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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Trouble with ADS234 - Please Help
  2. about:blank
  3. Weird Google IE hijack
  4. Can you please check my HJT log?
  5. KRC Hijack This Analyzer
  6. Can someone help me kill them?
  7. Please look at my Log
  8. HJT log - please check
  9. adware help please
  10. This is really baffling me
  11. Help... Virus/trojan/malware infection
  12. jdshix
  13. Detected adware/spyware
  14. Help removing Zserv
  15. haxdoor-h killing me, please help with hjt file!
  16. HJT Log:gazelle8410
  17. adware ruining life
  18. Need Help With Internet Explorer
  19. redirected, recycle and error problems
  20. Sister cause of lots of spyware on my pc :(
  21. HELP! hijacked by numerous...
  22. 680180 virus
  23. frss v2.6 popup problem (help me)
  24. pop-up slowness and keyboard troubles :)
  25. help cannot delete
  26. Date Last Modified Problem
  27. Need Help Removing Spyware CLKOptimizer and exit exchange
  28. Help!!! Bestfind4u has hijacked my IE
  29. Need help with Spyware.
  30. I've got Surfsidekick and some other c***, please help me!
  31. Not sure totally out of the woods
  32. Need help with OfferOptimizer/zserv.dll removal!
  33. Need Help??? Pop upsNot sure if this is right area for post
  34. Keep getting popups
  35. Corrupted login
  36. Help with hijacker log file please
  37. Download.trojan
  38. HJK analyzer log of an invasin in progress..
  39. need help cleaning
  40. Symantec Email Scanner problem on Norton AntiVirus 2005
  41. Infected
  42. Major virus/trojan/malware infection
  43. browser hijacked, trojan downloader attack
  44. Help! I think it's CWS
  45. System Error while running Ad-Aware
  46. help to delete adaware
  47. Followed the steps in KRC Anti-Spyware Tutorial but still am getting pop-ups
  48. Can not open Internet Explorer, Control Panel, My Computer, etc.
  49. Viruses, Adware, and Malware, Oh my! :sad:
  50. Search results have been hijacked
  51. Need a little help...
  52. Trouble with running HijackThis.
  53. Persistent spyware... from Flash get?
  54. Is my computer bad?
  55. Tried Everything HJT Analyzer Used
  56. Helping a friend...
  57. slowdown
  58. AHH! My computer is acting crazy...
  59. Need help with Backdoor.Beasty.Family
  60. Spybloc ?
  61. xlimeoptimzer
  62. Mucho probs
  63. Please Help me remove Spyware. HJT Attached
  64. Have some Addware problems
  65. pc slows down often
  66. ads345 and other stuff
  67. think may have virus..
  68. hijackthis log help
  69. Pop-ups
  70. gktafh.exe
  71. Hijacked by spyware
  72. please help me
  73. 3rd attack in a week of Dyfica3
  74. Desktop White, Please Help
  75. As req by Greyknight17
  76. mib.dll adware.mainsearch
  77. Spyware-Vserv and Randreco HELP!!
  78. HJT Log-computer doesn't shut down-ie wont find sites
  79. e_salguero - Dad's log
  80. Am I being hijacked? Need help
  81. Help! my Pc is infected with spywares!
  82. I'm a newbie - How to remove a spyware toolbar
  83. Trojandownloader grief
  84. Keylogger problem
  85. HJT Help! (Ad-Rotator v2.21)
  86. unable to remove a virus
  87. ( popups won't go away.
  88. Laptop well and truly hijacked. Can anyone help? HJT Log included
  89. BestFind4U has hijacked my computer
  90. Can anyone decipher this HijackThis logfile?
  91. Multiple programs closing, IE page streaming
  92. Help with hijackthis log!
  93. Help!
  94. PWSteal.Trojan Help Please!!
  95. Diet Patch, Shopping Wizard, and other problems-Please Help Me With a Hijack This Log
  96. GOOGLE corrupted
  97. Computer full of spyware - help
  98. hi jack log please help
  99. Need help with recent scan
  100. HigackThis Log Attached Please Help
  101. Can't get rid of CWS and popups, HJT log inside
  102. Nasty spyware hijack this logfile- Please help!
  103. Help!!
  104. Annoying popups
  105. TROJ_SMALL.UY & TROJ_UPLOADER.F - Any help greatly appreciated.
  106. Uncle's laptop a mess
  107. Lots of Popups and Possible Trojan/Worm
  108. HJT log help
  109. Could you check this scan please?
  110. Slow puter...HJT log inside
  111. Invalid Syntax Error when trying to log on to IE
  112. virus/spyware
  113. popups of search engine sites
  114. ?hkdsk.exe help
  115. Can't get rid of spyware!
  116. Performance/Internet issues...please help
  117. HJT log (not urgent)
  118. Help Please! Removing xlime.offeroptimizer and other pop ups
  119. Help! sais.exe, tibs3.exe, about:blank homepage etc....
  120. can someone have a look at this please
  121. farmmext.exe problem!
