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  1. please help. had system check virus, now redirect
  2. Unknown Virus Causing Chaos...
  3. Think point symptoms/logs included
  4. Fixed?
  5. Threat found in memory/explorer.exe/variant of win32/gataka Trojan Help Pls
  6. Need help confirming if a PC is clean!
  7. need help please
  8. Used RealPlayer Download, various threats
  9. virus removal help
  10. possible virus help
  11. MS DOS problem
  12. Freecorder re-installs on restart, affects browser
  13. Possible virus blocking internet
  14. Virus Spyware Removal Help
  15. Continued problems after Cycbot removal
  16. Google redirect turned to no wifi internet connection, W7 Starter
  17. Virus Help Please
  18. Battling a Rootkit
  19. Google sites do not work in all browsers
  20. Possible Virus! Please help. /logs included+++
  21. Exploit:JS/Blacole.BW
  22. yet another google hijack virus
  23. [SOLVED] Problems have resurfaced
  24. Cryptor Virus?
  25. XP System Check Infection
  26. HJack LOG
  27. Failed to save System32 Popups Virus - Please assist!!!
  28. Possible virus
  29. [SOLVED] Random news
  30. TR/Trash.Gen Trojan
  31. 'Cant get on google' virus
  32. PC hijack
  33. Virus and google issues
  34. Oibruvv Malware
  35. Babylon Toolbar Virus
  36. Portable External Hard Drive infected by win32/Tanatos J and Sality
  37. [SOLVED] operating memory trojan
  38. Google Virus And Possibly Worse
  39. [SOLVED] Windows 7 System Check Malware, Help
  40. AVG reports Trojan horse CRYPT.AQPI and Generic26.CLWW
  41. Have a look at this log, thanks in advance
  42. Bad Image Errors
  43. Laptop running slow and freezing up
  44. [SOLVED] WinXP SP3; IPC error, Shutdown Issues and Taskbar Color issues
  45. Can't see files, error message of hard drive appear
  46. Fan blowing full blast, successive beeps, won't start.
  47. Bot
  48. Performance issues
  49. Google redirect on Vista- Total novice
  50. Need help desperately
  51. Just got the virus that hides everything... help please?
  52. After removal issues
  53. Google redirect virus to no firewall to no internet
  54. System Freezing - virus suspected
  55. Security Shield 2011 removal
  56. DDS and GMER Logs, WIn XP. [for Ried]
  57. Windows Recovery virus - usual fixes won't work
  58. bad image error
  59. Browser hijacked (DDS,Attach,ARK) provided
  60. Malware Infestation
  61. "Error loading MPHN.VMO" on start
  62. [SOLVED] trojan.agent/gen-bifrose??
  63. Attacked by fake 2012 virus programs
  64. Malware playing random ad sounds and music through any audio devices.
  65. Virus Assistance - thanks!
  66. Both browsers hijacked
  67. Supected Virus
  68. Am I still infected??
  69. Malware Removal Problem not a clue what I am doing
  70. InstallIQUpdater
  71. Virus on Toshiba Laptop - tzres.dll?
  72. Win Seven Hijackthis log, Any help it just doesnt seem right to me.
  73. blue screen, laptop shuts down in safe mode
  74. [SOLVED] Do I still have a trojan?
  75. No scanners can find anything, do I still have a trojan?
  76. Trojan.agent Removal Help
  77. Trj, PUP, Heur? Viruses and malware, help please
  78. Netbook can't access internet after removal of "XP antivirus 2011"
  79. Win32/Sirefef.DN trojan
  80. svchost / redirect virus
  81. virus help please
  82. rootkit that avg can't remove
  83. Wife's Computer Infected - Unknown Virus/Malware
  84. Laptop Hanging
  85. Virus is infecting my laptop!!!
  86. Need A Trojan Remover...
  87. Firefox hijacked after virus infection
  88. System Check Malware and DDS issue
  89. Paypal Virus/Trojan/Malware?
  90. Malware? Cannot see Wireless Adaptor
  91. [SOLVED] I don't think I am infected, just want to quickly check something please
  92. How To Repair Files That corrupted By Trojan
  93. Unable to remove Generic26.BUQF trojan horse
  94. Possible rootkit infection, hijack this log inside.
  95. c:\windows\system32\net.exe pop ups
  96. Duplicate folders in External hard Disk
  97. Can't connect to internet
  98. Any and all of my internet browsers "stop working" and close right after I open them.
  99. Redirects won't go away
  100. comp slow after virus
  101. Very strange PC behaviour, AVG detecting nothing
  102. Can't access popular sites
  103. error message - dll is not a valid windows image
  104. Need help probally KeyLogged :(
  105. HP A620n XP SP 3 Malware infected
  106. Can some please look at this thread
  107. Fake Antivirus software on my computer
  108. Computer is playing random audio and commercials from nowhere
  109. Remove PC Cleaners from Blocking ADD/Remove entry on Control Panel
  110. Computer slow and E-mail problems
  111. trojan BNK win32 keylogger.gen - Please help
  112. Icons and taskbar have disappeared, Libraries folder opens on startup
  113. Please help. Lost 50% of the files I had.
  114. [SOLVED] svchost virus or something worse
  115. svchost virus, or something even worse
  116. bsod at log in due to spyware?
