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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. slower internet and pops up when not on internet explorer
  2. My friend's pc is running very slow
  3. Action Cancelled res://C:\WINDOWS\System32\shdoclc.dll/dnserror.htm
  4. filost & oldgames
  5. help with hijackthis log
  6. green highlight links
  7. help me
  8. Recycle Bin will not empty...Spyware???
  9. Hijack this log[Resolved]
  10. HijackThis Log File Please help
  11. Troj/Ad-ClickAF
  12. Help - computer shutting down
  13. Hijacked yet again.
  14. Anything suspicious??
  15. please help with hijacked homepage
  16. WHY ME?! Here is my hjt log... any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  17. sixtypopsix fixed need more help HJT Log
  18. Many Problems
  19. fxcapt result.txt log file....
  20. Problems with MssCli.exe file
  21. New HJT Log for the experts
  22. Can't find anything wrong, moving really slow...
  23. Istbar
  24. Popups from z1.adserver, oinadserve, trafficmp.....
  25. Check Up [RESOLVED]
  26. PC is acting unnatural, think I got nasty bugs
  27. Lots of problems here!
  28. offer optimizer is so annoying
  29. Hijacked involving se.dll
  30. Kill.exe on 'run away mode' during startup
  31. Had to restore just to get here!! HJT log:
  32. Please help Removing EliteBar and Ebates Moe Moneymaker{RESOLVED}
  33. my homepage is stuck to res://shdocpe.dll/blank.htm
  34. Help to get rid of xadsj.offeroptimizer
  35. clarinette HJT log
  36. Plz help the last one is the worst
  37. this is insane!!!!
  38. Nasty Trojans and Slow Comp - Help
  39. Unknown startups
  40. Help
  41. please help me w/this hijack, please
  42. Trojans and Pop-Ups :(
  43. NEW HJT Log
  44. Invalid Syntax error
  45. Hijack This v1.99.1 freezing up at O15[RESOLVED]
  46. Ad-Aware Messed Up Internet
  47. Aa-aware cleanup before running HJT has wacked my network adapters
  48. VERY small HiJackThis log, possible infection
  49. Istbar
  50. need help!! could not find "c:\windows\system32\system32.exe
  51. Slow computer with CPU usage at 100%
  52. Trojan Horse Startpage.16.n
  53. Slow Loading Internet Explorer
  54. Help with SearchMiracle.AdDownloader Trojan Downloader
  55. Spyware problems
  56. Need help on getting rid of offeroptimizer
  57. Please review my Hijack log file?
  58. 125777.exe
  59. Could you please review this for me, thanks
  60. I can not get rid of troj AEE.A
  61. plz help me! coolwwwsearch and other spyware on my pc! cant remove them!
  62. Got a Trojan....Please help
  63. To previous problem I've posted
  64. Computer booting is very slow, help???
  65. AdLogix Help[Resolved]
  66. First Time HijackThis User, Please Help!!
  67. Another post
  68. hijack homepage to
  69. about:blank hijacker has taken over
  70. traxx1
  71. please check this
  72. Virus Using My Computer To Send Spam Emails! HELP! - LOG INCLUDED
  73. Hijackthis log ads345 & ceres
  74. copenjackenhage HJT log
  75. Could you please help me clean my Hijack log!
  76. Is there a problem here?
  77. Help with a log please =)
  78. Parents Computer needs cleaning. HJT log
  79. Parent of Teen needs help! HiJack log
  80. problem windows. hta and pop ups , pls help!
  81. Browser Hijacked - HELP!
  82. noob needs help with Trojan.startpage.16.BD{RESOLVED}
  83. Command is going crazy
  84. Help With Trojan(s) please :s
  85. Dunno what else to do...
  86. Computer Trouble Please Help Hijackthis Log
  87. help please
  88. Help with HijackThis Analyzer log please
  89. At war with shopinst.exe and 28[1].bin... please HELP!
  90. AAAAAARrrgggghhjh
  91. Almost clean, but... ?
  92. virus everywhere please Help !!!
  93. virus help
  94. pesky worm re-emerged??
  95. My really nifty KRC HijackThis Analyzer results
  96. Z-demon error in Spy Bot
  97. Xlime/Offeroptimizer Help Needed ASAP
  98. Help Analyse HJT Log> MiracleSearch, EliteBar, desktopsearch.
  99. NEW INFECTION hjt log included
  100. Please, have a look on my HJT using HiJackthis analyzer
  101. autoinstalling programs in my computere by itsel
  102. [resolved]Please help
  103. HELP!! Hijackthis log
  104. Not another hikjack this log
  105. TrojanDownloader.Win32.Agent.bc
  106. Removing sixtypopsix.exe
  107. Hijack this Log - full of spyware??
  108. Unusual Log...
  109. My HijackLog using Analyzer
  110. Help checking cleanliness
  111. Here is my HijackThis Log. Please help!
  112. Hijack This! - Need Help
  113. Help! has hijacked IE. HJT details here...
  114. [Resolved]HJT log need help
  115. Please Help - Hijack this Log.
  116. am I clean?
