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  1. volume not working - tried everything
  2. [SOLVED] Speakers detected yet no sound. Headphones do get sound. what the -?
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  6. Cracking sound when listening to music.
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  12. no sound
  13. Possibly Sound Card Issue
  14. Multiple audio streams
  15. REALTEK 5.1 surround problem
  16. [SOLVED] Files Deleted: Sound & Mic Stop Working
  17. M-audio FT C600 make suddently BSOD after installing driver
  18. Sound static-ish, goes out sometimes
  19. No Sound on Gigabyte GA-8VM800M-775 (rev. 1.0)
  20. "No headphones or speakers plugged in" error after i installed win7 64 version
  21. HP pc no sound from sound card
  22. Roccat kave 5.1 jack query
  23. Microphone Problem
  24. Saffire 6 USB issues "record what you hear" and more
  25. On-board sound not working
  26. no audio device found
  27. Strange mechanical sound when playing music or video
  28. speaker is connected and working but no sound.
  29. M-Audio Fast track won't record in Cubase 5
  30. Headphones don't work with my PC
  31. Can't detect Microphone, no sound card?
  32. [SOLVED] How to use sound cards in a Computer
  33. 2 sets of Bose speakers
  34. None of my audio/microphone ports are working?
  35. Sound card not detected after going to 64 bit?
  36. Is it possible to get a desktop-quality external sound card for a laptop?
  37. [SOLVED] Sound plays through speakers when headphones plugged in.
  38. Realtek Sound Card Not Detected
  39. [SOLVED] Is my sound card broken for good?
  40. my sound isn't working
  41. Playback device.
  42. Sound doesn't work on Dell desktop computer
  43. Audio Headphone jack not working
  44. Lost Photo Album
  45. Really loud static coming from headphones
  46. audio device
  47. No PC audio through subwoofer
  48. Laptop Goes RoboTron What is wrong
  49. PC Wont Detect Monitors Speakers. [Help]
  50. usb headphone problem
  51. Bose Lifestyle V35 sytem how do i turn on subtitles
  52. Microphone has static
  53. [SOLVED] USB Headset Overrides Sound Card - Is There a Fix?
  54. no sound in external speakers
  55. Help... I want to put a surround sound - sound card but don't know which one...
  56. Half-deaf headset question.
  57. [SOLVED] My computer has no sound, please help! ++
  58. USB Headset
  59. hardware sound
  60. Audio in headset being weird (G930)
  61. ATI HDMI audio problem
  62. Only Certain Sounds Coming Through Headset
  63. Cannot record internal mic and stereomix at the same time : (
  64. YAMAHA XG Legacy Drivers on Windows XP
  65. Stereo Sound Recording using Windows 7?
  66. No signal on monitor after new Sound Card
  67. Proper way to clean the gold part on my creative audigy 2 soundcard ..
  69. [SOLVED] Noise on line out on Creative SB Audigy 2
  70. [SOLVED] Problems with Stereo Mix
  71. Sound files missing
  72. No sound
  73. Noise coming from headphones
  74. [SOLVED] headset/microphone problems, turtle beach PX21
  75. sound problem
  76. Beeping on Dell Dimension 2350
  77. [SOLVED] Sound is gone
  78. usb mic not plug-in problem
  79. why my microphone isn't working? help me please!!
  80. [SOLVED] Cant update sound driver after xp reinstall
  81. Sound Not Working, Not Matter What I Try. I Need Serious Help People.
  82. [SOLVED] *I Need An Audio Mixer/Stereo Mixer*
  83. auto volume?
  84. Sounds, sounds, sounds
  85. 7.1 sound from motherboard
  86. No playback devices detected after updating soundcard driver
  87. [SOLVED] headphones not being detected windows 7
  88. please help!!!!
  89. Old laptop with no sound/speakers not recognized
  90. Please help me with a serious Driver issue with my "Creative SB Audigy LS" S.C.
  91. No Sound In Windows Xp
  92. Help with headphone.
  93. No Sound, Please Help! :(
  94. Headset/Microphone detection Windows 7
  95. Old but still a problem - XP No Sound Crashed during update!
  96. SoundMAX Sound Card problems
  97. realtek audio ac97
  98. Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer causing performance issues?
  99. terrible recording quality -.-
  100. M-Audio Audiophile 2496 Audio Interface
  101. Strange problem with Aspire 5334
  102. No output device installed after having installed Windows 7
  103. Asus Xonar DS
  104. Focusrite saffire and numark mixtrack cueing problem
  105. no sound
  106. Sound crackles when computer under mild stress
  107. [SOLVED] Sound only goes through monitor, not external speakers
  108. Sound is choppy when increasing the volume from laptop, works fine with earphones
  109. Asus Xonar DX 7.1 and Logitech x-540 problems
  110. skipping and hollow sound where sound stretches out..
  111. Problem with sound - can only hear when I plug my speaker in
  112. easy capture card
  113. [SOLVED] Realtek Audio no longer registers drivers?
