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Inactive Malware Help Topics

  1. Lost Admin Control in Normal Boot
  2. Lost Admin control in normal boot
  3. my computer is still extremely slow
  4. My computer is very slow!
  5. Computer slow and strange
  6. virus exe, slows computer, makes internet problems.
  7. Malware help, please!!
  8. Virus at C:\Windows\Installer
  9. After Virus - Repair
  10. Internet get down
  11. reboot after 1 minute
  12. Multiple programs hanging
  13. [SOLVED] Malware?
  14. [email protected] - attention, they are cheaters
  15. Need help or my laptop might be tossed out the window across the room ugh
  16. Scammed: Pressed Microsoft Icon / R
  17. Koobface worm infected me
  18. remove ads
  19. 6 programs say no viruses but Clamwin still says 2 infected files, are these false p?
  20. [SOLVED] A undeletable virus in my computer
  21. URGENT: Virus corrupted tonnes of files
  22. Malware Help
  23. Need help cleaning my PC
  24. This computer has been blocked
  25. Think it's a Bitcoin miner or a virus.
  26. Microsoft Update Service detected as a virus
  27. Redirect from another forumsection, internetproblems
  28. Chrome searching Yahoo instead of Google (defaulted)
  29. Weird Noises in Background (Adware?)
  30. HP PC May have been infected with virus but Iím not sure
  31. Sudden MS announcement!
  32. Recent dramatic slowdown Win 7
  33. opera stable 51.0.2830.55
  34. My Pc is not working properly Antivirus error
  35. Infected?
  36. My laptop won't turn off
  37. HP All in One Desktop running at 100% CPU frequently
  38. ESET Scanner threats and email spam
  39. I can't visit these two particular sites for some weird reason
  40. Issue removing from Chrome only
  41. Malware infection
  42. Computer Won't Sleep
  43. Japanese Porn Malware
  44. exe opens in notepad
  45. Can't Get Rid of VidSquare Malware
  46. help cant identify the virus i got infected
  47. Referrer in Opera?
  48. Virus...
  49. AVG won't die...
  50. Files on Flash Drive Keeps converted to short cuts and the original File disappears
  51. I have a virus on my computer because I can't go on firefox
  52. Application Error on Start-Up (Virus??)
  53. Please help
  54. Chrome Update Malware
  55. I can get rid of this pop up browser bar ive tried everything i know
  56. Remove unwanted yahoo toolbar
  57. Wifi internet has slowed significantly
  58. astromenda virus ?
  59. Bubbls/circles popping up - Is this a virus?
  60. Keep getting ads of the same thing on every site
  61. Computer getting slow-Need an Antivirus!!
  62. Issue Removing msrtn32 & dataup Folders
  63. Please Help, computer issues
  64. Has my PC developed a bug?
  65. A virus that copies my files!!
  66. Computer becomes extremely slow, possible rootkit? - pt 2
  67. After-Infection Advise - Untraceable KeyLoggers and Backdoors
  68. Possible threat that redirects the browser
  69. Computer becomes extremely slow, possible rootkit?
  70. Suspected Bitcoin miner virus
  71. malware or adware or viruses
  72. windows 8.1 running very slow
  73. LOst internet connectivity with ie opera but not firefox
  74. Infected PC Help
  75. Tencent Help
  76. virus help logs attached
  77. Copy of shortcut !
  78. too much malware
  79. Virus completely took over my laptop
  80. Computer & Internet Misbehaving after a download
  81. Older Laptop trying to Fix it up
  82. Adware on browser startup
  83. Stealth Malware
  84. Internet Explorer Clicks open Unwanted Sites
  85. Continuation of Old Thread
  86. Do we have a virus?
  87. Slow WIndows 10
  88. VBNet Virus
  89. Online accounts compromised. Strongly Suspect Malware/Rootkit
  90. Looking for info on these detections
  91. Time Warner Cable Botnet warning issue
  92. Random browser issues
  93. Trojan Virus in msiexec.exe
  94. Need help computer is slow and internet is slow
  95. [SOLVED] Chrome inundated with Adware
  96. Viruses wrecking my computer tbh
  97. How to get rid of ffsecure Adware
  98. Virus attacked windows services on laptop
  99. Help No Interet Access Reading a DSS
  100. Infected, Please Help!
  101. Laptop...No Internet Security...Now has Malware
  102. What zzzzzzzi call pop over advertising
  103. Major computer issue - pc only runs right in safe mode
  104. RAM usage goes up to 15.9/16gb
  105. Removing last traces of Malware
  106. Need Help With Malware Issues
  107. Google Keep asking entering Captcha
  108. No control over laptop!!
  109. Unwanted programs/adware?
  110. infected with javaws.exe
  111. Help please! Computer is a mess
  112. Base Filtering Engine won't start
  113. dds
  114. i have malware, please help
  115. Vosteran
  116. Something is crippling my system
  117. Malware? Spyware?
  118. Help required to remove worm:win32/gamarue.gen!nk
  119. Computer Locked and they want me to pay
  120. Shortcut Virus and Write protection virus
  121. virus that messes with keys
  122. Virus \ Hacker in my computer? please help!
  123. Cloudscout virus! Cant remove it! Please help me!
  124. Drive-by Download Site Infection(s)?
  125. afirst.exe please help!