  117. just needing someone to look at my log
  119. HiJackThisAnalyzer file
  120. 4bd.exe
  121. PLEASE HELP!! I can't figure this out!!
  122. Spyware problem keeps comming back
  123. [resolved]Sigh problems
  124. Cannot eliminate farmmext and other spyware
  125. Virus on computer HJT Analyzer log
  126. hijackthis log...please help
  127. Second Hijack Analyzer Results
  128. big probs, need help
  129. Please help!
  130. WebSiteViewer, Nowfind, Network Connection Properties
  131. Hijack This logfile attached-please help
  132. window explorer hijacked
  133. Hotmail password...not Outlook related.
  134. Recurring rundll.exe issue.
  135. Experiencing Some Issues
  136. Help Please!! Computer Is Screwed!!
  137. website Viewer Go Away!
  138. Need help analyzing KRC HJT Results
  139. Dialer problem V2
  140. Please revise my hijackthis log
  141. searcharoundthecorner
  142. I hate!!
  143. Hijackthis log and description[RESOLVED}
  144. Another one with Trojan.Startpage...
  145. Help with HJT log to remove webhancer
  146. More Pop us that I can keep up with!
  147. I give up :( Some1 plz help me!!!
  148. Please help w/removal of "Desktop Search" (desktop.exe)
  149. Dialer problem
  150. What's causing this??? Hijack log
  151. Big problem - Invsible popups, need help bad
  152. can u take a look at this log plz
  153. rem7s log
  154. mdtdev.exe
  155. End Program "Sample" during shut down.
  156. Need just a bit more help
  157. PULEEEZE Help....XADS and XLIME are Killing me!!
  158. my computer is dying please help
  159. Pop ups that won't DIE
  160. browser hijack?? please help
  161. can not save hjt logs
  162. [Resolved]how do I stop this? pls help
  163. not sure whats going on
  164. Calc and Packager Problems
  165. winshost.exe i think virus?
  166. About:Blank
  167. se.dll issues
  168. can someone help me remove my viruses and bad files?
  169. Trojan -
  170. hellllp..i need somebody
  171. popups are driving me crazy
  172. trojans, pop-ups, no internet
  173. trojan, hijack got em all
  174. my daughter's laptop--log posted--HELP!
  175. trojan over and over-and over--HELP!
  176. mother in laws computer please help
  177. in need of a log review [Resolved]
  178. don't know much, please help
  179. Internet Explorer Hijacked - tried everything!
  180. Help needed to get rid of 680180 pop up, please!!!!
  181. Motomedia Popup - please advise log attatch
  182. Startup and close down problems
  183. Removing Spyware What's Next?
  184. My uncleanable spyware
  185. Searchdom, loaders and virus Influx 'HELP'?
  186. Virus's dialer and downloader
  187. Need help with this log...
  188. se.dll trojan virus
  189. HJT with Tbps issues
  190. Followed instructions posted to address 540.scmg / need to check new log
  191. Urllogic and Loadingwebsite popups (and others), plus IGetNet. Please help!
  192. xlime offeroptimizer HELP!?! Get rid of it!
  193. hjt log
  194. Help with the removal of the searchmiracle spyware.
  195. internet explorer pop ups when not open
  196. Pop-ups
  197. Xlime and other spyware help Please
  198. HJT log
  199. filost & oldgame Hijaking
  200. help please
  201. having probs- virus or something else
  202. How to remove JAVA_BYTEVER.A and JAVA_BYTEVER.C
  203. HJT Log Attached
  205. Major Hijacking here. PLEASE HELP!
  206. Sysupd.dll need help with hijack
  207. Not able to remove a file from add/remove programs
  208. Atuo-HJT Log Reader
  209. Help please
  210. Hijack this help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  211. Help with HJT log please.
  212. I have OCD, Help appreciated
  213. Can anyone please help me?
  214. Help analize my HJT log pls, spyware attacks me
  215. Internet Explorer opening filost and oldgames
  216. Result Txt File
  217. Hijackthis log help
  218. Strange new Processes in XP what are they?
  219. Memory leak in Sp2?? (svchost?)
  220. e6f1873b.dll error
  221. Help. HJT Log File
  222. Hijack this log help please......
  223. Possible Spyware on Laptop
  224. Can someone please review my "hijackthis" log?
  225. Web Site Viewer is back! :(
  226. Help I was hijacted
  227. Win 95 System Hijacked by about:blank[Resolved]
  228. Zserv Trojan returned
  229. System uses 99% of CPU. HJT log included
  230. ISTsvc Folder Won't Delete Hijackthis log... Please Help!
  231. Need help removing
  232. Help!!
  233. Linksys handing out IP addresses
  234. The "real" deal; I've got it all
  235. HijackThis Analyzer Result; IE Crawling; Win98SE not shutting down
  236. University student with slow computer problem - HJT log inside
  237. Please, please help, HijackThis Log included
  238. Geez where do I start? Um help?
  239. My Logfile I was told to post so I could get help! Thanks a lot!
  240. onemoresearch
  241. Downloaded Something Bad. HiJack Log Inside
  242. Please help!! hijackthis log posted
  243. ISTsvc, and another log file with help needed
  244. So what do I delete?
  245. virus threat
  246. HJT logfile
  247. What to do w/ my log...
  248. Analysed log with analyser and read FAQ. PLease Help
  249. begin2search and trojan downloader problems
  250. Help With HijackThis Log - Link to Prior Post