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  1. Is IDE HD and SATA CD ROM connected with Same Power Supply ?
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  13. Please Help Identify CPU-ID#
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  15. AMD Athlon XP 2500+
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  17. Is my CPU faulty?
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  19. Dell XPS 720
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  21. Upgrade CPU - How hot is an Athlon II x4?
  22. my dell wont start up
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  24. I have a problem with a PC.
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  27. Motherboard dead or other problem?
  28. I might have Under Clocked my CPU
  29. Help With Installing ASUS GEFORCE 8600GT
  30. [SOLVED] Motherboard difference?
  31. Computer restarts after bios configure
  32. PCIe expander over fiber?
  33. [SOLVED] Bios changing boot order
  34. [SOLVED] My compaq CQ61 wont boot up. HELP!
  35. Black Screen! HELP!
  36. Grinding Sound Inside My Computer
  37. 122-CK-NF68 Drivers.
  38. Boot issues with ASUS Sabertooth P67 motherboard
  39. USB keeps disconnecting
  41. No post no bios no beeps [moved from Windows 7/ Vista]
  42. Need new MB
  43. ASUS Notebook will not power on
  44. [SOLVED] 775 vs 478 question
  45. [SOLVED] Error allocating I/O BAR for PCI device
  46. Motherboard thinks keys are pressed
  47. Help needed. No video when starting
  48. Intel core i3 2100 sandy bridge
  49. [SOLVED] missing 4/5 pin socket on motherboard
  50. [SOLVED] 4-pin secondary MB power instead of 8-pin?
  51. Windows 95 Question
  52. The best motherboard
  53. Chipset
  54. [SOLVED] Which CPU is better?
  55. ?motherboards?
  56. [SOLVED] Power Button = Nothing Happens
  57. cpu housing or motherboard down
  58. repairing acer aspire T671
  59. wont install BIOs and laptop new battery wont be detected on a dell inspiron 1501
  60. Random Freezing, Motherboard?
  61. Suggest a Mobo for i5 build
  62. How Do I Determine the socket type for my mobo?
  63. Monitor CPU clock speed in real-time?
  64. Compaq Armada E500
  65. No power getting to external devices
  66. Problem booting computer
  67. Possible CPU overheating problem...
  68. cpu goes to 100% for some reason
  69. Burned chip on Sony laptop Model PCG-8131M
  70. New Diamond Thermal Paste
  71. SATA drives wont detect harddrive or cd rom HELPPP PLEASE
  72. CPU Temperature While Gaming High?
  73. Computer won't easily turn back on after shutdown
  74. Quad Core 3.2 running on 3 cores, not 4 like usual?
  75. Need to replace MB
  76. ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe NO POST
  77. Sharp fs2417
  78. [SOLVED] Smoking Circuit Board!!!
  79. CPU fan noisy when gaming
  80. CPU fan wont increase it's RPM even under heavy load.
  81. Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 GPU Boost Issue
  82. Gigabyte mobo
  83. [SOLVED] relative cpu performance
  84. Bios simply will Not start
  85. trouble with overclocking and voltage
  86. [SOLVED] CPU Temperatures and cooling fan?
  87. upgrading an intel D815eea board processor
  88. PCI error 0600h and 0800h at startup
  89. computer shutdown automatically
  90. Need help upgrading.
  91. Motherboard blown possibly capacitors? not sure.
  92. Upgrading Dell dimension e520
  93. need help upgrading a computer cpu
  94. PC shuts off after 1 min after cleaning heat sink and applying new thermal paste
  95. Problems with storage tower
  96. Upgrade to Intel I7, is it possible?
  97. [HELP] PC freezes, sometimes no POST
  98. Black Screen on the Monitor
  99. USB Mouse inconsistency
  100. Will I be able to change my motherboard?
  101. pc freezes, cannot do anything, help needed pls
  102. Bios Worm
  103. My computer wont start
  104. CPU and GPU temperatures too high.
  105. How to Update BIOS
  106. Keyboard Turns Back on After power off, requiring two pushes to turn on/off the com
  107. Motherboard/Power...lookin for some help...
  108. Gigabyte DulaBIOS Problem
  109. audio pins, not matching
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  111. 4 sticks of RAM
  112. Dust accumulating?
  113. mobo with integrated graphics and no video ports?
  114. Burned out the PSU and possibly the computer
  115. [SOLVED] Media Center is freezing lagging after i installed Athlon FX-60 dual core pr
  116. asus n73jq not booting black screen/bios?
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  118. [SOLVED] Dell Precision 450 (CPU Overheating)
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  120. BIOS is Stuck in Raid Configuration? Can't Detect Drives?
  121. Gateway 831GM Random Problem
  122. Disk Read Error
  123. RAM Failure, Lost Cause?
  124. First said No Bios, but now it wont start at all.
  125. Which of these CPUs is faster?
  126. new mobo freaking out
  127. Big problems after changing bios settings, help!
  128. [SOLVED] i7-sandybridge
  129. New rig keeps randomly freezing, please help!
  130. [SOLVED] Which cpu is faster?
