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  28. Need new soundcard
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  30. Re: No Sound
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  33. Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro No Sound
  34. Headset's mic doesn't work
  35. Can't hear sound
  36. Headset Mic problems
  37. 2 One Drive Folders in Computer
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  39. Background Noises
  40. conexant audio device wont install
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  42. [SOLVED] Sound Card Laptop Problems with Spotify
  43. [SOLVED] Multiple Audio/Graphics Programs in Add/Remove Prgms
  44. Audio levels not the same on my other devices
  45. What is the purpose of sound hardware Acceleration?
  46. My sounds
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  62. [SOLVED] Purchasing and installing soundcard
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  64. Help with Optical Cable not working
  65. Help setting up headset
  67. Lots Of Static?!
  68. Playing Transmission with delay
  69. Realtek 5.1 Issues
  70. Best Sound Card?
  71. no sound
  72. [SOLVED] Recommend some surround sound headphones
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  88. Split sound to HDMI and AUX
  89. switch between onboard and sound cards w/o reboot
  90. PC Audio going through Headset Mic
  91. Static noise from speakers
  92. sound card upgrade
  93. Strange front audio connector layout
  94. I need help with my sound!!
  95. sound only with headphones on ASUS M50Vn
  96. Surround Sound 5.1
  97. [SOLVED] Playing sound through monitor with Xonar DG
  98. [SOLVED] Why Have Sound Cards?
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  100. [SOLVED] Asus Xonar DG Driver Failures
  101. Voice recording problem
  102. [SOLVED] Help with Xsonar DG driver BSOD's.
  103. Snapping Cracking
  104. Microphone Help
  105. sound card problem, buggy sound
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  111. No sound on computer. please help.
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  123. youtube bumps when surfing flash based pages
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  125. Only static noice from Microphone (Medion Lap top/
  126. Sound problem
  127. HDMI and AUDIO question!
  128. No sound
  129. Realtek HD Audio Manager "You just plugged(/unplugged) in an audio device problem".
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  131. Sound card for optical port
  132. Microphone levels, Array setting not saving.
  133. Best Realtek equalizer settings for headphones?
  134. [SOLVED] When I plug my Laptop to my Dell Monitor I lose sound
  135. NO SOUND
  136. System Noise
  137. Crackling sound from speakers
  138. [SOLVED] Speaker shows as not plugged
  139. No Sound hardware detected
  140. [SOLVED] Onboard sound problem
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  142. monitor speakers voices muffled
  144. Sound not working after upgrading to Windows 7 - Philips card.
  145. Surround sound with TV and computer
  146. portable speaker for multiple device
  147. [SOLVED] white noise/background interferance
  148. sound card driver won't load
  149. [SOLVED] STRANGE No Sound Device Detected on HP Elitebook 8540w
  150. [SOLVED] window 7 sound problem
  151. [SOLVED] Sound received but not playing through devices
  152. Toshiba L745 laptop Sound Doesnt work
  153. [SOLVED] HP Pavilion won't recognize sound card after reformatting hard drive
  154. Soundcard issue
  155. Sound Card Specs
  156. hp touchsmart 520 pc sound problem after win xp set up
  157. Stream using non-webcam mic for audio?
  158. help me sis 7012 audio driver for win 7 ultimate
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  160. Type of Sound Card
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  173. Same sound card, no sound
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  175. have correct sound drivers, and speakers, but my computer says "no audio device"?
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  180. SpeechWare SpeechMatic MultiAdapter USB Soundcard
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  182. Sound
  183. [SOLVED] need drivers
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  190. audiophile 2496 . patchbay/router
  191. Sound Issue
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  193. Spliter for multiple speakers
  194. Static on mic both front and rear sockets
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  196. Sound info
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  203. Sound Cards' Compatibility
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  205. sound
  206. Skype sound
  207. Different sound volume from front and back audio port [PC]
  208. [SOLVED] Dell Inspirion 6400 audio driver
  209. Plugging studio monitors into RME Hammerfall HDSP 9632
  210. [SOLVED] Could an external sound card solve my issue?
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  217. TOSLINK Port
  218. Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audio Card
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  223. creative inspire 6.1 6600
  224. audio
  225. Audio not working
  226. [SOLVED] Bizarre behaviour by Flash player
  227. HP ENVY 23 c-110xt
  228. (Software) Sound Repeater
  229. sound problem
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  231. I'm losing sound while watching a video online
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  235. Compatibilty
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  239. [SOLVED] USB 7,1 card XP SP3
  240. [SOLVED] Graphics card renewal disables sound
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  243. found msdia80.dll in external hard drive&told its sound card issue-what is this file?
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  246. Asus Xonar Essence STX microphone not working
  247. my sound is not working well
  248. Volume
  249. stuck with cold turkey with the line close all instances to remove
  250. My Speaker doesn't work