new business, Need software advice.
  186. Re: Useful information on Certifications
  187. A+ Question
  188. Most Valued Cert $$$$
  189. Software engineering
  190. In-house vs In-store tech
  191. How difficult was the A+ test?
  192. Career advice: QA engineer to consultant/support
  193. 70-685
  194. A+, then what?
  195. What kinds of questions do you get from people/users?
  196. Certifications Comptia A+
  197. What software do you use to organize your IT business?
  198. Need help choosing which way to go
  199. Experienced Network professionals advice needed
  200. Charging Friends and Coworkers?
  201. Database Design and Administration / SQL & Crystal Reporting Training?
  202. How to self study CCNA until pass
  203. IT infrastructure management
  204. I just want to know more about computers.
  205. Getting into Tech in Silicon Valley
  206. Courses
  207. A student awaiting his A+ Certification
  208. Where do I start?
  209. computer internships? New Haven CT area...
  210. Guide me for my future...
  211. Virus Removal / Speed optimizing (Software)
  212. What now?????
  213. PC Tech Startup
  214. How should you take the CCNA?
  215. Decided just to get my AA in Information Technology and get some certificates
  216. Which is the best Computer-Related career?
  217. Getting a Bachelors in Applied Technology. What jobs can I get?
  218. Internship
  219. Just passed the A+ tests
  220. CCVP after CCNA
  221. Looking for answers
  222. Do I have what it takes to become a computer technician?
  223. Any Computer Software Engineers Want To Help Me?
  224. Is this info helpful for a job application?
  225. Bachelors degree choices...
  226. Cwna
  227. need to knw roles n responsibilities of a server tech support agent
  228. Networking or Programming
  229. Ideas on how to get experience?
  230. Side tracked by life--- A+ help
  231. How to learn Networking skills?
  232. SharePoint Training Center...
  233. CCENT Study Help
  234. Exam 70-680: Win 7, configuring
  235. Help with info on A+ Cert and Schools
  236. Certification Comparative Difficulty
  237. Getting my feet wet in the IT field
  238. qualification for security/networking?
  239. How do you know how to price services.
  240. Orange County CA Computer Club
  241. Starting a career in computer security
  242. Thinking about a career in cyber security/network security... Need help, please...
  243. Im starting college
  244. !!!n00b alert!!!
  245. Questions about Computer Repair
  246. Need help with repair problem
  247. suggestions for CompTIA a+ cert
  248. CCNA Wireless
  249. Computer Repair Ethics Question
  250. quickcert