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  19. [SOLVED] reforrmatted my harddrive and my sound card dont work
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  21. need help
  22. [SOLVED] Cannot Unmute in Windows Server 2003
  23. problems with my 98 jetta gli
  24. I can't listen to anything on the web anymore
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  30. Sound card for Windows 2003 server
  31. why is it disabled?
  32. Sound Card Know-it All's Needed!!!
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  35. question bout sb audigy cards
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  37. [SOLVED] problem with sound card
  38. no sound device
  39. USB Audio interface issues
  40. [SOLVED] Buying a new soundcard. Advice please!
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  42. Not found internal sound card
  43. Sound card won't install/not recognised?
  44. Crackling in speakers due to interference from graphics card.
  45. Machine gun sound from speaker
  46. No Stereo Mix Help!
  47. RCA PC to TV no sound
  48. Logitech Z-5500
  49. Can't Record - But there's Audio from Realtek Chip
  50. No Sound....Issues
  51. Dell XPS 400 - Onboard Audio Issues
  52. Blueooth sound
  53. Installed Sound card, now pc freezes on graphics-intense games.
  54. [SOLVED] No Active Mixer available problem
  55. Locked Mic & Sound Mixer controls (ALC660)
  56. Problems with X-Fi and DirectSound in Vista (Two seperate problems{maybe})
  57. Really annoying surround sound problem
  58. [SOLVED] Imade a bigmistake (Sound card)
  59. No Audio Devices on 680i LT
  60. sigmatel high definition audio codec no right side audio signal
  61. Struggling to get proper 5.1 surround
  62. Sound Blaster - Mixer failed to initialize
  63. Sound Card & TV Tuner Card
  64. No 5.1 HD Surround Sound from MSI Media Live
  65. High Pitch Frequency Sound coming from Speakers
  66. Dont hear any sound from my CD-ROM
  67. On Board audio problem
  68. Boston Acoustic Digital Speakers:
  69. [SOLVED] No audio device selected
  70. [SOLVED] Big sound card problem
  71. My audio likes to lag/pop
  72. Headphones working bt microphones not working
  73. Trouble external sound card
  74. Fortissimo 4 mic volume issue.
  75. Mic problem
  76. No sound on recently built computer.
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  78. Problem with Stereo Type Sounds
  79. Audio Device Driver missing
  80. sound card problem
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  82. Thicko' question...
  83. Hardware Acceleration/Sigmatel Integrated Sound
  84. Recording volume control problem
  85. Creative drivers trash my Nvidia drivers every boot up
  86. XFI and Legacy Audio
  87. [SOLVED] Front Left + Right speakers not working
  88. sound blaster problem
  89. No sound
  90. Some sound stuttering/static
  91. Integrated Souncard (soundmax)running 5.1 weak rear left sound
  92. Hi Guys I"m New And Need Help!!
  93. No Sound with XP on P5GC-MX mobo
  94. Sounds went very weird...
  95. [SOLVED] audigy 2zs platinum pro remote battery
  96. [SOLVED] No Audio Device Detected (but it shows up correctly in device-manager)
  97. PC Chips A13G+ motherboard - no sound
  98. Sound stops working after mic is plugged in
  99. [SOLVED] X-Fi extreme gamer won't work after installing new beta driver.
  100. X-FI Platinum I/O Drive problem
  101. [SOLVED] no sound with re-installed windows 98.
  102. Best Sound Card for Music
  103. No sound device after reformatting
  104. no sound device detected in my system
  105. Fruity Loops Sound problem
  106. onboard audio problems
  107. Device cannot start
  108. Error Code/ No Sound
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  114. Realtek AC97 sound card problem
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  119. What is the best sound card to get for Vista X64 for under $80?
  120. Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook
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  122. strange sound problem
  123. Problem: Geting surround sound to work
  124. Bad Direct sound driver error code: 8878000A
  125. Soundcard,Vista or Singsnap
  126. Laptops Integrated Sound Limitations
  127. Annoying buzz in my speakers
  128. keeps breaking
  129. problems with my audiomax 7.1 on my Fatal1ty AN8 SLi
  130. No Sound
  131. using onboard audio AND pci audio card together??
  132. Installed 1 card, then onboard killed it
  133. E-MU 1212M help (possible PatchMix help [playback issues])
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  135. [SOLVED] =Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer 7.1 upgrade
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  137. When I plug into the mic input I can't get sound from the speakers
  138. TC Electronics Studio Konnekt 48 VS RME Fireface 800
  139. New Computer, New Sound Issues
  140. sound card upgrade
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  142. [SOLVED] No sound after win32k.sys BSOD error
  143. Helo no Sound card :(
  144. Vista/Bose Help
  145. USB headphones drama
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  147. Vista 64/DMX 6fire
  148. Trouble with Sound on Videos Posted at On-Line Sites...
  149. Soundcard not picking up microphone
  150. I have an idea.
  151. [SOLVED] no sound grrr
  152. My Mic making static noises
  153. Microphone makes noise, yet no sound upon recording
  154. No sound on new build
  155. how to remove my voive bproblems
  156. No Sound On Realtek HD Audio.
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  158. Real-Time Audio Level Limiter?
  159. Help with sound card
  160. no sound
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  165. Razer Barracuda AC-1 and HP-1 (Vista)
  166. Sound card upgrade
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  168. No mixer devices
  169. [SOLVED] No Audio Device
  170. Realtek ALC883 sound volume low
  171. sound problem
  172. Interesting Issue, think you can help?
  173. [SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio WAV export
  174. Mic Problems (Ventrilo)
  175. no sound
  176. no sound
  177. XP ME volume at max but not loud.
  178. Sound runs slow except when connected to usb speakers etc
  179. SoundMAX AD1988B *no midi sound*
  180. Sound Blaster + Realtek
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  182. No Sound
  183. Some of the speakers dosn't work :S
  184. Supreme Fx II
  185. Sound is static-like/stuttering
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  189. Razer barracuda ac-1
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