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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Is there anything wrong?
  2. Please Help. Can't remove seeve.exe!
  3. hijack log
  4. Google Problems
  5. My computer is dying, PLEASE HELP!!!
  6. Spyware problems need help
  7. Don't know what it is.
  8. HJT log file check
  9. Virus: C:\windows\system32\rdriv.sys
  10. 404 page
  11. Slow internet speed
  12. HiJack Log for email problem
  13. Help needed with dialer.instantaccess and HDplugin 1019
  14. help with HiJackThis please
  15. microsoft windows.hta, ntdetect.hta
  16. Nail.exe I think
  17. 540.filost pop-ups causing problems
  18. MSIMN.exe error message - please help!
  19. Java Bytever B virus..HELP..HJT log attached
  20. TROJAND/Ler+javabytever+dllhost.exe
  21. IE 90% CPU Usage
  22. Help Please :)
  23. PLEASE HELP and randomsites
  24. Ive done that all shld be done.. but expert advice plz
  25. Aze Tool Bar
  26. HJT Problem + Others
  27. HELP! CWS virus.
  28. Mysterious Start-Up Problems
  29. Please someone HEELLP... Urgent please..
  30. Infected File I can't remove
  31. HijackThis Log: PLEASE HELP DIAGNOSE!!!
  32. Xuron55 error in spybot scan in wondows 98se
  33. HJT Log, need help ASAP!!!
  34. Need Help
  35. altnet, perfect keylogger, naughty popups
  36. aim crashes - about:blank
  37. Toshiba M35 Display Problem and more
  38. CPU runs 100%, blue screen, only can run in safe mode HELP!
  39. cleaning up old computer
  40. Is my log clean???
  41. Haxdoor-H, newdot~1.dll
  42. Deleted Items do not apppear in Recycle Bin
  43. Internet explorer keeps opening to weird website
  44. Pls help with bayzm & other porn hijackers
  45. Analyzer help needed
  46. Only MS Antispyware scan has detected infections
  47. Great site! Help for a new guy please?
  48. CWS infection... please help
  49. please check my hijackthis log
  50. Cannot connect to internet/mail server after repeated reboots
  51. TIBS problem - Hijack log
  52. About blank entries
  53. eilte tool bar
  54. Computer is slow, unwanted toolbar & shortcut on desktop
  55. IE Home Page Hijack
  56. Problems with pop ups
  57. A windows pops up at startup on the taskbar then disappears
  58. HJT log
  59. PLEASE HELP NEWBIE - trojan delprot.sys
  60. HijackThis inside - WAFFLEz... c:\Program.... waaaaa?
  61. HELP!! strange spywares, i cant get rid of they.
  62. Help needed "" is ruining my day..
  63. Please could you tell me if this Hijackthis Log is clean
  64. This computers lagging BAD! HELP!
  65. having odd problems... analyzed HJT log inside
  66. System32/rdriv virus I can't destroy! PLEASE HELP!
  67. Just need to check my log
  68. winlogon.exe hogging cpu time!!
  69. pop ups help!
  70. Strange issue: auto start of search for webste
  71. Please Help With HiJack This Log
  72. SPSeHjFix.log of JAYIBM
  73. Hijacked by
  74. Slow Broadband - HijackThis Loge file help
  75. Hi - Laggy / redirecting computer
  76. help with about blank
  77. HJT Help
  78. help please....
  79. Can't get rid of about:blank & temp\se.dll
  80. Popups Galore! HTJ file incl. Please help.
  81. I still have problems
  82. Updater virus + other garbages
  83. HJT Log.....system keeps re-booting??
  84. Trojan-Spy.HTML.Smitfraud.c
  85. project1
  86. Search Bar Help HJT log
  87. hijack help please
  88. Java Byte Verify Virus
  89. Don't know where to begin...
  90. Remmants of trojan.vundo.b???
  91. need help please
  92. Please help me - HJT LOG
  93. Norton Trojan alerts - Download.Trojan
  94. Unwanted tool lines, pop-ups - HijackThis log
  95. 125788.exe Hi Jack Log
  96. Help! Getting loadingwebsite popups and more. Not sure what to do next...
  97. Vundo.B ... but .dll identified not present ?
  98. Need help from previous thread. Running processes
  99. Help-start page hijacked!
  100. Vundo, Spyware, Adware oh my
  101. [RESOLVED]AVG found 75 infected files - here is the hijackthis content
  102. Microsoft Ebay etc..sites blocked cannot access
  103. coolWWWsearch 100% cpu
  104. Trojen/Virus - HiJack.log...please help!
  105. HJT LOG PLEASE HELP :( desktop jacked
  106. its me JeremyC
  107. My log...virtual bouncer, redirect to other websites
  108. bwgo0000cee8.exe entry that keeps returning
  109. need help cant run or re-install norton
  110. 540
  111. Webpages go Kaput after 2 mins HJT included
  112. Browser/MisroSoft problems
  113. DLL Errors (e6f1873b & d0ce0c16b1) and IE issues
  114. Cannot remove VX2
  115. HJT Analyzer Log - Sluggish PC
  116. HijackThis Log. Tried Everything Else. Help needed
  117. Help with HJT logs and others-Apropos Toolbar, et al.
  118. HJT Log - Stubborn Adware
  119. Can't remove a Trojan, please help.
  120. WebSiteViewer returns after reboot
  121. HijackThis log
  122. IE opens very slowly - "new"log from HJT analyzer
  123. Help me get rid of spyware!
  124. spyware and virus'
  125. Dr Watson Debugger Error Hijack Log
  126. Need more help with laptop
  127. Infected Windows Me PC Hangs on Shutdown - "Win Min" infected with Cool Web Search
  128. Rar.exe virus scan cannot delete
  129. Help... Registry Cleaner pop-ups
  130. about.blank
  131. My Network Connections box always comes up after booting my home XP PC
  132. QuickSearch and won't leave my system.
  133. Help with "Win min"
  134. Please help me fix this trojan (?) problem!
  135. Help me help a friend
  136. Please help - tried everything!
  137.,,,, Help!
