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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Microsoft security essentails not deleting a certain trojan, and a firewall problem
  2. [SOLVED] Google Re-Direct Virus
  3. Windows Security 2012
  4. Virus, help can not create a log
  5. Acer Aspire Doing Odd Things
  6. XP Firewall Won't Start
  7. Strange Things Happen In My Task Manager
  8. Malware diverts Google to Ads
  9. Google Redirect and iexplorer in taskmanager
  10. RAM Failure
  11. Boot.Tidserv
  12. scrinject.b.gen in Browser Cache
  13. IE, FF, Opera freeze; chrome works fine
  14. crlobjusb.dll attempt to access the internet.
  15. w32.shadesrat wont go away causing BSOD
  16. comp switching user accounts
  17. Need help with trojan horse PSW Generic9 ASRC
  18. Program Hiding Virus
  19. Slow and unresponsive Laptop
  20. Constant virus attacks
  21. keylogger detection
  22. "System Fix" Virus grabbed my system
  23. Another re-directing IE :'(
  24. file mbr o is infected???
  25. Sudden lag out of nowhere and can't use CTRL+ALT+Delete?
  26. "System Fix" virus hijacked computer
  27. Malware/spyware/virus locking my desktop:(
  28. iexplore.exe keeps running, google redirects, can't run tdsskiller or dds :(
  29. [SOLVED] antivirus shuts off and won't update and strange icon activity.
  30. Password changing malware
  31. Win 7 2012 AntiVirus Virus
  32. Duplicate desktop malware infection
  33. I'm in trouble
  34. ie redirecting virus
  35. Trojan virus
  36. BSOD scare
  37. pop ups attack to my website
  38. Suspected Trojan; Windows Error 80072efd
  39. password changing virus?
  40. Google Redirects & pop ups
  41. Please help - suspect rootkit malware - have tried everything I can think of!
  42. IE Redirect Virus?
  43. Email has been hacked - Possible malware on system
  44. Unknown Viruses
  45. AV Security 2012 Virus!! Pleaseee help!!
  46. Possible Win32/ virus and rootkits,frustrating!
  47. Internet Explorer starting spontaneously, again & again
  48. Trojan:Win32/FakeSysdef, file hiding, extension changes
  49. TrojanDownloader.Java/Open ConnectionJ
  50. repost - help please
  51. AV Protection Virus
  52. win32 zbot.g
  53. IE 8 Running invisible audio ads; can't close
  54. [SOLVED] Weird Problem Causing BSOD Registry Error
  55. privacy protection virus?
