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  1. "Hacktool" Windows Defender
  2. [SOLVED] Report Daily Thunderbird?
  3. Computer very, very slow
  4. malware on Mac?
  5. Why is my mouse doing that? Virus?
  6. Virus/Malware help needed on Macbook Pro
  7. Possible spyware infection with regard to extortion e-mail
  8. Possible malware from remote access
  9. [SOLVED] Scammed: Pressed Microsoft Icon / R: Part 2
  10. BIOS virus
  11. [SOLVED] malwarebytes found pup
  12. smartpackagetracker popups
  13. Virus Problem, Please Help
  14. VWjWXCSoATEBQ trojan detected - Can not delete
  15. I think my PC is infected
  16. IE on severe go slow...
  17. consistently popping up
  18. Super slow boot, slow everything
  19. Malware Infection
  20. [SOLVED] Empty "Q" folder with old create date found in Music folder
  21. canot figure out how to move virus/ses off of my laptop PLEASE help!
  22. Degraded performance, slow switching between programs, internet browsing
  23. Computer is extremely slow and does not connect to WiFi
  24. Malware discovered whilst trying to clone HDD to SSD?
  25. Laptop freezing
  26. [SOLVED] Cryptocurrency miner appearing instead of requested webpages
  27. PC adware and ibuddy antivirus adds popping up
  28. Recurring Daily - Windows Refocuses to Desktop at 12:00 (Midnight)
  29. Scam about porn
  30. Malware 844 779 1333
  31. [SOLVED] Possible Rootkit
  32. Possible Ransomware problem
  33. Computer is not performing as good as it should .
  34. Believe my computer may be remotely monitored or hacked
  35. Damage Caused by Trojans
  36. Have viruses
  37. ClipConverter Malware
  38. help please
  39. Possible Ransomware infection
  40. Big Time HELP
  41. Windows 7 suddenly slow, hangs in every app
  42. very, very slow
  43. IE closes and re-opens..screen goes black
  44. Laptop running very slow
  45. Laptop runs based on wifi speed
  46. PC running very slow - please help
  47. system/applications running slow
  48. [SOLVED] ESET online scanner found malware
  49. [SOLVED] Trojan Emotet
  50. [SOLVED] Win 32-Tls Hack-A Trojan
  51. Firefox/Internet Explorer has stopped working.
  52. Had virus firefox keeps on coming back Slows computer
  53. Computer Running Extremely Slow
  54. [SOLVED] google redirect problem?
  55. Malwarebytes keeps blocking svchost.exe
  56. SysWOW64 virus removal
  57. Manual Proxy refuses to stay off
  58. Very, very slow
  59. PC has gotten slow
  60. Suspected Virus?
  61. Degraded performance, slow switching between programs, internet browsing
  62. Acer Laptop PC slow
  63. Infection in my daughter's computer
  64. Kaspersky found vulnerbilities on my PC
  65. Possible Virus
  66. Trojan in my computer..
  67. [SOLVED] Flashing pop-up every hour
  68. Not found
  69. Do I have a (rootkit) virus?
  70. IE randomly closes and reopens..
  71. Possible malware/spyware - akamai
  72. Computer running very slowly
  73. PUP Optional NewTabTV
  74. Check my system please
  75. Hijacked system - cannot run virus/malware scanners
  76. [SOLVED] Problem with webpages switching without doing something
  77. [SOLVED] Malware Spyware and Possible RAT
  78. Possible Infections
  79. malware !!!
  80. Big Issue with Ads/Pop-Ups
  81. Ransomware popup and redirect
  82. Browser problems dds.scr wont run!
  83. Scammer took control of desktop
  84. [SOLVED] what to do?
  85. 'Urgent Chrome Update' Malware
  86. Malware/Spyware on my computer
  87. Crazy ad sound in background!
  88. Two Pesky Virus I cannot remove - Win.Trojan.Agent-5331045-0 HELP......
  89. Possible Malware/Adware
  90. Re: Mixing colors and PC shuting down in normal mode but not in safe mode
  91. Browser hacked
  92. Malwarebytes found virus
  93. Ransomware
  94. Pop up ad problem Firefox Chrome and Edge probably
  95. sent from Windows 8.1 Forum
  96. both firefox and internet explorer have trouble loading pages
  97. Possible Trojan/Rootkit?
  98. Remove malware from surface pro 4
  99. Bloatware removal help
  100. Mouse moving and opening files out of my control
  101. Possible malware ( in Google Chrome browser
  102. Possible infection...
  103. Hacked by "Fake" microsoft representative from Supremo
  104. Possible Virus?....
  105. Laptop is Infected
  106. DNS unlocker OS X/chrome
  107. [SOLVED] PUP.Optional.Elex.ShrtCln not going away
  108. Help removing bloatware/adware
  109. Trying to run DDS
  110. Extremely slow laptop
  111. [SOLVED] Maybe Virus, Maybe Not
  112. KeyLogger detected using Spybot?
  113. Hijacked browser - money demanded
  114. very persistent internet tracking cookies
  115. ESET smart installer is being blocked
  116. Google Chrome Facebook incorrect encoding, other browsers are unaffected
  117. dds logs.