  138. Hijacked by
  139., please help
  140. Please help!
  141. Pandascan finds 4 spywares
  142. hijackers in my pc
  143. Aurora Popups
  144. 108Solutions & Internet Optimizer
  145. Forbidden errors when trying to download
  146. Same problem with FURootkit Trojan appearing again after being cleaned by antivius
  147. Desktop Blue Screen Trojan
  148. Please Help With spyware
  149. Please could someone tell me if I have a trojan
  150. -please help me get rid of it!
  151. Help with removing popups
  152. Need help getting rid of this popup message
  153. Web access denied shortly after Windows Logon
  154. my computer is sick. is there a Doctor in the house?
  155. HJT log file
  156. Web access denied shortly after Windows Logon
  157. Infection,need help with log [RESOLVED]
  158. HELP!? hijack
  159. generic host process for win32 services stops internet browsing
  160. [RESOLVED]Junk-O-Rama
  161. help needed concerning spybot results
  163. Trojan Downloader-YD Help please.
  164. WindowsXP computer running VERY slow.
  165. Help removing SearchMiracle
  166. I got some adware or something![RESOLVED]
  167. Ive been Hijacked and really need help.
  168. PC hijacked by various things, porn dialers, virus's, bho's etc.
  169. Help
  170. Does this look ok?
  171. How do i get rid of ADS345!!!?
  172. Internet Explorer will not open target or pop-up links
  173. W32/Backdoor.BAM - Help with analyzing HJT log
  174. Please Help...this is after the HijackThis Analyzer
  175. Slow boot and shutdown - Am I Clean?
  176. Trojan Downloader on system
  177. pc can't access Internet
  178. HELP! Fun Web objects detected: how do I remove them?
  179. Help with browser hijack-hijack this log attached
  180. I had a bad infection recently
  181. toolbar hijack help?
  182. Got quite a mess today - KRC HJT Analyzed
  183. se.dll problem
  184. I give in i need expert help with Worm/virus
  185. Infected computer
  186. dialler and bho, please help, this one has me beat
  187. I hate!!
  188. Hjt
  189. Help! MSN Messenger Virus
  190. TrendMicro detected "Unvise32"virus in C:windows folder
  191. HJT Log.. help please
  192. Tried using multiple different anti-spyware progs, but keep getting popups, pls help
  193. Please Help, IE problem, possible virus?!
  194. Hijack This Log - Please Check
  195. Need help with HJT log
  196. Need Help Please
  197. Pop-up woes & HJT Log
  198. a trap of trojans
  199. avg found java/ByteVerify
  200. Hourglass appears for no reason
  201. --HJT log with analyzer--
  202. Spyware keeps getting reloaded
  203. TASKMGRU.EXE, MSIMN32.EXE, BHOASS.DLL help!!!!!!!!!
  204. hijack this log
  205. Still buggy...can you help?
  206. CPU is maxing out 100%
  207. can't get rid of pop-ups
  208. Sex Tracker and A Adaware
  209. Please, Please help! Hijackthis log!
  210. Need Help, know nothing, computer Sssllloowww
  211. Toshiba Laptop Problems
  212. Please help with my hijackthis log
  213. cant get rid of trojan horse
  214. Browser hijacked displaying res://c:\windows\system32....
  215. Lots of Norton Trojan Alerts
  216. Major Problems!!!
  217. Need help getting clean
  218. about:blank Home Page High Jacker
  219. please help
  220. Isearch registry entries can not be cleaned
  221. MySoft spyware
  222. HijackThis Log help...please
  223. HijackThis Log Help for AFCA038 (me)
  224. XP BOX just shuts off shortly after booting
  225. pop ups
  226. Trogan horse
  227. Please Check My HJT...VX2 again!!!!!!!
  228. Probably multiple issues - VX2, about:blank, more ?
  229. My log, what has to go?
  230. Please review
  231. HJT Log.. help please
  232. anybody see anything bad?
  233. New HJT log, thanks for your help guys!
  234. Side effect of desktop hijacking
  235. Strange things are a foot...
  236. I can't get rid of Troj/HAxdoor-l
  237. is driving me crazy!
  238. Rundll error msg
  239. Could I please request some assistance for this problem?
  240. Help w/ TIBS and others
  241. Problems with laptop - need help please
  242. spyware downloader?
  243. Need help please - sinking fast!
  244. hijack help
  245. PC Dump
  246. desktop hijacked by Danger:Spyware
  247. Another tiresome Hijack this log...
  248. Possible virus [Resolved]
  249. background process is causing quirks
  250. Definately have some bugs here...please help.