  126. Possible virus/malware
  127. Need help to fix Chrome
  128. [SOLVED] MALWAREBYTES does not install nor dl!! Help
  129. Issue with Browser pop ups
  130. I Have A Virus
  131. Suspected Malware/Virus
  132. taskeng.exe
  133. weird happy face squares
  134. Weird Little Pictures
  135. Does this sound like a virus?
  136. Please help me
  137. Possible Malware
  138. compressing virus??
  139. Threat Finder Ransomware
  140. Remove Popup Ads
  141. on laptop
  142. TRIALPAY removal
  143. (windows installer) unable to uninstall
  144. Computer barraged by a large number of softwares
  145. can't be removed
  146. spyware?
  147. Computer downloading programs on its own!
  148. Malware possibly preventing spldr.sys?
  149. Is something hiding in my speakers?
  150. Internet connection "halfcut"
  151. Got hacked / Banned from DayZ server for it
  152. Infected computer?
  153. Pop Up During Start Up
  154. Please help! cant use programs you requested
  155. ADS
  156. google chrome command line etc.
  157. gnfsipa file
  158. Trying to help a friend get malware off her computer
  159. games crash; malware/virusses?
  160. Internet Explorer/google chrome failing to load webpages
  161. Unable to run Antivirus Update and Online scanners
  162. I been invated
  163. System performance slowly deteriorating - freezes, crashes
  164. Virus/Malware I can't get rid of.
  165. Bad image error SPVloader32.dll
  166. Error 1068:1068 error dependency service group failed start
  167. The virus has changed the file extension.
  168. TbNotifier.exe Issue
  169. Keys typing by them selves....
  170. File Extension Changed - Trojan Virus
  171. AVG detecting RPCNETP.EXE how do I get rid of this?
  172. Rundll.32 exe, schost.exe, and ship ton of UDP (17) Traffic inbound using svhost.exe
  173. Cannot access internet after removing viruses
  174. All files extension converted to .impovae
  175. I cannot open Mcafee
  176. Endless "acquiring network address" loop after Alureon-AMS removal
  177. virus changing all my files so I can't open them
  178. JS:Script-inf [Trj]
  179. Adware problem
  180. Help, internet and advertising
  181. Avast ad or ...?
  182. Suspected Virus/Spyware in Win7 Home Premium
  183. Need to start the new year virus, malware and infection free
  184. Laptop suddenly doesn't work anymore?
  185. USB drives: .lnk shortcuts .Trashes and hidden files
  186. hidden.object.multi.generic detected in every image file on my laptop
  187. Infected, Cannot start PC
  188. Malicious file downloaded through bitsadmin.exe ?
  189. Slow Internet & Other issues
  190. I have contracted SAPE Malware that Norton cannot remove. Help?
  191. I can't download or install anything? Help?
  192. Can't run AVG!! "...prevented by a software restriction policy"
  193. toshiba being hacked, files copied?
  194. Something called Vosteran
  195. deal finder/web to save
  196. super deals pop-up ?
  197. bad image errors
  198. dllhost COM surrage
  199. Multiple dllhost.exe *32 and Regular (COM Surrogate)
  200. Potential trojan infection?
  201. Virus/Malware Help
  202. Major pc issues, suspect malware
  203. Symantec detects Trojan.Gen.2 in temp files
  204. efsui.exe virus?
  205. PUP.optional.MySearchDial.A Malware
  206. please help with virus
  207. Search Snacks keeps reinstalling itself!
  208. Problems with Internet Connectivity
  209. Virus in Router? Double underlined adds/Can't click buttons on Reddit
  210. dds.scr compatability mode problem
  211. Malware removal - please help!
  212. Tried to download a book now my entire computer is unusable, please help
  213. Have a google redirect virus, need help identifying a suspicious ntbtlog file
  214. Can't uninstall a program that is giving me advertisements
  215. hklm\software\SPeeQ\absoluteHTTP
  216. Window Explorer keeps stopping/Windows Explorer Changed File Dates
  217. Malware infection
  218. So Much "Invisible Viruses"!!!!!!!!!!!!
  219. PPRecDiag.dll is missing from computer
  220. MS Excel documents appear to have been wiped by a virus
  221. Explorer affected by Search Donkey and AdChoices
  222. Internet Explorer closing issue/possible trojan problem...
  223. help with
  224. Virus
  225. How to disable CPU usage on regenerative programs to remove them
  226. IE 11 - When opened, immediately closes
  227. Sup browser redirect
  228. Laggy when Installing things
  229. Malware Removal Assistance
  230. Suspiciously unable to scan, slow computer, PLEASE HELP
  231. One more time-Let's go after the hidden virus that I can't get rid of
  232. GorillaPrice
  233. popups /malware?
  234. Offerswizard Ads virus
  235. Post Recovery from Stuckbooting at aswRvrt.sys
  236. Help remove 'Privoxy'
  237. Combofix executed
  238. dds not working on windows 8.1
  239. Can't Log in ?
  240. I cannot open AVG or Malwarebytes
  241. Explorer.exe taking up 50% of CPU usage
  242. still on my computer :(
  243. My PC wont open
  244. I think malware has affected my computer's internet
  245. urgent help proxy server trouble
  246. Computer Issues
  247. Black Screen
  248. Cannot Load AVG. Possible irus Infection
  249. CPU is sucking up too much power?
  250. How to Get Rid of VoiceFive Pop-Ups?