  117. Google redirect
  118. RedirectedHosts
  119. Rogue XP Antispyware 2012
  120. Computer locks up, trojan.bnk, redirect, etc
  121. FakeAlert-Rena Infection
  122. Laptop Virus/Trojan Lock
  123. AVG - dropper.generic5.QYA
  124. Computer playing random sound and system acting crazy
  125. Websites redirected to sydication sites/ Hijackthis log
  126. Rogue virus and browser-redirecting malware (DDS, Attach, and Ark included)
  127. Trojan removal help for windows vista.
  128. Possible DNS Virus
  129. Rogue virus and browser-redirecting malware
  130. No internet after getting rid of Win 7 Home security
  131. [SOLVED] svchost.exe using large amounts of memory
  132. dead mouse
  133. Start menu programs gone, Icons, files and folders hidden, random audio, IE redirect
  134. XPSP3 Computer cannot connect to the internet after malware removals
  135. [SOLVED] Vista Home Security 2012 Virus
  136. Google search results redirected
  137. no internet access after virus
  138. Ghost typing?
  139. Dell desktop using 100% cpu with nothing running
  140. Need help with spyware/malware
  141. I have viruses
  142. Dorkbot.I
  143. [SOLVED] The Wrath Of System Check
  144. Possible Rootkit?
  145. I cant remove a virus by scanning it or deleting it
  146. Windows Security 2011 Issues
  147. Google search results redirected
  148. Mysterious JPG Image on Start Up
  149. Google redirect virus?
  150. Search results being redirected
  151. W32/Mariofev!mem Virus on my PC
  152. possible trouble with Kalac.exe
  153. 6 days, no reply
  154. Svchost.exe virus that won't go away.
  155. Csrss.exe Trojan-Installing Process
  156. Virus has hidden most my programs and files and still wont go
  157. Am I protected with Windows Security Essentials?
  158. Computer attempts outgoing connection
  159. Google Redirect and Recurring Windows Restore Virus
  160. [SOLVED] No Connectivity after "infected win.gen2" and "XP antivirus 2012" issues
  161. Virus blocking internet access.
  162. Computer plays commercial ads in the background
  163. Possible Virus?
  164. Virus detected but not permanently deleted
  165. Various Infections
  166. How cai I delete $Recycle.Bin virus to my laptop
  167. Windows 7 Smitfraud.generic
  168. win 7 32bit infection. Fake AV, PE_Batch, rootkit win32.ZAccess
  169. My computer and I need your help...
  170. Suspected Malware In Neighbors Computer
  171. WINDOWS XP - combination of IE popup when IE isn't open and FireFox redirect on searc
  172. PC running slowly; seeking help.
  173. Trojan:Win32/EyeStye.N
  174. Mysterious Files and Homegroup setup?
  175. G:\RECYCLER\6dc09d8d.exe error
  176. PC Appears to Have a Virus
  177. Firefox Slow and Random Popups
  178. Trojan horse Generic26.QP
  179. Virus I Think
  180. McAfee detects trojan but wont remove?
  181. [SOLVED] Please Help, virTool:Win32/Obfuscator.XZ, Very Dangerous!
  182. Possible infection
  183. xp antivirus 2012 knocked me offline...
  184. Infected?
  185. redirect virus help please
  186. browser redirect
  187. viruses appear to be stopping windows updates - BTC bounty btw
  188. Blue Screen Of Death-Windows XP
  189. Infected, can't run browsers long When I close either Sea Monkey or Chrome the exe r
  190. Virus? Please Help
  191. Redirect virus
  192. Cannot open programs
  193. Backgroun Music
  194. infected! possible malware?
  195. Windows 7 Security Virus
  196. Popups and redirects after Win 7 2012 virus
  197. Deleted Win 7 Virus, now I can't open any programs
  198. "Windows Fix" virus
  199. What to do about this drive?
  200. Trojan, malware problem
  201. w32/blaster.worm follow up
  202. Due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Windows firewall settings
  203. I cant access antivirus web sites is it conficker ???
  204. Popups on Firefox! Help Pls
  205. Disappearing Data and Files
  206. Help with removing trojan please
  207. [SOLVED] probable malware on HP laptop
  208. virus problem
  209. Win 7 Security virus 2012
  210. virus problum
  211. FixNCR
  212. Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help
  213. Virus and Trojan problems on my computer
  214. Re: Needs help with trojan horse PSW generic9 ASRC
  215. Win32/Conficker!mem trojan remover
  216. Unknown virus-Unable to run ANY applications in Windows XP Pro
  217. XP comp not connecting to Internet
  218. Len trojan, now blocking most .exe
  219. Help! Computer has been effectively taken over.
  220. Windows 7 Error#0x8000ffff System Restore
  221. Windows 7 Security 2012
  222. Port scanning attack!
  223. DrgToDrg file stopped W32/Blaster.worm (XP)
  224. need some help, please! Google Redirect virus (and more?)
  225. Pop Up Errors
  226. freebookspot
  227. Do I Still Have Viruses???
  228. [SOLVED] svchost.exe error "A breakpoint has been reached"
  229. All browsers being redirected
  230. Programs won't open and can't download any programs
  231. Win32/Themida amongst other nasties
  232. Online Banking *FAKE*
  233. User that does not belong here
  234. Infected with trojan droppers
  235. redirecting virus need help
  236. Help! - 12-11 Malware Viruses & Trojans
  237. Windows Security 2012 keeps coming back
  238. Folders disappearing, Please Help?
  239. Annoying PopUps for Vista Security 2012
  240. WTSAPI32.dll not valid Windows image
  241. Redirect Virus/Trojan
  242. Virus/Browerhighjack
  243. Cannot open .Exe Files w/out permission
  244. Problem with trojan, FAKEAV.DAM??
  245. [SOLVED] realplay taking over processes
  246. "F30" related Trojan
  247. dds log
  248. Virus/Trojan/spyware
  249. Possible Rootkit infection or just "noise"
  250. Possible Keylogger Stealing CC info?