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  1. Seagate SATA drive from hell!
  2. PC only boots to BIOS
  3. Installing RAM
  4. external hard drives
  5. Data Error Reading Drive C
  6. Getting low on HD space, need info and help.
  7. hp pavilion mx90 monitor shuts off
  8. Hard Drive Showing 300 GB in XP but 137 GB in BIOS?
  9. Canno format HDD
  10. Can't see my removable drive in My Computer
  11. In Harddrive Hell...
  12. hard drive not found
  13. sideways hdds n dvd burner
  14. ...now, Another problem.
  15. 10000 and 15000RPM HD
  16. hard disk imaging question
  17. Hard drive back up problems
  18. Now, nothing rocognizes my HD!
  19. My backup routine has gone from fast to slow
  20. SATA Drive not working
  21. trouble with new seagate sata hdd and xp install
  22. utility to check HDD
  23. IBM hardisk problem
  24. UNsure of Driver Name
  25. Losing a few healthy GB
  26. Can't boot to SATA hdd on ASUS A7N8X-E
  27. External Hard Drive Boot Problem
  28. WD200 Caviar IDE HD
  29. external hdd letter assignment
  30. Missing HDD
  31. Maxtor 120Gig ATA133 $29.00 FDB
  32. space taken from winxp
  33. 74GB Raptor $124 after rebate at Newegg!
  34. Is this old new (new old?) hard drive DOA or what?? Help.
  35. Raid Myths
  36. hard drive formatting with winxp (boo)
  37. Biiiiig Hard drive
  38. SATA2 hdd problem on boot
  39. Urgent problem. My secondary hard drive's files gone and needs to be formatted? Help.
  40. Looking for a keyed switch with two leads one for each hard drive
  41. Need info on ATA to IDE hard drive adapter
  42. Removed CMOS battery but still unable to clear password.
  43. Connecting laptop hd to desktop using laptop adapter
  44. Please help!
  45. my hard drive not recognized in bios
  46. hard drive cables
  47. Leftovers
  48. HDD recognized by BIOS! But i can't install my operatingsystem on it
  49. Help
  50. hard drives 1&2 not installed
  51. SATA drivers
  52. More a Floppy problem
  53. Sata Confused...
  54. A new virus or what?
  55. Never set up RAID in my life...
  56. RAID 1 Failure NVraid
  57. Samsung SW-248
  58. cd and dvd
  59. give me some advices
  60. 2nd hard drive
  61. [resolved] Laptop won't post/boot
  62. Testing NVRAID RAID 1 Mirror.
  63. hard drive [email protected]!
  64. New Build HDD Question
  65. Startup Problems
  66. Any ideas?
  67. Can anyone help!
  68. Armada 1750 PC Pentium II Hard Drive Upgrade Problem
  69. No errors, what now?
  70. Ide And Sata In One Comp???
  71. computer restarts on disk access
  72. Raid 0 Recovery?
  73. will ATA/100 hard drive work with my mother board
  74. toshiba hard drive failing?
  75. Clean install and partition size
  76. Hard Drive Not Loading
  77. System does not recognise 2nd SATA drive on cold boot
  78. Western digital doesn´t show in bios?
  79. hdd/xp profile problem
  80. External hard drive problems
  81. Hard drive not recognized in windows anymore
  82. Intermittent "No operating system found" error - 2nd HD
  83. Hard drive 'squeak'
  84. slave crash, no master boot
  85. Can anybody save my hard drive?
  86. mirroring a hard drive
  87. diagnostics utility and Raid0
  88. Want faster boot up
  89. raid
  90. External hard drive
  91. Computer "on the road"
  92. Quick Format Question
  93. HDD squeaking?
  94. external Drive wont Open
  95. Help, please
  96. somethings wrong with my hdd?
  97. windows xp isn't recognizing my 120 gb hdd
  98. Serial ATA2 Hard Drive
  99. Trouble accessing data...
  100. Problems Rescuing data from SATA HD
  101. ASUS P5GDC-V Deluxe IDE/SATA query + copying HDDs with Norton Ghost
  102. Machine Keeps Rebooting After Using Partition Magic On External Drive
  103. S-ATA will not boot with second drive
  104. XP not recognizing my HD
  105. Backup to External HD
  106. HDD's falling apart!!!
  107. Problem With Booting...
  108. HDD Cabling Question
  109. [resolved] Hard drive changing name, size in BIOS, etc.
  110. Switching hard drives.
  111. Changing out a HDD in an HP Notebook
  112. Windows can't see my entire harddisk.
  113. hard drive won't boot
  114. This hard drive is dead... any ideas
  115. Maxtor booboo
  116. I want to reformat but I cant find my CD's
  117. Seagate 160 ATA-100 drive, windows doesn't see..
  118. help please
  119. Another Two Harddrive question
  120. Two HDs, best set up, (occasional crashing)
  121. Mix SATA raid0 stripe set with additional IDE HD
  122. Ghosting problems...
  123. Hard drive problems on a Compaq Armada 1750 Laptop
  124. BIOS recognizing HDD - Windows does not.
  125. How to clone (copy) the contents from one HD to another (not backup)
  126. My HDD is making a weird noise....
  127. Setting up a friends desktop, can I.....?
  128. [resolved] HUGE Problem!
  129. "My Computer" Can't Find New Hard Drive
  130. Hard Drive problems (I think...)
  131. Using Old Sata Drive
  132. is my hdd dead
  133. What is a pide?
  134. BIOS Updates
  135. Samsung Sp1213C HD (sata) not recognized on MS-7104
  136. Formatted Hard Drive
  137. Cant boot from SATA Drive
  138. glitch when installing win 98se
  139. Format hard drive problem
  140. Partitions missing
  141. drive corrupted?
  142. new computer, old hard drive
  143. GHOST problem related to hard drive?
  144. Installing 2 SATA drives in a Non-RAID config.
  145. Hard drive POOF
  146. Better boot drive? 4xhd(raid0) or raptor?
  147. Must be a thread out there that already covers this...
  148. Actual Hard Drive Capacity
  149. Data Recovery after Hard disk failure
  150. laptop cannot identify hard disk
  151. cant install an os :\
  152. western digital wd400eb
  153. Slave hard drive is gone !!
  154. Hard drive problems
  155. IDE/SATA Setup ?
  156. IDE and SATA together, possible conflicts?
  157. A Tale of Two Problems.
  158. Dual HD System for new DAW ???
  159. External Hard Disks - Good or Bad?
  160. HD Holder/Cage/Bracket
  161. How to install SATA Hard Drive
  162. 2 hard drives/video cards with a Dell Dimension 9100
  163. How to set bootorder with RAID/SATA disks
  164. clickity?
  165. WIN98 Installation
  166. Help with Floppy Drive!! URGENT
  167. Computer wont recognize all of my hard drive space
  168. How to transfer files from an OLD, OLD PC.
  169. SATA HDD dedection failure
  170. Cant boot to hdd Bios not seeing it
  171. Hard Drive seems too full to be true...
  172. MFT lost/corrupt. Data recovery possible?
  173. Hard Drive Invisible, dissapeared from Explorer
  174. 4x WD800JD RAID SLOW :(
  175. Testing Old Hard Drives
  176. Just a word on MDT hard drives...
  177. "Error 1552: The requested FRS entry is unused (free) (EA390610)"
  178. Hard drive shows up in BIOS, device list but not accessible
  179. Hard drive problems? [gaming]
  180. Partition magic 8.0-Deleted Partition!!
  181. Cache or RPM?
  182. OH NO! Hard Disk Error NEED HELP NOW!!!
  183. boot disk failure
  184. Need help badly!
  185. ATA hard drives = IDE hard drives ??
  186. quality ide to sata adapter/cable
  187. [resolved] Help please xp wont boot
  188. Wont Detect 200GB SATA Drive
  189. secondary hdd problems & a weird restart
  190. Nervous Bob
  191. HDD eh?
  192. [SOLVED] Help!
  193. can't boot from CD to run system restore or perform a clean install
  194. Can't boot from CD?!?!?!
  195. Scsi and ide harddisk together
  196. New Hard Drive Help
  197. can't detect ide hard drive after installing sata
  198. Primary, Secondary Master
  199. Split Hd To Pc And Mac Partitions
  200. Invalid System Disk Error
  201. Plz, help adding new SATA to PC Vaio
  202. Ext. hard drive problem: enabling the drive
  203. Weird noises?!?!?!
  204. Maxtor Diamond Max 10 Problem
  205. Help with hard drive...
  206. How Critical is Hard Drive Heat ?
  207. Please guide me - confused with SATA PATA Primary Secondary master Slave...!!!
  208. Partition on the Fly?
  209. The master & the slave
  210. New SATA hard drive
  211. Urgent: How to read CRC of the single hdd sector?
  212. NTLDR missing
  213. Seagate Hdd, BIOS freezes at Power On Self Test (POST)
  214. Installing SATA w/ PATA
  215. Removable HDD problem
  216. frequent hard drive issues
  217. Maxtor HDD Firmware Damaged
  218. is my hard drive faulty?
  219. sata raid listed as 'removable device'
  220. changing speed of SATA HDDs to 3 GB/s
  221. Ext HD
  222. curropt boot sector, Partition table lost
  223. Formatting Issues
  224. BIOS not installed - No boot device available
  225. SCSI and ATA Drives together?
  226. Trying to install New Harddrive
  227. Old Win 3.x hard drive issue
  228. HD vs. HD
  229. Dynamic Drive Overlay Woes
  230. Expandable and Upgradable?
  231. new hard drive in new comp
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  233. External HD that is going to fly
  234. External HD unaccessible
  235. HELP PLEASE! My HD starts up then just dies down
  236. can any one tell me
  237. Serial hard drive problems
  238. Best Partition And Defragmenting For RAID System
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  241. Missing filesystem
  242. Which SATA connectors should I use?
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  244. nelliedean
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  249. IDE clone to SATA
  250. External Hard Drive Not Recognized - Unallocated by Win XP