  122. Need Help
  123. Still receiving pop ups after various scans. Please help.
  124. Hijack This Log....still getting popups
  125. More bestfind4u problems
  126. ADS345 ... Please help!
  127. PC acting stange
  128. Some problem
  129. Trojan Small
  130. help with xlime
  131. can't get rid of enhancemysearch
  132. Missing MSVBVM60.DLL file in HIJACK THIS
  133. Exact.exe trojan help
  134. Dad's pc is hurting....
  135. Another Hijacked by CWS.AboutBlank problem
  136. help please
  137. HJT log; (sigh) one more time, please
  138. how to fix 69sexsearch pop-up
  139. Desperately need help with ad-w-a-r-e
  140. need some help cleaning
  141. Cws-about d*** bug
  142. Help Please!
  143. HJT log
  144. Computer's acting Weird
  145. Spyware Has Taken Over My Computer
  146. my log says freshbar should i start deleting it.
  147. My log....z1.adserver popups
  148. hijack problems again
  149. Hijacked Yet Again
  150. xlime and isearch problems
  151. help remove spyware
  152. I am riddled with Spyware - Pls can someone advise?
  153. Pop up city.. Help!
  154. browser hijacked
  155. HJT Analyzer log file help
  156. browser hijacked
  157. HELP! I'm Adware infected-HomeSearch, about:blank, Norton AV problems
  158. --Is my log clean?--
  159. Desktop trouble(Plz help)
  160. Help
  161. Got rid of ads and viruses but having more trouble
  162. Help, I've been Hijacked
  163. Norton compromised, weird processes running.
  164. popup
  165. A lil help pleas
  166. Annoying Pop Ups ads1 and morze.cafreedom
  167. Hackthis report
  168. Cannot get rid of lop after so much work!
  169. My log...How bad is it?
  170. desktop search toolbar/isrvs
  171. HJT log; DSO Exploit
  172. Help Wanted!!!
  173. Please help with xlime!
  174. hjt log
  175. problem please help!!!
  176. enhancemysearch pop up driving me crazy!!!
  178. Computer invaded by about.blank and
  179. hijacked my browser..log inside
  180. Making sure I didn't miss any thing, My log
  181. please help with xlime
  182. Puppy Boyz hijacked my browser
  183. leatherfac HJT log2
  184. CWShredder found CWS.Svchost32
  185. New and seemingly unheard of spyware...on my computer.
  186. Need Instructions on Hijack this
  187. problem - Hijack log data posted
  188. HJT Log Analysis - Lil help, please
  189. Help with HJT log-Spyware removers dont help anymore
  190. New to HJT some help if possible would be appreciated
  191. Win32.Daqa D trojan
  192. My HijackThis Log
  193. my hjt log
  194. infected with isearch! help
  195. Win ME HJT Log - Is it clean?
  196. My HJT Log
  197. Plz Help Me Check>>>HijackThis Log File Here!!
  198. xlime.offeroptimizer has taken over!
  199. Help with win min
  200. Hijackthis log help plz
  201. Twitching mouse pointer and Weird file names
  202. HijackThis log help
  203. New Tounfite logs
  204. Log file due to unknown virus/problem
  205. Got rid of many of trojans,viruses etc,but...Please help!
  206. About:blank plus others
  207. Find-more hyjack in [B]Win 89?[/B].
  208. coolwebsearch variant
  209. adware problem
  210. please help, this spyware is killing me - thxs for your time
  211. hijackthis log
  212. removal. Any, ANY, help at all appreciated.
  213. HijackThis Problem
  214. Shdoclc.dll - my hjt log
  215. xlime
  216. Please, HELP - Downloader.Trojan virus-unable to remove
  217. IE problem with and added favorites
  218. Fake Task Bar Shield for Spyware Removal
  219. My Hijackthis log - Please help !!
  220. nav security alert bloody nuisance
  221. I get too many pop-ups......
  222. Yet another Hijack Log
  223. Bargain Buddy
  224. Mainsearch keeps reinstalling itself
  225. Need help with spyware - hijack log attached
  226. trojan(?) removal
  227. CoolWebSearch/ VX2 infection
  228. PC slow down
  229. 540.scmg problem
  230. HiJack This Log - Need Help
  231. Got a new it good or bad?
  232. I think I'm still infected...
  233. Need Help, Think it revolves around 2nd thought trojan
  234. Trojan Horse
  235. Desktop icons moving around, please help...
  236. Two particularly nasty pieces of work ...
  237. Lose Explorer connection after about 1 min.
  238. Please help, Adshooter Infection.
  239. I need help deleting a file
  240. HJT Analyzer log attached
  241. HJT Log - SablePsy - adware/spyware/trojan
  242. PLs help...Elite Bar and other unknowns
  243. Getting Low Memory Error Over Time
  244. Running Slow
  245. Am I clean now?
  246. cows popping up
  247. Need help please
  248. First log, xfire problem?
  249. help please, logs
  250. PeopleOnPage Hijack