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  1. Dual Headsets
  2. Audio 3.5mm jack
  3. What are the controls on the Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset?
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  5. Is my onboard sound card fried?
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  16. Microphone not working
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  18. headphone echo(edit)
  19. Turtle Beach Headset Problem
  20. Monitor headphone out to computer line in
  21. Speakers
  22. Speakers go quiet for 2-3 seconds every few minutes
  23. [SOLVED] Separate Volume Settings For Speakers & Headphones
  24. Audio stutter only with Headphones
  25. Constant peep/beep in headphones on PC
  26. no sound
  27. one side of my ear piece does not work and i hear no sound
  28. USB External sound cards crackled/muffled
  29. Samson Meteor Mic Audio Issue MAC
  30. Can't get 5.1 audio to work
  31. Sound card location
  32. Lose sound; have to reboot - HP ENVY x360 m6 Convertible
  33. Sound not working properly, coming out of 2 places.
  34. READ - Asus Xonar DSX popping noise solution!
  35. Asus Xonar AE - any reviews or examinations?
  36. HyperX Cloud Stinger headset Static and mic issue
  37. Headset
  38. No sound on HP G60-533CL Laptop
  39. [SOLVED] No Sound On Laptop
  41. Realtek HD Audio Manager "You just plugged/unplugged a device" Problem
  42. Earforce DSS help
  43. [Audio] Newbie question about wiring
  44. Sound card with 12 outputs
  45. Uneven Audio Through Headphones
  46. [SOLVED] Sony Vaio Laptop Soundless
  47. USB headset has no sound
  48. headset mic not working
  49. Odd Microphone Behavior
  50. Save My Speakers, Please
  51. 1 Sided Earphone
  52. Sound issues on new laptop
  53. Sound Card or Speakers?
  54. [SOLVED] No sounds windows 10
  55. USB Headset mic suddenly stopped working
  56. ecoh on studio recording software
  57. Stealth 450 Gaming
  58. Please help, extremely urgent and annoying.
  59. Asus Sound Card & Bluetooth
  60. Skype is crashing my realtek soundcard
  61. [SOLVED] Sounds almost like an echo??? Backround???
  62. System No Longer Detecting Sound Card? (Creative X-Fi)
  63. DAC, or Internal Sound Card ?
  64. No sound in Volume Mixer
  65. Should I get a sound card?
  66. Question regarding sound cards, microphones and software.
  67. lost sound
  68. Sound keeps cutting off! (HP Envy, Win 8.1)
  69. Conexant smartaudio hd, high def. audio
  70. Preamplifier for JBL loft 50
  71. Xonar Dx & dolby digital live
  72. Problem with using the Turtle Beach PX24 headset microphone with my laptop.
  73. [SOLVED] No sound, speakers unplugged
  74. [SOLVED] No onboard sound-doesn't show device
  75. Combo Audio Jack VS. External Microphone
  76. [SOLVED] Sound port broken
  77. No input sound on the mircophone on my laptop
  78. Issue with XP400 Turtle beach microphone.
  79. Double Jack for Speaker Out + Mic
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  81. My headset doesn't get recognized by Windows
  82. Trying to get speaker to play audio in Windows 7
  83. sound stops working when headphones unplugged
  84. [Help] Microphone Audio Very Quiet After RealTek Driver Update
  85. No sound with turn table usb plugged in
  86. Broken HD Audio Driver
  87. Turtle beach Catalina
  88. [SOLVED] External speakers don't mute when using headset.
