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  29. Very Quick Question.
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  32. i cant open my drives directly
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  35. Cloning my Hard drive
  36. HDD Help!
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  40. Which free data recovery software should I use?
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  42. my os doesn't pickup my slave hardrive
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  45. Switching?
  46. Can't Backup Data to External HD
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  59. Pc noise
  60. Newbie looking for some help!!!
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  62. Seagate FreeAgent Xtreme isn't compatible with 64 bit O/S!
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  65. "Disk Error Press any key to restart"
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  70. Solid State Drives
  71. Backup software serial number
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  77. d0000144
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  89. Help!!
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  147. Lost data
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  150. only 32g
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  161. installing new OS
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  173. data recovery software
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  190. Cd/DVD Drive
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