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  18. Media Hedonist
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  22. cooling
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  25. RAID question: will different drives affect performance?
  26. [SOLVED] Positioning files on a hard drive
  27. WD TV Live Questions
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  30. Acer and Nook support
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  32. Mac OSX and Windows Compatability
  33. Computing Killing HardDrives
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  41. Help! New drive - UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME
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  44. Recover files on Maxtor one touch that has been partially run through dban?
  45. Yamaha MCX-2000
  46. [SOLVED] How to move my windows 7 installation to my NEW PC?
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  82. HP SimpleSave 320GB
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  136. I'd like to know how to use this as an external hard drive please
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  150. so is it failing or not?
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  182. Maxstor One Touch III
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  189. External
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