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  1. Can I partition a Serial ATA hard drive safely
  2. Question: Why does my new 80Gig Hard Drive only has 71 Gig capacity.
  3. Corrupt hard drive
  4. Hard disk partition suddenly missing
  5. Maxtor External Hard Drive Issues
  6. High performance SATA RAID, a noob, and questions
  7. Hard drive called removable
  8. Setting up a SCSI HDD for first time
  9. hard drive has no drive letter
  10. Broken pin on the back of hard drive
  11. Windows XP setup won't recognize RAID 0 HDD's
  12. DOS Format Command
  13. ide sata combo question
  14. data recovery skipping files... literally...
  15. Electronically challenged...please help
  16. GB Issue
  17. Very Weird S.M.A.R.T. Problem. Both HDDs Bad??
  18. K8V-X XP Pro install freezes
  19. slave HD not detected
  20. How to check a faulty SATA drive in RAID0?
  21. SATA HDD Dead?
  22. Both drives won't show up in XP
  23. SATA issues
  24. Backing up RAID to a removable drive
  25. USB 2.0 Ext. HDD problems
  26. trouble with SATA drive and win2K sp2
  27. SATA and IDE nightmare PLS HELP ME
  28. coolmax external firewire drive
  29. how to partition HD
  30. second drive not seen in xp
  31. Newbies new computer - RAM and SATA Hard drive not found by bios
  32. Small HD
  33. dead drive?
  34. Can not boot from external usb hss device
  35. I/O Device Error with Maxtor External "One Touch" HD
  36. USB HD vs internal
  37. San
  38. Lost Partition
  39. Backup and Restore to RAID?
  40. annoying HDD noise with M6Ne
  41. External SATA to SATA drive not working!!!!!
  42. Help with old Quantum HD
  43. Wierd...how does one lose a gig?
  44. Partition Magic and types of drive
  45. SATA hd problems
  46. How to add a 3rd Hard Drive
  47. Question on SATA HD bootup
  48. Help Installing Internal Hard Drive
  49. Need to recover data from primary HD
  50. Reformat Help
  51. HD/Enable Boot from CDROM
  52. New to this SATA HD stuff
  53. data on the drive... not being sent to the recovery program...
  54. Problem with Booting with ATA and SATA drives
  55. Opening up Hard Dives
  56. multi-boot os on different SATA hard drives
  57. Deleted HD Space not showing
  58. Windows Explorer can not see external HDD
  59. Moving a slave HDD
  60. Can't set up old IDE HD with new SATA HD
  61. sectors
  62. Problems formatting an external hard drive in Win98SE
  63. external 2.5 hd wont read on inspiron xp
  64. Accessing hard drives slows system down!
  65. Abit Av8 WD Raptors in Raid0 not detected
  66. abit av8 / raptor / sata HELP!!
  67. partition only shows 10GB for 80GB hd in fdisk
  68. How to Replace primary HD
  69. Hard Drive Error on boot up using sata and ide
  70. New HD won't accept recovery cd's
  71. Urgent-HDD crash!
  72. I Really Need Help Pen 4 Win Xp
  73. Adding removable SATA HDD - Computer won't boot with new drive powered
  74. Harddrive error in RAID 0 config
  75. SATA HDD Crash, New XP install doesnt detect it
  76. Deleted file system off Sandisk Cruzer Mini 1Gb USB 2.0 Flash Drive :(
  77. HDD failure?
  78. notebook will not boot up, displays black screen only
  79. Can't get my new SATA HD to work!
  80. dynamic disk problem
  81. No desktop computer, how can I format external hard drive?
  82. hard drives disappearing in bios
  83. Hard Drive error?!?
  84. Partition Magic 8.0 Merging Error
  85. can't get OS on to Raid0 set up "It's making me go crazy"
  86. 160 gig Hd appears as 31.4 gig
  87. Drive mounted, but windows wants to format
  88. SATA Hard disk as boot disk problem!
  89. urgent problem... hard drives unallocated...?
  90. Fdisk Download???
  91. Combining 2 hard drives
  92. WinXP, SATA, IDE 3 problem
  93. SATA drivers prob - I think!
  94. rookie fdisk
  95. Missing files, but HD still using space
  96. HD showing more Capacity !!
  97. Mulitple Hard Drives
  98. Smart Failure
  99. Screen stuck on COMPAQ logo when turned on
  100. How to disable bad sectors in HD
  101. IDE to RAID transfer freezes
  102. Ide Ata
  103. SCSI Drive not Detected
  104. any partition wizards?
  105. Need Opinion~!!
  106. hdd question !?
  107. c: drive full need to move to new drive
  108. SATA Western Digital 200gb on xp
  109. Cannot access Free Space on C Drive
  110. Problem with recognizing HDD on a UltraATA card
  111. Not reading floppy drive
  112. Question about Hard Drives.......
  113. SATA hdd & XP installation
  114. Scandisk runs on every boot :(
  115. Problems with S-ATA HDD...
  116. Add a Second SATA Hard Drive
  117. Hard drive help
  118. Desperate. Ghost Hd
  119. SATA not Recognized by Soltek Mobo
  120. reformat hard disk with password
  121. Data recovery
  122. RAID problems
  123. Windows Registry Error
  124. RAID problems
  125. Realy hot HD, is that ok?
  126. Operating System Not Found/HD Cannot does not show up in BIOS.
  127. detecting 3rd hard drive (external)
  128. reboot ???
