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  9. External HD Power Recoup
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  12. Heads do not calibrate
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  18. External Hard Drive FAT32 to NTFS
  19. appdata.... missing entry b
  20. hardisk parameter error
  21. internal showing as external drive
  22. I can't get an OS to boot
  23. Data error(cyclic redundancy check) on Toshiba laptop [Moved from XP]
  24. [SOLVED] files missing
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  26. Refurbs?
  27. Replacing hard drive/ installing XP
  28. which is a reliable external hard drive for $100?
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  30. Hard drives and programs
  31. hard disk have zero sector
  32. New PATA drive
  33. External drive stops PC booting
  34. Lost It All
  35. Trying to install a new HD, but won't run without the original, says NTLDR missing.
  36. [SOLVED] My PC stopped feeling like showing me my drive.
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  38. RAID Setup
  39. maxtor hard drive
  40. A matter of live and death pls help
  41. TestDisk Help
  42. Maxtor HD Rellocated Sector count warning
  43. Bios does not detect my Sata drive
  44. desktop died
  45. maxtor hard drive issues
  46. Hard Drive Compatibility question
  47. install IDE HD to SATA motherboard
  48. WD 500 Gb wont show in "my computer"
  49. Seagate 7200.11 firmware update
  50. western digital 250gb external read problem.
  51. Mac says LaCie unreadable
  52. how to increase my C drive space
  53. Raid
  54. Harddrive blocking IDE channel?
  55. Multiple Sata Drive Problem
  56. HD problem
  57. WD 750 GB won't show up in My computer
  58. 300 Bad sectors so far.
  59. best ghoster?
  60. is blue screen error related to hard drive?
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  62. [SOLVED] New Build HDD not detected at boot
  63. How to disable write protect?
  64. Detection of Hardrive but cannot access files, lags whole computer
  65. hard drive and dvd-rom on the same IDE??
  66. Setting up Raid
  67. Computer wont recognize WD MyBook 1T after SP3 Install and uninstall AND MORE...
  68. Newly Partitioned D drive not formatted
  69. preparing unknown HDDs for linux
  70. HDD from my PC
  71. New Disc Array?
  72. Do I have a problem? (Strange S.M.A.R.T. values)
  73. setting up a slave drive
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  75. Partitioning Problem
  76. Hard Drive Organization
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  78. Tech challenged...help needed
  79. P5AD2 Premium drive setup issues.
  80. Recovering Hard Drive information
  81. Secondary Harddrive mysteriously disappearing
  82. Hard Drive Backups??
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  91. If someone has the VA111680 for Maxtor!
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  101. SCSI Problem
  102. Testdisk cylin/ head 255 may be 16, partition and files intact
  103. HELP! Made my data hdd partition logical from primary.
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  115. large HD support
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  118. Finding Drive and Drive Spinning
  119. [SOLVED] HD Clone and NTLDR is Missing
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  124. RAID 5 Wont rebuild.
  125. [SOLVED] HD doen't power down red light stays on
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  127. Backing-up my hard drive
  128. Maxtor usb HD with corrupt Mft
  129. Can't create new partition. C drive is locked.
  130. New WD 250Gb IDE internal in enclosure is not recognized by XP, pls help
  131. Removing a Hard Drive from a Desktop and Connecting it to a Laptop
  132. My Hard Drive has vanished...
  133. my USB not detyected properly and is giving some error
  134. VIAO RAID 1 Failure
  135. hard drive
  136. how big in #gb is this, maybe?
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  139. won't recognize slave
  140. Installing Harddrives With Different Operating Systems
  141. Turning off WD MyPassport Elite
  142. Mirrored Raid Set Disappears?
  143. How I Can Repair A Hard Disk Sata 300 For Pc Because It Has Reading Problems?
  144. Internal to External HD
  145. Dell Poweredge 6400 - Noowb Questions
  146. Computer freeze; bios can't locate slave.
  147. [SOLVED] Erase Hard Drive
  148. WD 120GB External HD not working anymore, need logic board I think
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  151. Smart Failure on Presario V2000
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  153. HELP!! Delayed Write Fail!!
  154. trying to save files...
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  159. maxtor shared storage 11
  160. Might have lost everything, please help ASAP!!
  161. Promise Ultra133TX2 won't work with WD 320 or 500 GB
  162. Network HDD from scratch
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  165. Hard Drive Daata Recovery
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  167. Assign & Lock HDD Prefix
  168. [SOLVED] Install IDE as secondary
  169. [SOLVED] Assistance in Copying from old to new HDD
  170. How to access HFS+ drive in Windows?
  171. How do i...
  172. need help on usb hard drives
  173. Need help with my 2.5" IDE ( Laptop Hard drive)
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  175. maxtor one touch 4
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  177. Data Recovery
  178. Second HDD & Laptop issue.
  179. some folders are not opening
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  181. 20Gb IDE Maxtor detected as ATHENA
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  183. Need Help!
  184. Which is Faster? …. SATA? Or (PATA + RAID 0)?
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  186. WD My Book: Worst Hard Drive EVER?
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  214. Advise, please
  215. want to add SATA PCI card & SATA drive for Linux Server storage
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  219. i want to move my entire HD and all it's data onto my externah HD so i can scrub myHD
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  223. Swapping IDE and SATA hard drives
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  226. defrag says way more mem is being used than it actually is
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  229. how can increase partition size without formating
  230. Drive cleaning/optimizing utilities?
  231. [SOLVED] Asus A8V Deluxe + Seagate Barracuda (1,5 TB) won't work
  232. need some suggestions
  233. Ohhh pleaaase can i have some help with my external HDD?
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  242. Hdd Lcd
  243. The Data is still there, but I can't see it. The drive is verified good.
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  249. ??primary IDE???secondaryIDE???
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