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  6. onboard soundcard not working.
  7. Should I upgrade sound cards?
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  10. Feedback from speakers
  11. mic boost prob
  12. Skipping and echoing lag
  13. sound problem when listening to music and surfing the internet or scrolling
  14. Tascam US-122 USB-midi/audio - no sound in MP3s or wave files
  15. P5N-E SLI Realtek HD Audio, drivers install correctly, but no sound any tips?
  16. Music "lags" when im listening to it.
  17. video controllers (compatible with VGA)
  18. Acer TM8215WLMi Realtek HD Audio
  19. What kind of sound card or other device do I need?
  20. I have no audio
  21. My drivers are not detected
  22. Computer doesn't recognize speakers!
  23. Realtek HD Audio (Device Not Supported error)
  24. [SOLVED] Which sound card to buy?
  25. Sony Vaio PCV-RX755
  26. USB sound cards on driverless Vista
  27. SB x-fi xtremegamer problems
  28. No Sound Need Help Badly
  29. bsod with realtek
  30. Faint Noise Before Every Sound
  31. how can i get to play 5.1 speaker system in my HP laptop?
  32. No sound after reformat and audio driver install
  33. realtek alc883 streaming audio
  34. Sound breaking issue
  35. All Sound Coming from headsets
  36. HP Pavilion dv9000 mute problem
  37. No sound after reformat and audio driver install
  38. picture but no sound
  39. I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question but...
  40. Problem with audio
  41. New Sound Card
  42. [SOLVED] Audigy SE/Mic/Vista
  43. Cumputer crashes When I turn on speakers
  44. greyed out device volume control
  45. No sound on sony laptop
  46. missing sound card
  47. als4000 sound card not working
  48. SoundBlaster Audigy 24Bit - gone faint
  49. In need of Sound Card Drivers
  50. Diy House phone with mini sound card for voice morphing
  51. Sound Drivers
  52. [SOLVED] Sound not working!!
  53. problem with sound drivers
  54. [SOLVED] XP Drivers for Conexant Audio on Compaq Presario
  55. losing sound
  56. Headphones and Speakers in SB Live!
  57. What is this buzzing noise coming from my speakers?
  58. Toslink/DTS Problem
  59. Problem with surround sound
  60. no sound
  61. audigy sound card
  62. HELP! Media Player doesn't work, but other sounds do
  63. All speakers work in diagnostic, but not in programs
  64. Sound Blaster X-Fi Setup
  65. Creative SoundBlaster Live! with 5.1 Support (Dell)
  66. I have no sound?!?... help
  67. Realtek Hd Audio Help Me!!!!!
  68. Audio stopped working
  69. video and music playback is too fast
  70. Yet ANOTHER C-media problem :(
  71. Sound feedback through my microphone
  72. Getting really deep sound,
  73. No Sound, DirectSound error
  74. Installing Old Sound Cards
  75. 5.1 Channel Speakers, front channel error
  76. SiS 7012 Driver Installation Problem
  77. Creative SB Live!
  78. incomplete access
  79. no sound
  80. Make cheap speakers louder
  81. Auzentech X-Plosion 7.1 Cinema vs Asus Xonar DX
  82. no audio need help!
  83. Sound is Distorted
  84. Logitech X-540 Speakers on a 7.1 Realtek sound card
  85. lost mic- Audigy SE and Vista
  86. Audigy Problem
  87. Wierd sound card "lag"
  88. DV9702EA sound problem error code 10
  89. [SOLVED] HELP! i have no sound and i don't know what tah do;; =/
  90. Wave Out Mix or What U Hear feature
  91. compaq prsario v5000 microphone
  92. No Record Device Sliders in HD Audio Manager
  93. Only the left channel's volume turns down & no mic
  94. Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1 + Windows Vista
  95. Sound Corrupt
  96. [SOLVED] Sound slows or stalls when internet running
  97. Conexant AC-Link Audio
  98. Realtek HD Audio Input - Microphone Problem
  99. [SOLVED] Loss of sound
  100. Sigmatel HD Audio Vista Driver
  101. Speech Recognition for Realtek ALC883 Any around?
  102. Reformatted Windows No Sound Drivers all Installed
  103. X-fi Surround 5.1
  104. No errors, but no sound. Argh!
  105. Sound Voices Are So High Pitched
  106. Audio driver for Compaq SR5340AN with XP
  107. sound help
  108. right speaker or headphone is not working
  109. Help with audio mixer device problem... PLEASE
  110. only 2 speakers playing music of 6
  111. installing a new card
  112. No sound
  113. I have no sound
  114. Sound Loop and Freezing
  115. No sound
  116. i can no longer hear sound on my xps
  117. Video card will not work when the sound card is in
  118. no sound after installation of tv card
  119. Issues with Sound
  120. Why Can't I Get Both Sets of Speakers to Work?
  121. sound card problem
  122. Stereo Mix option is greyed out
  123. no reboot
  124. no sound device
  125. no playback device
  126. [SOLVED] Re: I reformatted my PC and now there's no sound at all.