  131. [SOLVED] Toshiba Satellite L355-S7915 hanging at boot after unexpected shutdown durin
  132. CRT Monitor will not display CMOS
  133. Stuck on start up or black screen
  134. Failure to POST
  135. Issue with New Motherboard - won't boot with 2 sticks of RAM, just 1
  136. [SOLVED] Acer Aspire 8930g Problems
  137. Help with upgrading CPU
  138. [SOLVED] Compal fl90 Bios problems
  139. First build, having trouble
  140. Auto-Restart after Shutdown/Standby
  141. cpu fan
  142. starts up for a fraction of a second
  143. In Need of Some Heatsink/Motherboard Help!
  144. new Build no boot
  145. Disk Booting (and a whole lot more) Error
  146. strange characters in BIOS/DOS and boot failure
  147. Supported CPU Help
  148. HP Pivilion Slimline s7421c PC screen goes blank when install WinXP (hardware issue?)
  149. CPU Upgrade
  150. Phoenix Bios!
  151. power failure.
  152. Weird Everest hardware monitorig
  153. [SOLVED] Zalman CNPS7000c Al-Cu LGA1156 Backplate
  154. sparks from monitor
  155. 32-bit or 64-bit? (Intel Pentium D 925)
  156. Phoenix Bios!
  157. After BSoD
  158. [SOLVED] BIOS problems.
  159. no video on p7h55M with i7 core and Hd5670 Graphics!
  160. Asus Uninstalled Windows updates, Bad CMOS
  161. hp laptop
  162. xblade case AC97 motherboard, audio jacks problem
  163. I Need CPU Fan Replacement Suggestions
  164. Donno whats the fault?
  165. MS-7525 (Boston)
  166. Intel DH67GD Desktop Board does not detect nVidia NVS420
  167. AsRock 775V88+ (Power/No Boot)
  168. mother help
  169. [SOLVED] Installed New PSU - Processor Failure?
  170. [SOLVED] BSOD, Crashes, Computer running slowly
  171. BSOD and a System Upgrade question (Moved from MS Support)
  172. Windows 7 white screen
  173. Performance upgrade Pentium D to dual core
  174. Acer 5735 how to reset, clear bioss password
  175. Clear bioss password acer 5735-4624
  176. PC 'boots' with black screen after changing harddrive
  177. 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo or 2.3 GHz i5?
  178. Installing Bios?
  179. Getting my pc to boot past the "starting windows" screen.
  180. Motherboard problem... doesn't detect my HDD?
  181. Looking To Upgrade, Need Help
  182. Incredibly Slow
  183. Asus P8P67 Motherboard
  184. Computer suddenly died
  185. eMachines el1200-01e upgrades
  186. [SOLVED] Asus Crosshair II wont boot
  187. Front Panel Connectors
  188. Gigabyte ga-h55m-ud2h
  189. No boot devices found.
  190. Can't find BIOS upgrade
  191. Bios password failed
  192. cloning harddrive
  193. Isopropyl alcohol alternatives. (CPU cleaning)
  194. Interconnection between the Computer Parts
  195. AMD Phenom? II Quad-Core Mobile Processor N930 (2.0GHz, 2M, 3.6GT/s)
  196. AMD PHENOM II X4 - opinions wanted
  197. Choosing a Processer
  198. [SOLVED] H67 vs P67
  199. Tried breadboarding my computer to find problem, need help
  200. CPU temp
  201. Problem with heat.
  202. voltage and overclocking
  203. Building computer, Motherboard?
  204. [SOLVED] ASUS M4A785-M compatible with amd phenom x3 8450
  205. Help with Intel OpenCL SDK
  206. No beeps, no video - just fans and a green light --- HELP
  207. PC properly boots "some times." Lots of details. Don't hate me.
  208. what's the difference between...
  209. Help needed please
  210. An extra set of wires for my mobo?? Help!
  211. New Intel i3 2100 system won't open
  212. only the bare essentials
  213. [SOLVED] Mouse and keyboard not working at welcome screen?
  214. Computer slow for some reason, please help.
  215. Problem After Win7 x64 SP1 Install
  216. CPU Upgrade.
  217. Diagnostics help needed. Comp not booting.
  218. Will Core 2 Duo Processors work on Asus P4S8X-MX
  219. PC working very slow
  220. [SOLVED] new and need help asap
  221. Motherboard might have short-circuited need advice on replacement
  222. CPU immediately starts overheating
  223. [SOLVED] Reboots with Kernel-Power 41 (63) critical error [moved from Windows 7 BSOD]
  224. AMD Data Change...Update New Data to DMI!
  225. pc freezes and boot up probs
  226. Freezing at Bios. Works only after 2nd boot. Help :(
  227. I3-550 Safe Temps
  228. chassis warning
  229. L2 cache query
  230. [SOLVED] Setting up Wake On LAN
  231. My CPU is Booting but no display
  232. Can't figure out error with mobo.
  233. Random freeze?
  234. Good temp for an i5 760 CPU?
  235. Boot problem
  236. "No Signal"
  237. Is my mobo failing?
  238. Constant framerate slowdown with EVERYTHING
  239. PWM Temperture problem
  240. MSI Motherboard Manual
  241. dual procesor mode crash
  242. Booting Problem
  243. [SOLVED] Device manager ?
  244. Thermal paste
  245. just thought i would share this :)
  246. Dell Foxconn Motherboard -- need help
  247. How do I figure out what graphics cards my board supports?
  248. New power seems to be having compatibilty issues.
  249. CPU problem
  250. Conundrum new motherboard & harddrive