  89. Laptop Speakers Suddenly Stopped Working
  90. Music plays at slower speed in phone
  91. USB soundcard, how's it?
  92. Realtek Hi-DEf Audio
  93. Two pairs of stereo speaker to surround?
  94. Headset Mic Not Working with pc
  95. i hear my right sound in my left ear
  96. [SOLVED] No Sound even though computer says device is working
  98. Hey, Realtek problem
  99. Headphone Jack Trouble
  100. [SOLVED] Need help with Creative SB0670
  101. jvc camcorder
  102. Can't install audio driver
  103. Weird Audio
  104. [SOLVED] Sound Quality Suddently Greatly Diminished
  105. Sound volume unusually low
  106. No sound on PC!
  107. opening recording devices causes BSOD
  108. Microphone barely picks up voice.
  109. Headset audio working but not the mic
  110. [SOLVED] Sounds
  111. Sound Problem
  112. Creative Alchemy fails to detect my SBZ!
  113. Turtle Beach Stealth 450
  114. Weird beeping noise. While speaking and hearing.
  115. Front and rear audio ports
  116. Siberia 150 is enabled and disabled nonstop
  117. Headphones Randomly mute
  118. Mic not working on Razer Kraken Pro - Realtek ALC1150
  119. Steelseries Siberia 200 Mic Problem
  120. Problem with Turtle Beach X12
  121. use multiple speakers on same sound card
  122. no sound
  123. [SOLVED] Speakers too soft
  124. Acer Aspire 7750G Speaker Crackling
  125. no sound
  126. [SOLVED] I need a new sound card
  127. Audio Tests
  128. RED X over SPeaker Icon: Nothing Works
  129. Issue with only left audio output working
  130. USB headset problems
  131. Sound increases or decreases when I start media
  132. [SOLVED] Sub Woofer Sound Issue
  134. usb headphones not working
  135. [SOLVED] No incoming sound from facebook/skype video calls
  136. Sound crackling issues
  137. Weird audio Glitch
  138. Dell Audio Problem
  139. My USB microphone is registered as speaker and i don't know how to fix it
  140. Play sounds through speakers and headset (STATIC)
  141. [SOLVED] Speakers whine when moving mouse
  142. Windows 7 - Earphones are not recognised
  143. HELP Ive screwed something up!
  144. [SOLVED] Unable to play audio
  145. onboard soundcard not detected
  146. Windows isn't recognizing soundcard?
  147. Can't Hear game sounds/Effects thru new headset(but can hear and use mic in Skype)
  148. Default sound settings on videos...
  149. Extremely low or no sound
  150. Cracking sounds whith a specific site
  151. Annoying noise after playing anything.
  152. no audio on a dell gx270
  153. Sound in safe mode
  154. Music file pauses briefly when playing
  155. Turtle Beach
  156. Sound Problem
  157. Laptop sound output not working properly
  158. How to stop certain programs from being recorded in stereo mix
  159. [SOLVED] Speakers not working
  160. audio plug (female) makes all headphones play L 50% loud and R 100% help please.
  161. I can hear sound but it's very quiet.
  162. No sound without headphones
  163. [SOLVED] sound
  164. No sound- even after reinstalling driver
  165. [SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio isn't controlling TV connected via HDMI
  166. pci sound card with eq software?
  167. Recommendations for Sound cards?
  168. [SOLVED] Sound Blaster Audigy
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  170. Audio Output to 2 Devices
  171. [SOLVED] How To Connect Audio Out To Home Theater System
  172. Sound card not working properly
  173. Ports not working!
  174. [SOLVED] Toshiba Satellite lost sound
  175. [SOLVED] New Sound Card
  176. [SOLVED] Sound card problem :(
  177. Audio not working on Toshiba Satellite?
  178. Right Speaker Failure From Any Sound Device
  179. z97 sound ?
  180. Can't get surround sound from optical jack (Asus Z87-Plus)
  181. No sound from rear/front audio jacks
  182. Re: front headphone and microphone not working
  183. [SOLVED] HP PC Beats Snd Card No Aux Input Snd.
  184. Sound from speakers plays through mic
  185. [SOLVED] front headphone and microphone not working
  186. Audio recording, both direct and microphone, fades out and becomes distorted
  187. High Pitch Whine
  188. New microphone, worse quality.
  189. Bad quality sound [help]
  190. constant squeal Audacity & sound recording
  191. How to route audio (VoIP phone calls) to sound card channels?
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  198. Media Players Help Please!
  199. Loose audio jack
  200. Steelseries siberia v2 3.5mm mic wont work need help asap please!!
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  202. Microphone issue with Realtek hd audio
  203. How does one record with RealTek HD Audio Manager?
  204. USB External Soundcard
  205. Will adding a DAC improve my PC's sound?
  206. Laptop Speakers stopped Working
  207. [SOLVED] My PC Thinks My Headphones Are Speakers
  208. Would like a sound card recommendation
  209. Speakers Suddenly Not Functioning Win7
  210. Lack of sound on pc
  211. No sound
  212. Microphone problem
  213. Wireless audio advice
  214. [SOLVED] Headset microphone not appearing in recording devices.
  215. No sound.
  216. Media players not playing sound nor showing up in mixer
  217. Turtle Beach Headset Issue
  218. 7.1 surround sound on motherboard question
  219. My USB microphone is giving off major static and I can't for the life of me remedy it
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  222. sound card not recognized hp dv6707us laptop win7/vista
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  224. Windows Detects No Playback Devices
  225. [SOLVED] Sound card with a wireless headset
  226. Sound difficulties
  227. getting lots of audio drop outs
  228. No sound balance option available.
  229. No Audio output at all
  230. No sound from left speaker.
  231. No Sound except a high-pitched beep
  232. Headphones are detected as Speaker URGENT!
  233. No sound after plugging in headphones
  234. audio feedback when plugged into hi fi
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  236. Headset/amp/soundcard question
  237. Dell Optiplex Only Playing At Half Sound
  238. Asus Xonar D2X not registering all sound
  239. [SOLVED] Z5500 certain sounds can't be heard from center speaker and 5.1 issues
  240. sign in
  241. Connecting Audiophile 2496 to Alpha Lexicon
  242. UNUSUALL ISSUE!!! Custom Built Pc Audio Crackles
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  246. please help with Realtek ALC850
  247. sound card choice
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  249. Realtek HD Audio not detecting plugs in the front or back panels
  250. USB flash music drive