  114. Occasional Static on Desktop Monitor Speakers
  115. Realtek on board HD audio keeps popping up
  116. Extern sound card on win 7 doesn't work correctly (DirectX)
  117. [SOLVED] Front audio port problems
  118. Sound lag in games
  119. Logitech Z-5500 - Rear right speaker pops loudly, kills sound - New!
  120. Internal Microphone icon not visible in Sound recording.
  121. Sound Card Issue or Motherboard ?
  122. no sound from inbuilt speakers
  123. Stereo Mix Volume Extremely Low
  124. No sound playing
  125. i have no sound
  126. no sound after reinstall
  127. Sound card clipping?
  128. No sound from computer?
  129. Weird sound jittering problem.
  130. Creative soundcard problem
  131. Fraps-help with sound
  132. Plug-in is unresponsive:Unknown
  133. Audio popping and crackling after reformat
  134. My notebook pavilion g7-1219wm pc laggs and skipp frame whn watchin utube or online
  135. No sound windows Vista home edition
  136. Lindy USB Audio Adaptor Problem
  137. Looking for some sound advice
  138. hdmi to my hdtv
  139. sound card problem
  140. [SOLVED] Win7 Reports Sound, yet No Sound from Speakers
  141. Broken Headphone Jack in iMac Headphone Port
  142. midi keyboard problem
  143. [SOLVED] New Sound Card and Audio sounds Stifled or Dampened
  144. New sound card - crackling/interference
  145. Installing sound card to my motherboard
  146. Laptop sound..
  147. Optical (S/PDIF) vs 3x3.5mm
  148. evolution audio key board
  149. Sound Playback Issue
  150. No Stereo Mix Asus Xonar DG
  151. Creative sound card
  152. Xonar Essence STX
  153. Playback Distortion :(
  154. [SOLVED] sound at speakers, not at recorder
  155. [SOLVED] AC97 onboard sound card no sound
  156. [SOLVED] Cant get PC to give sound
  157. [SOLVED] Loud high pitched noise coming from speakers
  158. How to Repair Corrupt BKF file?
  159. Computer freezing when watching video or playing games
  160. Sound Card Generating Noise
  161. Decent Sound Card?
  162. No sound through Headphones
  163. Two audio heavyweights battle it out for top slot in new build...
  164. Sound slowly getting lower.
  165. sound tools/music player
  166. Green bars but no sounds in windows 7 after rebuild
  167. Sound Card Not working correctly?
  168. Help removing annoying error message at Start Up
  169. Volume change interrupts fullscreen
  170. No Sound and ...
  171. Issues with sound on YouTube
  172. Sound problem
  173. Sound Issue
  174. My "u" key only works sometimes
  175. [SOLVED] How do I know if I can record directly from?
  176. sound
  177. NO SOUND
  178. Static cause buzzing on my microphone?
  179. Can not select Input Source
  180. [SOLVED] No sound card recognized
  181. USB & Onboard Soundcard
  182. Asus essence not working
  183. Headphones & Firefox.
  184. Trying to make use of Hardware Audio Channels
  185. [SOLVED] Realtek AC'97 Audio - This device cannot start (Code 10)
  186. CODE (12) on CMI8738-LX Windows 7
  187. Speaker or MOBO
  188. External soundcard interference?
  189. Can't Unmute S/PDIF-In, MIC, and AUXILARY
  190. USB Headset Static
  191. headset reverb
  193. Realtek HD Audio on DG43GT
  194. [SOLVED] No Sound From Speakers,Realtek Ac 97'
  195. [SOLVED] X-fi xtreme muisc
  196. Focusrite Saffire 6 usb help needed
  197. unable to record with microphone
  198. Diamond Xtreme Sound XS71DDL
  199. No sound recording
  200. [SOLVED] No Sound After Defragging
  201. [SOLVED] Creative sb0410 software?
  202. Asus Xonar Essence ST - Dead?
  203. Microphone volume is very low with RealtekHD Audio
  204. help turn off internal mic - Plz
  205. [SOLVED] Maybe the sound card but I need some help
  206. Corrupt or missing kernel wave audio mixer
  207. Slight Sound Issues Involving Youtube
  208. Mic only records on left side
  209. poor sound
  210. No sound from my Dell Insperion 700m
  211. [SOLVED] Intel 82801GBM ICH7-M Driver needed!
  212. Ground issue causing buzzing sound
  213. [SOLVED] Asrock G31M-S Audio don't working well
  215. Sound card keeps cutting out
  216. [SOLVED] No Sound from rear green audio/speaker port..
  217. Lack of sound if using rear speaker input
  218. External USB sound card
  219. Sound is not coming inthe laptop
  220. Sound card interference?
  221. Getting noisvoice e while listening music or chatting
  222. [SOLVED] No audio output device is installed
  223. Individual sound sources?
  224. Just installed Windows 7 and no sound!
  225. Unable to activate DirectSound for selected device.
  226. [SOLVED] Audio stutters. Possibly damaged?
  227. No Sound-AcerPower
  228. Unable to record
  229. Recommendation
  230. Static Noise From Microphone
  231. Having a problem with my sound
  232. Realtek Problem
  233. Microphone doesn't work.
  234. string of problems terminating in no sound
  235. Audio Device on HD Audio Bus
  236. [SOLVED] No audio device is installed.
  237. Sound Card - No Line In
  238. No sound
  239. My computer's sound is not working, help please
  240. audio
  241. Sound "kicks out" - stops working - when computer is very loaded or been on long time
  242. no sound
  243. 3 hz difference when recording from Wave Out / Stereo Mix
  244. [SOLVED] How do I change my speaker properties?
  245. Creative 5.1 sound blaster
  246. Altec lansing 5.1 vs3251
  247. no sound
  248. Errors playing certain types of sound files
  249. logitech x530 5.1 speakers no rear speaker sound plus odd problem
  250. The built-in SC in Asus Maxumus Gene-Z -VS- Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium