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  1. Looking for an easy USB recovery software
  2. [SOLVED] WD Passport
  3. transfering large file
  4. [SOLVED] External hard drive has stopped working on TV
  5. [SOLVED] WD 2TB My Passport Won't Copy Data
  6. [SOLVED] Frustrating External CD/DVD Drive experience
  7. USB "no media"
  8. DVD reads "empty" in drive, but pics are on it
  9. Memory stick - The disc is write-protected
  10. [SOLVED] Problem With WD USB Drive Working w/DVR
  11. Fixing bad USB flash drives
  12. Win.10 New (Swap Box) Hard Drive
  13. data recovery of External usb hdd
  14. [SOLVED] pendrive O.S. won't boot
  15. disc not recognised by the drive
  16. [SOLVED] Stumped
  17. CineRAID CR-H212 Firmware Update
  18. Change DVD from Writable to Locked
  19. Photo CD Won't Load
  20. SD card -- can't lose old usrname/pwd
  21. USB flash keys?
  22. Lenovo IdeaPad Optical drive slow reading DVD
  23. [SOLVED] USB Flash Drive exFAT to FAT32?
  24. Lenovo v310 3.0 port cant read 2.0 usb
  25. Deleting Stuck Folder on Flash Drive
  26. External drive not recognized
  27. Why is this USB Format taking so long?
  28. Cavalry Storage Ext HD USB 2.0 1TB
  29. Multi card reader keeps disconnecting
  30. Intel 5 /3400 Maxtor M3
  31. WD 4T Drive Reverts to Read Only
  32. LaCie External HD non-writable on bootup but works after re-connecting
  33. Non Recognition Memory Stick
  34. Disabled Ipod Touch
  35. [SOLVED] LaCie Mobile drive is not recognized
  36. External Hard Drive for PC -
  37. USB 3 HDD With USB C Cable
  38. USB wipe.
  39. [SOLVED] My flash drive is no longer recognized on any computer
  40. External Harddrive Issue
  41. Fear of overheating USB pindrives. (I know I brought this up before but thread closed
  42. thoughts on digital media. ( was there a thread on this, if so, canít find it)
  43. Can a video file get shortened?
  44. currupt files on hdd
  45. [SOLVED] auto boot from flash drive
  46. USB Flash Drive Broken and Pads lifted HELP! (Photos)
  47. I just bought a Steren 4 port mini USB hub adapter
  48. Crippled flashdrives
  49. Advice on using USB pin drives for travel.
  51. usb-400
  52. [SOLVED] Varying Transfer Speeds When Backing Up Data
  53. IsoBuster, How to use this Program for data-recovery?
  54. [SOLVED] USBs wont fit in new laptop
  55. [SOLVED] CD File System
  56. DVD drives will not read DVDs or CDs
  57. How to toggle a USB stick's read only status?
  58. format did not complete successful errror for sd card
  59. Recovering old files from USB Floppy Disk Drive
  60. [SOLVED] drive mix up
  61. Help recovering files from USB
  62. Double USB?
  63. [SOLVED] SanDisk Drive Won't Format, Can't Write/Delete Data, Chkdsk Unresponsive
