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  36. western digital raptor
  37. looking for SATA power cable splitters
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  44. Beginning of the end?
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  46. help me how to complete reformat a hd
  47. Is it possible to have 2 hard drives?
  48. Hard Drives
  49. Didk to disk backup using Seagate vs. Western Digital
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  63. Holy Cow Batman - This is a Big Drive
  64. just a few weee problems :-(
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  66. external harddrive convert from Fat 32 to NTFS
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  69. Installing New Hard Drive w/No Need for Data Recovery
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  78. factors to consider when buying new hard disk
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  89. Seagate or WD
  90. sata/ata/atapi
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  92. Hard Drive Help
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  113. Alternate ways of extracting data?
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  126. Nas
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  142. formatting
  143. Need An Expert!! :(
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  145. Another collection of Great Boot Disks
  146. SUPER F-Disk
  147. Hard drive partion
  148. I know im going to sound like an idiot but,
  149. Data recovery after DOD method???
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  151. Format HD for FAT32 and NTFS
  152. Copying OS to new hard drive
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  155. Build New Pc
  156. Format PC
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  158. Formatting Seagate Drive
  159. two bad pc's, or am i screwing up the HD????
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  163. Help
  164. Files keep corrupting
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  199. bios update
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  219. lifespand
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