  129. montior reading erroe
  130. Can't install XP Pro on WD Raptors
  131. cannot boot from hard drive
  132. booting from a removable drive using cable select
  133. xp crashed when reinstalling, now cd drive nonexisting!
  134. Lost partition on hard drive
  135. hard drive help
  136. Can I move a hard drive from a Win98se to an XP computer without reformatting?
  137. Raid 5 setup as primary and 2 IDE as 2nd
  138. Dynamic
  139. Hard Drive not detecting
  140. mixed hard drive
  141. Six new hard drives. Which raid?
  142. HD Seagate ST320413A in PIO mode on Win2000
  143. Delete partitions...
  144. Laptop Harddrive Making loud noise
  145. Hard Drive Shows Smaller that Actual After Disconnect
  146. external hard drive
  147. this really sucks, i hate xp
  148. Ribbon Connections For Master And Slave Hard Drive
  149. Seagate 160GB SATA Issue
  150. see SATA drive in dos
  151. second SATA hard drive not assigned a drive letter in Win XP
  152. Windows XP - WD install problem
  153. Hard drive issue/Possible motherboard destruction
  154. Possible Hard Drive issue
  155. No icon for external HD
  156. New SATA drive not recognized
  157. Computer won't boot - STOP error message - HELP!
  158. noob question: connecting 2nd HD, have MOBO questions
  159. Format c: and convert system drive...
  160. XP sees 128 Gb of a 200 Gb drive
  161. Hard Disk no longer responds after fan glitch
  162. buffer
  163. Can't Free Space
  164. Bizzarre Noise
  165. Boot up death
  166. Strange S-ATA behaviour??
  167. HELP how to Install more than two harddisk
  168. Please bring me back to life
  169. Missing DLL file
  170. Darn Tickin' Hardrive
  171. "NTLDR is missing" BIG problem!
  172. Raw file system, hard drive crash?
  173. Have 2 hard drives can only use one
  174. Space!
  175. HD Trouble
  176. problem with 200GB Maxtor USB external drive
  177. Hard Drive shows wrong size in My Computer
  178. adjustment of haRDDRIVE ARM,.
  179. Can't reformat C drive
  180. Chrisntony
  181. Chrisntony
  182. HELP 5400 rpm vs 7200 rpm hard drives
  183. Getting SCSI and IDE hard drive to work together
  184. SATA/ASUS SK8V problems
  185. Drive Stuck In Case
  186. Trying to connect a second Hard Drive ~ Need Help
  187. HD LED question
  188. How to separate my partitioned HDD?
  189. Ghost 9.0 copy HD does not work
  190. USB flash suddenly won't mount
  191. whats the difference?
  192. Problem over 2 drives
  193. boot dos from a usb hard drive?
  194. My hard drive capacity is 80GB but just 33GB seen!
  195. could not detect HD im dead!!!
  196. Can't access C drive: HELP
  197. Raid 0 Offline
  198. Is reformatting needed? Cos i'm about to..
  199. Data transfer
  200. CD-RW formating problem
  201. New CD RR/W causes IDE error on Tecra 8100
  202. cant load xp on sata drive
  204. Hard Drive Test Results
  205. Backing up my entire computer - getting started
  206. OS on New HD or Current RAID0
  207. Reformatting advice needed
  208. BIOS will not see drive.
  209. Reading HD after removal
  210. Lost Hard Disk Space after formatting then installing Windows XP Pro.
  211. Bios won't recognise hard drive
  212. Running more than 4 IDE Hard Drives
  213. hard drive partition
  214. WD Raptor not recognized with Asus P4C800-E
  215. hard drive headache
  216. MOBO doesn't regconize SATA
  217. HDD is installed but not shown in My Computer
  218. SATA Primary HDD setup NTLDR missing/controller issue
  219. Boot problem with harddrive.
  220. Wrong Adapter
  221. Request.. Hard Drive speed test software
  222. bought 200g hdrive, only sees 127gig. Help!
  223. Dead Maxtor 250gb HDD, help!
  224. Fujitsu lifebook 520d
  225. how to clean off a hard drive
  226. Contents of slave drive not seen
  227. Mobo freezes upon installing second hard drive
  228. deleted CD ROM Drive (WinME) and completely lost
  229. Bios does not recognise ide2 and ide3 only ide1
  230. Help!! What happen to the hard disk partitions???
  231. SATA in RAID 0 plus PATA
  232. Computer won't recognise 2nd hard drive
  233. SATA Hard Drive problem?
  234. RAID mirroring
  235. Firewire HDD for laptop
  236. 2x250GB HDDs are hot!
  237. NTFS partition
  238. new PC problems
  239. Reformatting Windows98
  240. No Fixed Disk - But will boot into win98
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  243. WD2000JB Plea For Help
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  246. cdrom
  247. putting a slave drive in a new computer
  248. old hard drive
  249. Hard Drive on its last Legs
  250. Installing HP Officejet v40 Printer