  64. Missing data
  65. Seagate unresponsive and self destructive.
  66. Sabrent Enclosure w Drive Not Recognized
  67. USB Memory Adapter
  68. Malware irremovable. :(
  69. USB Lost Data Recovery
  70. Unblock Format USB
  71. External Hard Drive not Shown
  72. Microphone jack problems
  73. DIY data transfer alarm for a blind friend.
  74. mp3 player problem
  75. Wireless mouse draining batteries quickly
  76. I/O Magic Not detected
  77. Access Denied
  78. Drive Letter Assignment
  79. [SOLVED] my 16gb usb "hides" files
  80. Can't Access Partition on External Drive
  81. USB CRS 4.0 Blue Tooth adapter...
  82. [SOLVED] visual ip trace removal icon-access denied
  83. Questions on USB WD HHD
  84. DLT-V4 tape drive.
  85. SD Card Reader Stopped Working
  86. [SOLVED] USB keeps connecting and disconnecting
  87. Unable to boot usb device.
  88. Fixing a Broken USB flash drive
  89. Formatted DVD not Listed Win 10 File Explorer
  90. How long do pin drives live?
  91. Adata port drive failed.
  92. [SOLVED] USB has no partition/storage
  93. No sound with Amazon Firestick
  94. 2 out of 3 hard drives running slow
  95. How do I fix a corrupted SD card, "bad disk"
  96. Unable to read from an external hard drive
  97. Slow optical drives
  98. 2 identical drives: 1 missing space
  99. Car Stereo problems.
  100. Computer not recognizing my new blank (BD-R) blu-ray discs
  101. External HD Faulty Cannot retrieve data.
  102. [SOLVED] Mouse stops working when additional usb port is used
  103. Multiple CD/DVD Tray
  104. USB Flash Drive Converted to 'Read-Only'
  105. [SOLVED] Mobile Phone Invisible In Windows 10
  106. Hard disk accessible, but I cannot transfer data
  107. Istore- n-go-usb-drive 64 gbs usb flash drive
  108. USB Device Disconnection
  109. Still worthwhile to invest on optical storage?
  110. what is going on with this?
  111. WD External Drive appears as CD Drive...!
  112. Need help with storing data
  113. Poor USB3 Connectors
  114. My Sandisk Cruzer 32gb stick was used as a bootable drive, and will not reformat.
  115. LG TV 43LH5100: USB hub extension
  116. Cant add or remove data in SanDisk SD card...
  117. USB Troubleshooting
  118. is it ok to leave your pen drives connected to a device (not computer)
  119. External HDD
  120. Any disc inserted is automatically ejected (Windows Media Player issue?)
  121. [SOLVED] External drive old backup
  122. A smart TV kills my ext HD
  123. Plextor 891SAF and Vertbatim AZO
  124. cant read files on my ext hdd
  125. Question on removable HDD lettering
  126. Code 43 on Card reader
  127. playing music gaplessly from pin drives
  128. External drive problem
  129. hp monitor out of range
  130. How to manage external drive ?
  131. External USB Floppy -> Internal
  132. Usb hub not working
  133. i need help
  134. USB Bricked:Testdisk analysis "Space conflict between 2 partitions"
  135. Broken External Drive
  136. Headphones keep turning on and off constantly while watching YouTube
  137. What is the difference between an SSD and a microsd card?
  138. Card Reader will not detect SD card
  139. Iomega 1TB External Hard Drive - Disk Not Formatted
  140. [SOLVED] write protection on sd card
  141. Data are not copying to pendrive
  142. Xbox 360 wireless adapter for windows not working
  143. How to view progress in WD Passport?
  144. [SOLVED] USB drive not recognised
  145. [SOLVED] SD CARD Wants Formatted?
  146. CD/DVD Drive Detected But Not Working
  147. Multisession disc failed, now I cant access the already written files.
  148. NO SD Card
  149. Undetected SD card
  150. What is the PMD Folder on HP Pocket Medis Drive
  151. [SOLVED] USB MP3 Player Toopoot (
  152. Remove write protection
  153. Booting Clonezilla from Seagate Ext. Hard Drive
  154. Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro Portable storage
  155. Need help with sub stick pls tried everything I think
  156. Can hardware compression cause already compressed data to actually expand?
  157. [SOLVED] "Problem Ejecting USB" I need a deeper explainaton
  158. [SOLVED] usb 3.0 card reader not recognized in my PC
  159. Monitor malfunction
  160. Cluster Size for formattting a 64 gbs and 32gbs sd card
  161. SDXC Lexar 64 GB using Leef Iaccess plugin to I-pad.
  162. optical drive (dvd) randomly making boot up / trying to 'read' noise - whilst empty
  163. Liteon IHAS124F query
  164. WD external HDD failed
  165. 32 GB flash drive shows 7 mb
  166. USB drive crashes when plugged into PC
  167. Copying all movies and images to one external drive.
  168. Lightscribe? What Happened?
  169. Music tags
  170. Why do i need to eject usb?
  171. Need to remove write protection on USB drive, half way there...
  172. Seagate FreeAgent locking up computer
  173. Buffalo TS2.0TGL/R5 storage query
  174. External Hard Drive - Can't retrieve files
  175. SATA6G to USB 3.0 Slow tranfer rate?
  176. [SOLVED] unable to remove Micro SD card
  177. New Seagate External Hard drive not working
  178. [SOLVED] My New 64 gb usb Acting Strange
  179. Seagate back up drive fail
  180. eclipse mp3 player
  181. [SOLVED] WD HD fails, tried to copy it and failed
  182. Full Format empty 256GB USB Flash FAT32 to NTFS takes 8 min?
  183. can't format 4GB micro sd card
  184. External storage drive(1tb) not showing up on my computer
  185. Lacie rugged drive not showing up in OSX
  186. Is there a way to copy a damaged CF card and ignore the errors?
  187. External Hard Drive freezes "My Computer"
  188. [SOLVED] USB can not access because write protected
  189. Seven Years Work...Gone?
  190. burning of DVD +/- R disc
  191. [SOLVED] USB Hub Dosesn't Like Flash Drives
  192. corrupted video help fixing
  193. Creative Zen 20 GB
  194. USB STICK
  195. DVD drive suddenly stops working during burn
  196. MicroSD Card wont mount on Windows 8.1
  197. USB Problems
  198. Playing MP4 on DVD player
  199. Pen drive slots
  200. [SOLVED] Partitions & bootable USB's
  201. Deciding which external DVD writer to buy
  202. Sound not working from pc
  203. pioneer ddj-sx2 midi connection
  204. Drive Problem USB
  205. steve
  206. zm-k300m multimedia keyboard
  207. Transferring music files
  208. device driver not successsfully installed (error code 28)
  209. [SOLVED] Ext Hard Drive Read as RAW
  210. USB not recognized [XP]
  211. [SOLVED] SD Card Slot inoperable
  212. folder corrupted
  213. DVD Burner
  214. Unlocking a USB
  215. USB 64GB is 30GB
  216. I deleted my wireless adapter driver, I need it back quick please help!
  217. Problem with micro SD card.
  218. problem burning disk
  219. Internal or External Blu Ray Drive
  220. laptop hard drive to usb connection
  221. create bootable device Nightmare!!
  222. ISO Size too big to be burned on disk - Need a way to shrink it
  223. HELP
  224. RGB ISSUE
  225. USB 3.0 Hub - Powered or Non-powered?
  226. How to troubleshoot a Card reader Drive...
  227. [SOLVED] Having Trouble with Blu-ray Drive
  228. Drive not recognized
  229. [SOLVED] How do I move videos into the videos folder?
  230. Contents inside a USB inside a shortcut of it
  231. My Windows PC wont see unlocked SD cards
  232. external harddisk
  233. Keylogger not working
  234. x-ray disc showing no files on it
  235. Folder Lost while taking backup from android mobile to Windows 7 PC
  236. CD stops being read after minutes
  237. Convert USB Removeable flash disk to HDD?
  238. Pendrive having shortcut
  239. problem with Flash memories
  240. [SOLVED] Internal CD Drive to External
  241. Windows Media Player not syncing with new Eclipse mp3player
  242. PICO Freedom encrypted memory stick
  243. [SOLVED] eclipse fit clip mp3 player
  244. Aspire T180 won't boot from USB Flash
  245. Need Info on dual layer DVD Recorders
  246. Multiple O.S's on 1 CD/DVD
  247. [SOLVED] Mathita DVD-RAM Uj8E1 ATA error (Code19)
  248. How can i revert a corrupted folder, that is now an unreadable file back to a folder?
  249. kingston flash memory fails to read on PC but reads on satellite reciever
  250. [SOLVED] flash drive picks up as SMI USB MEMORY BAR USB Device