  127. Realtek HD audio soundproblem, no surrond.
  128. I havent had any sound on my xp laptop for the past three months. please help
  129. I reformatted my PC and now there's no sound at all.
  130. Sound Card-Graphics Card Conflict
  131. Realtek 5.1 Speakers
  132. Now heres an epic and odd audio problem
  133. HP Compaq dx2300 sound querry
  134. Creative Audigy 2ZS platinum pro
  135. ASROCK CONROE 1333D667 mother board sound system
  136. [SOLVED] Uh, I now have ZERO sound
  137. need driver for supremefx 2
  138. Running TWO sound systems?
  139. Multi-track Recording Trouble
  140. [SOLVED] Bought new speakers, no sound, now old ones won't work either
  141. need sound driver for my computer
  142. Faint Static Noise From Speakers
  143. hey there!! drivers please!! :S
  144. No speech/distorted speech
  145. Master Volume doesn't work
  146. My computer's speakers dont produce noise
  147. Sound Failure
  148. Surround Sound not working.
  149. Good surround sound headset?
  150. Crystal SoundFusion CS4281 error
  151. Creative labs external soundcard? Any good?
  152. sound blaster x-fi notebook card help
  153. Weird Popping / Screeching Sounds frm Speakers
  154. Ok... big problems...
  155. lost audio
  156. Looking for a good sound card for recording.
  157. No +20dB boost on XP
  158. No Sound
  159. PCI vs PCIE x1 (CPU Usage) Question
  160. Force speakers ïf headphones "plugged in"
  161. Please help! "SoundMAX SpeakerMonitor"
  162. Higher sound pitch/tone
  163. Volume goes down automatically
  164. I have lost my sound since i formatted my pc
  165. Computer Compatibility
  166. Microphone issues.
  167. no audio device
  168. Intel Desktop board D865GLC
  169. sound help
  170. Mic mutes speaker output
  171. Multimedia Audio Controller Driver emachines 4250
  172. Issues with sound cutting out.
  173. Sound not working - with two different devices
  174. C-Media Mixer
  175. 50Hz noise with 4 channels (from a 5.1 System)
  176. Digital sound
  177. How to get full dolby digital through computer
  178. Weird problem
  179. [SOLVED] PC sound drivers...?
  180. Help with new sound card + 5.1 headphones (x-fi)
  181. Unistalled SoundMAX, need to get it back
  182. Major computer backup?
  183. Problem with one of the speakers?
  184. [SOLVED] Drivers needed for Intel 82801EB ICH5 - AC'97 Audio Controller
  185. Bad Motherboard Lost sound Problem?
  186. "Audio configuration has changed.Must reinstall Soundmax".....?
  187. X-fi Extreme Audio/Vista x64 Subwoofer woes! HELP!!!
  188. [SOLVED] Application error linked to my Audigy 2 ZS sound card....can't get rid of it
  189. New speakers, need help..
  190. Cant Install X-FI Extreme Gamer
  191. sound driver help
  192. No Device, but should have onboard sound
  193. poor sound throgh HDMI but fine through jack
  194. Sound Blaster Live Value - Stuttering sound with Dolby Digital and DTS Passthrough
  195. Sound device trouble with HP520n...Soap Opera!!! Please read...
  196. Creative Sound card Issues (crashing)
  197. Multiple Output Hookup Help
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  199. lost sound when i installed xp
  200. Help with connecting microphone
  201. microphone problems..
  202. Mixer Device Unavailable/No audio device
  203. No Sound! Help Please!
  204. Microphone Delay
  205. Advice on a decent sound card needed.
  206. Sb card question...
  207. No Sound
  208. Sound driver installed but no sound coming, HP pavilion tx 1020ea
  209. x-fi Extreme Music not detected in Vista
  210. better Soundcard
  211. No Media playback whatsoever.
  212. Problem with playing and recording at the same time
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  217. 2/5 channels work. why?!
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  219. No sound after installing win xp prof in del inspiron 6400
  220. how to connect HTPC to Amplifier & TV
  221. No line-in option in Soundmax HD Sound
  222. Code 10 Error - Device cannot start
  223. No Sound-Help!!!
  224. please sound...I'm going grey!!
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  226. Frontpanel Audio problems
  227. Audio device is not detected (AC'97)
  228. No sound after format
  229. USB headset doesn't play well with Audigy 2 zs
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  232. cant find driver and no sound after window isntall
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  234. Realtek HD Audio Problem
  235. E-mu 1212 - ADAT Issues (Patchmix)
  236. no sound on my xp after downgrading from vista
  237. accidentally deleting soundmax
  238. [SOLVED] No Sound - Please Help!
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  242. pc shuts down automatically
  243. Speakers
  244. No audio device
  245. No sound after Windows XP update -15/07/2008
  246. insalling a BELKIN Wireless G+ Desktop Card
  247. There Are no mixer devices available please help
  248. Creative SE
  249. Can one recreate video from audio?
  250. [SOLVED] Audigy 2 ZS problems - please help!