  56. being redirected from search engines
  57. is this file a virus
  58. DNS Hi-Jacking/Google Re-direct (of sorts)
  59. Redirecting virus
  60. Multiple bad image .exe windows
  61. Sporadic Google Redirect
  62. Explorer.exe at high CPU usage
  63. Infected with System Protection 2012
  64. Need to know if laptop is clean
  65. My Google redirects to
  66. Fake Microsoft Security Essential virus
  67. Help need with Trojan virus
  68. Not sure if this is the proper forum, but...
  69. Virus help
  70. Stodgy Computer
  71. Trojan/HTML Script Virus (Windows XP)
  72. different than normal sality
  73. Rootkit Zero Access Trojan / Virus
  74. Reports Attached.
  75. Urgent Help required, laptop hot and slow
  76. Google links redirect me
  77. Trojan proxy AMJV.dropper!
  78. Google redirects/"System Security 2012"
  79. Bad Image Error
  80. Virus - Hard drive and memory errors
  81. Virus Causing Popups, Uninstalled Programs & Messing with Permissions
  83. Can't get rid of W32.Shadesrat
  84. Temporary? Virus on my laptop...
  85. Music plays randomly and IE restarts
  86. MSE can't delete Trojan:win32/Sirefef.O
  87. Unknown virus, no program opens!
  88. DRPSu11-Final causes various problems
  89. Sluggish computer, & threats found
  90. Possible Trojan.Zefarch?
  91. Not so funny junk
  92. Uniform Traffic Ticket Email
  94. Infected Wave File?
  95. My harddisk space is vanishing
  96. System Restore Virus Not removed completely
  97. Hijackthis - Please Help
  98. Possible problem
  99. invaded contact list
  100. Possible spyware/adware + iexplorer.exe virus?
  101. JS/Crypted.ID.gen
  102. [SOLVED] VGEdit
  103. "Cloud Protection" has taken over computer
  104. Redirect Virus
  105. GMER gives BSOD Warning - SLOW PC
  106. Redirect Virus
  107. Google Search Re-Directs...System Frozen
  108. Infected!!!! Help Remove Malware and viruses!! Please!!
  109. Think i have Virus/Trojans/Rootkits again ?
  110. Trojan detected - Hard Drive Wiped!
  111. Super slow and facebook/email hacked
  112. Laptop full of trojans
  113. Infected with Zbot
  114. Slow Internet Speed and Other Telltale Signs
  115. Browser Redirecting Issue
  116. Virus Disabling Antivirus Programs!
  117. Rootkit Detected
  118. Any viruses remaining?
  119. The virus
  120. System Restore Virus
  121. Possible Virus
  122. Virus Troubles
  123. Unknown threat or just paranoia?
  124. malware removal
  125. Browser Redirection
  126. [SOLVED] I have a virus/trojan/spyware (Porn files appear on my desktop)
  127. Problem with malware and spyware
  128. How do you block porn from appearing on your Mac?
  129. Redirection problem (+more?)
  130. Please help
  131. Gosh I hate /RedirectorsMalware/Virii !!
  132. Alarm.exe hogging all my CPU
  133. AVG System Tray/Software Issues
  134. virus hijacks browser address bar searches
  135. redirect to
  136. Firefox Popups and Redirects
  137. IE keep on opening itself and the "get answer fast" google redirecting problem
  138. Rootkit infection
  139. Google Redirect Virus help
  140. weird message on computer today
  141. (Virus/Spyware help needed) LOGS INCLUDED
  142. No malicious software?
  143. Malware printer problem
  144. Slow internet / pop ups, unsure as to why
  145. (Virus/Spyware help needed)
  146. Get Answers Fast and Stats Feed Virus
  147. PCKonnect Possible Malware
  148. Win32/Sirefef.CT trojan
  149. Need Help, Computer Has Some Kind of Infection
  150. trojan help needed: continued
  151. search redirecting via ""
  152. Browsers being redirected by
  153. computer acting up
  154. Tracking cookie detected on opening
  155. Hijacked :/
  156. My hotmail account is sending out spam to everyone
  157. Gray screens of death, can't start my computer about half the time
  158. Possible Virus/Malware? Win32.dialer
  159. Google Redirect
  160. Cannot turn on or access antivirus, Windows Firewall, and having link redirects
  161. Cannot get rid of search engine redirection virus.
  162. AV Guard Virus
  163. Re: IE Ads and Wave Muting Itself
  164. exploit:win32/pdfjsc.rf Malware
  165. Browser starts spontaneously and flashes ads
  166. Rootkit removal, laptop freezing, playing random music, internet slowing.
  167. [SOLVED] Had or Have Virus that affected my Network Adapters
  168. Problems with browsers when navigating
  169. FakeAlert infection
  170. Can't open firefox
  171. Win32 Trojan and other problems.
  172. Virus? Can only start up in safe mode
  173. Can not install any new programs
  174. Puzzling virus goes undetected in malware scanners
  175. cant access anti-virus
  176. Please check for Keylogger
  177. Virus Help!
  178. Internet Explorer not working, Searchqu Adware
  180. Troubles in navigating
  181. Windows 7 malware
  182. Rootkit Revealed Log
  183. Redirecting to fileserve
  184. Taskmgr.exe and General Shell
  185. Need help with this.
  186. Trojans
  187. Noice/sound playing virus
  188. Re: Random Reboots with some error codes
  189. Help Please! Internet Explorer stops working after a few minutes.... [Moved from IE]
  190. Computer/Internet Running Extremely Slow
  191. Helping a friend with a slow computer
  192. System freezing
  193. caption " hello world "
  194. I can't get dds and gmer to work at all.
  195. Mouse moving on its own...Possible infection?
  196. Nicholas
  197. Laptop Freezes after a minute of booting up... Virus suspected
  198. Full System Restore
  199. Problem with computer memory processes
  200. Anti-virus sites blocked
  201. Antivirus programs and Windows updates blocked
  202. Both browsers hijacked
  203. This trojan is killing me....
  204. Hotmail account sending spam
  205. Computer running slow, hijackthis problems
  206. Random sounds/music/ads from my laptop
  207. [SOLVED] Google links redirected - njksearch
  208. [SOLVED] Multiple Exploit & Trojan Issues
  209. BOO/TDss.M boot sector virus plus others
  210. Got rid of a Trojan but still appear infected
  211. Internet stops suddenly (Infected)
  212. Google redirect trojan/malware
  213. Think I am infected
  214. Malware svchost.exe!
  215. infection, GREM shows rootkit
  216. Laptop starting to run slow&constantly running at high CPU Usage ,frequently AT 100%
  217. Browser redirects, a/v scans shutting down
  218. Suspicious phone call
  219. Icons missing, Files wont save, Slow System
  220. Trojan Horse Generic 24 cpqj
  221. Google Redirection
  222. unlocking hidden files, and using attrib
  223. Search engine redirect
  224. [SOLVED] Redirects.
  225. Computer is painfully slow
  226. [SOLVED] Computer running extremely slow
  227. Can not search with Google, Bing, or Yahoo
  228. Random CPU Spikes causing lag
  229. Keep Getting Notice of Trojan
  230. need help in removing virus
  231. Search Engines are not available or working
  232. Computer running weird - Unsure what it is
  233. Something is changing security start up services
  234. Google does not work
  235. Torpig/Mebroot rootkit infection
  236. Search engines not working
  237. Slow computer and many pop-ups
  238. Hotmail hijack
  239. need help in removing virus
  240. All search engines redirecting to ad sites
  241. can't open youtube and gmail.
  242. [SOLVED] Computer Help
  243. Computer freezes and not responding
  244. Browser Redirect
  245. How to get rid of
  246. Webbrowser redirector thewebtimesnet
  247. virus hijacks browser address bar searches
  248. Google redirects to other website
  249. Redirect malware virus
  250. How to get rid of