  118. chrome virus. blocked by malwarebytes, but still disturbing
  119. Emachine Freezing Up
  120. Cannot install antivirus
  121. Virus with black screen asking for OS key
  122. Possible infection need help
  123. Themida protection driver removal help
  124. Possible Malware
  125. mpc cleaner issue
  126. computer won't shut down
  127. Website loads on other systems other than mine
  128. [SOLVED] VIRUS:
  129. Unwanted toolbars/PUPs
  130. spyware/popup issues
  131. I do not know what is wrong.
  132. Bad Image infection
  133. Infected by PUA.Yontoo.c!gen4
  134. Virus makes my 3 screens go dark - help!
  135. Potential malware in the computer
  136. Adware all over my browsers, including Steam.
  137. [SOLVED] Computer repair Ad Popups
  138. Possible Malware or Virus On PC - Posted at instruction
  139. Malware/ Ads on steam
  140. Virus/Malware assistance
  141. Computer Running Horribly
  142. Certain Website Do not Open
  143. Need help removing malware from computer
  144. [SOLVED] Possible New Virus on P.C.
  145. Virus/Spyware
  146. Scanning USB drives for malware
  147. JS/TrojanDownloader.HackLoad.AG trojan
  148. Chinese characters in my task manager...
  149. Phishing Virus
  150. Repost of Continuation of Older Thread
  151. Unknown virus/malware starting with Web Bar
  152. Win 7, cursor jumps around uncontrollably in every app
  153. Continuation of Older Thread
  154. Bing SVC exe
  155. Palikan hijacked my PC
  156. Due diligence on brother's PC
  157. [SOLVED] IE and Chrome hijacked by and
  158. [SOLVED] Mozilla firefox constantly crashes
  159. Possible lingering Malware issues
  160. Windows 10 defender keeps switching off after update
  161. [SOLVED] Problem after final cleaning
  162. BSOD and other problems ESET online sees something
  163. Google Chrome keeps opening pop-ups randomly
  164. potential toolkits, plz help
  165. Dell laptop with virus / adware /whoknowswhatelse
  166. Possible crss infection
  167. [SOLVED] BAT/Fired + Iroffer.C infected in tandem
  168. Win10 upgrade, "Win Command Processor"?
  169. has hijacked Window 10
  171. Unable to access Internet
  172. My Computer Has Been Infected
  173. Family Computer Loaded With Viruses
  174. Chrome Opening Tabs Automatically
  175. Advent DT2315. Empowering Technology virus
  176. Malware trying to install programs
  177. DNS Unlocker from hell!!
  178. My computer is infected
  179. Scams keep on opening in internet browsers
  180. XP slow, suspected virus or adware in spite of Kaspersky being installed
  181. windows 7 slowed down, hangs a lot, especially browsers
  182. HackTool:Win32/AutoKMS removal
  183. The internet has slowed down, sites do not open, hardly anything loads, AA11 found
  184. Extremly slow pc suspected maleware
  185. Cannot Access Windows Update, iTunes, IE and others
  186. Slow PC with Multiple Issues
  187. Pop-ups keep opening up in Google Chrome
  188. [SOLVED] Help needed! (CTB locker, file recovery)
  189. [SOLVED] Computer locking up slow after sus download
  190. [SOLVED] Possible Virus (dun-dun-DUN!!)
  191. DNS Unlocker
  192. Suspected malware - dds.scr won't run
  193. Malware on laptop
  194. Cannot Access any microsoft website and other issues
  195. DDS won't run
  196. Possible firewall breach via Scam
  197. [SOLVED] possible bing virus
  198. Possible virus
  199. Help Please
  200. Possible unresolved Malware infection
  201. System hangs and other symptoms
  202. [SOLVED] Windows Command Processor x3 in startup
  203. Lots of malwares installed at once all of sudden.
  204. adding lines of code to webpage
  205. PUPs and viruses problem
  206. Followed STICKY Steps, DDS Won't Run
  207. Avast detected Kill.bat file in system32 folder
  208. Inernet Explorer
  209. Help please
  210. PopUps and stuff on laptop
  211. Possible Virus
  212. [SOLVED] Slow laptop, possible malware
  213. [SOLVED] Error Message DDS is not meant to be run in 'Compatability Mode.'
  214. Can't start base filtering service. It ends with access is denied error
  215. Vosteran2
  216. MSE finds trojan every time
  217. trojan virus named shopperz
  218. I think I am still infected
  219. [SOLVED] Gremlins or hardware problem?
  220. Random Debug.log Has Appeared on Desktop
  221. Possible Trojan Virus??
  222. Had virus(es) now unable to do Windows update and iTunes.
  223. [SOLVED] JS/Kryptik.I trojan
  224. Virus alert
  225. Security Blue screen pop up once in a while???
  226. Plz Help, getting random pop ups/slowed browser..
  227. Please help with virus removal
  228. [SOLVED] Strange Occurrences I'm suspicious
  229. Cheap-o will not be removed
  230. very annoying adware takeover
  231. Crypto (is it)
  232. Spyware called Tencent QQ
  233. internet explorer
  234. virus suspected, not found.
  235. Trojan Patched3_c.ADTG unable to remove
  236. virus win7, services will not start
  237. Check up please 6.4.15
  238. Cannot run AVG due to software restriction policy
  239. ransom:HTML/Crowti.A troubles
  240. Cant Get Rid Of Malware/Adware
  241. Infected Laptop
  242. How to Block Unwanted Automatic Videos
  243. Dregol Malware: HELP NEEDED
  244. Can't run AVG!! "...prevented by a software restriction policy"
  245. IE11 This page cannot be displayed.
  246. Malware installing Extensions in FireFox
  247. Avast detecting multiple issues
  248. Do I have a virus?
  249. Malware trace monitor ink alerts
  250. I may have a virus/malware?