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  2. External HD no longer available in My Computer, and not viewable in Disk Management
  3. Setting up RAID - Whats the ideal Setup scenario
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  13. formatting
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  17. I can't make a new partition
  18. HDD mainly only works after its warmed up
  19. [SOLVED] Can't partition anymore
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  22. Problem With my DVD-RW
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  24. Is the BIOS right?
  25. need help determining sata300 performance benefits
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  28. Corrupt Hard Drive !
  29. apparently i cant have 2 internals anymore lol
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  31. freezing
  32. Wrong Drive Build Issue in RAID1
  33. Wrong Drive Build Issue in RAID1
  34. My HDD is taking over my computer!!
  35. External Firewire Hard Drives getting lost
  36. Laptop Hard-drives.
  37. testdisk-6.10.win
  38. HDD crashes when downloading/xfering/saving/etc
  39. please help! removable hard drive.
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  41. HD errors
  42. Hard drive failure
  43. [SOLVED] New HD install troubles
  44. Hard Drive not showing up/incorrect size in test disk
  45. Maxtor One Touch 4
  46. Dell XPS 420 Pre-partitioned
  47. RAID 0 array - should support SATA 3 Gbit/s, but only running at SATA 1.5 Gbit/s
  48. [SOLVED] USB hd problem
  49. Hard Drive not powering up
  50. Disk Read Error
  51. Recovery Partition
  52. [SOLVED] How do i install a SSD into a desktop?
  53. help! pc blue screen constant reboot loop
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  62. Im adding a new harddrive what do i need
  63. WD Passport Studio help plz
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  68. Need to get info back from formatted hd
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  70. help in WD
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  72. Something Changed my Hard Drive
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  75. Zero fill utility
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  79. Simple RAID Questions...
  80. Raid 5 issue with Intel Matrix and 300GB Raptors
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  82. [SOLVED] flash drives
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  88. Umountable Boot Volume
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  98. External Enclosure
  99. IDE cable connector uses all pins on new hard drive even the Master/slave pins?
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  102. Need Drivers
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  105. How to clean C drive
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  107. Driver detected controller error
  108. Initialise Hard Drive
  109. omputer crashes when burnt cd/dvd inserted but not real ones.
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  119. Please help?
  120. ubs software and harddisk
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  122. Hard Drive Copy Eliminates C:
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  125. new hard drive
  126. [SOLVED] Replace Hard drive or just reformat it?
  127. Problems with Acronis 11
  128. acer aspire 5720Z problems/
  129. computer restarts when i log on
  130. Hard Drives not powering on
  131. my new computer makes lot of noise during loading OS....
  132. Re: Hard drive
  133. Cant swap hard drives???
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  135. Now I have done it!!!!
  136. Flashing SiI5744 enclosure using steelvine
  137. i can't access C
  138. HDD Disappeared
  139. Do SATA Hard Drives need to have the jumpers set
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  141. Inspiron 5150 not detecting replacement HD
  142. Lesser space in C:/ .
  143. Raid 3 or ??
  144. Freezing up when accessing avi's
  145. hd stuck at 32 gb I'm pulling my hair out!
  146. New Hard Disk should be 1tb.......is 32mb......
  147. Pxe-e61??
  148. Drive partitions
  149. 800gb turned into 127gb after reformat
  150. reformat
  151. WD External Hard Drive-No power
  152. Cant Access Full Hdd With Xp Sp3
  153. WD 500 G shows on xp but cant access files
  154. Slave HD Files
  155. PBR2...done error and more.
  156. Delayed Write Fail??!!
  157. RAID Drives have gone missing...
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  161. Periodic system hangs. Software or Hardware problem?
  162. i have a question about HDD`
  163. Can't view files
  164. C:\resycled\ntldr.com is not a valid win32 application.
  165. [SOLVED] Hard Drive's missing space
  166. Harddrive Trouble
  167. compatability
  168. Booting from an external HD
  169. retrieving files from old hard drive
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  175. ATA 133 drive running at ATA 66
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  177. mhdd
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  179. [SOLVED] Veloci Raptor 150gb help (noob)
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  182. trans progams to K drive
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  186. Simpletech External Hard Drive
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  188. Western Digital Mybookworld (1TB)
  189. How to restore files
  190. External hard drive partition up in smoke, testdisk can't find any either
  191. LaCaie Ext drive can not be "found" by my computer
  192. [SOLVED] RAW file system on Hard Drive
  193. how do i store external hard drive properly?
  194. HD Crash, Recovered entire C drive to external hard drive, need to restore IPOD files
  195. [SOLVED] plz help
  196. Connecting 2 Hard drives
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  222. Recovering Data
  223. my mac book wont start.
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  231. Hard disk
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  244. Needing to transfer but without power
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  248. Virus
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  250. SATA Cables