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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Computer virus is still on computer.
  2. Trojans, Redirects and Systray problems
  3. High usage of RAM
  4. [SOLVED] Browser redirects and popups
  5. Untraceable Worm/Virus named Brontok
  6. Cannot connect laptop to Inet via wire or wireless
  7. high page file usage
  8. forgot password
  9. Virus in the form of a .dll file
  10. Browser redirect to and other junk website links
  11. external HHD infected
  12. [SOLVED] Avast has blocked threats but I still need help
  13. Virus, Redirect Virus
  14. Search redirect virus - please help.
  15. firewall and rootkic
  16. Redirect virus is taking over!!
  17. Redirect virus is taking over my computer!!
  18. Everytime i open a program (program name).exe bad image appears
  19. If I leave XP running for a few days, Task Manager and some programs Won't Open
  20. Windows Security Virus, Need Help!
  21. Inaccessible BackDoor.Generic15.XCE (AVG). Removal needed
  22. My HJT Log.
  23. suspected infection, no wireless connection
  24. Virus - Cannot visit anti-virus sites or Microsoft
  25. need help!!
  26. Virus Removal/ Help needed
  27. Help! I've got!
  28. [SOLVED] MALWARE request from thread
  29. slow laptop
  30. Downloads from IE say that they have a virus
  31. Nothing working
  32. Cannot connect to internet
  33. [SOLVED] Re: IE7 cannot connect with secure sites
  34. Can't Install Vista SP2 or Readiness Tool
  35. 404 not found nginx on searchs
  36. [SOLVED] S.M.A.R.T Check with fake system error write command messages
  37. Trojan Fake HDD Crash and Popups
  38. PC running quite slow compared to normal and MSE identified virus/trojan?
  39. Google Redirect Virus
  40. I have ""
  41. mshta.exe being used for pop-ups
  42. Metropolitan police virus/scam
  43. Help with infection!
  44. How to remove rootkits?
  45. Need Help: Had viruses and getting redirected
  46. new laptop suddenly becoming very slow.
  47. Computer is riddled...
  48. I think I have a virus, but I don't know what do, PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  49. Need Help - Keylogger!?
  50. Unable to remove re-direct virus from PC
  51. Is this a malware Problem?
  52. Help needed to remove rootkit
  53. I think I have a virus, but I don't know what do, PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  54. dds log
  55. Happili Virus Redirect
  56. Crypt.AQLW trojan horse
  57. CSIS Virus Logs
  58. IE Keeps redirecting
  59. Trojan Help (thanks!)
  60. Virus Question
  61. Paranoid... possible infection
  62. No access to contents of device manager
  63. [SOLVED] Processor 100% Usage
  64. Dell Laptop Spyware Health Check
  65. Possibly infected, not sure..
  66. Removing
  67. I have rootkits and can't get rid of them HELP
  68. [SOLVED] IE9 home page can't be changed.
  69. Repeating virus exorcism on D: after successful on C:
  71. Happili Redirect and other possible issues
  72. Windows XP: Running slow, MSE won't update, microsoft C++ runtime error notices
  73. Something strange in Alt+Tab
  75. Interactive Services Detection
  76. Cannot run any LiveUpdates or Windows Update after Google Redirect Virus
  77. -how to remove ?
  78. Problem with Windows Defender/Firewall
  79. It seems to be a virus, help me please...
  80. Possible Haxdoor Infection? Or other issues...
  81. [SOLVED] Worm:Win32/Ainslot.A Keeps Coming Back
  82. IDP.trojan, help please!
  83. How to remove the browser hijacker
  84. Task Manager closes automaticaly
  85. High DPC latency
  86. Worries about suspicious redirect through LiveJournal.
  87. Rootkit Pilar b on MBR and mulptiple iexplorer processes running
  88. Not sure if I have a virus.
  89. Internet won't work after combo fix
  90. BOO/TDss.M
  91. Virus Infected Laptop
  92. Help with virus from sketchy video download
  93. Popup on Firefox & IE-Software education
  94. [SOLVED] Locating an infected PC
  95. Losing a bit of free space on HDD day by day... Is this related to daily full scans?
  96. It Didn't Die
  97. Can't open antivirus
  98. Occaional Google Redirect
  99. old dame
  100. Laptop Slow Boot
  101. i downloaded software and now im infected please help
  102. virus still lurking
  103. McAfee disappeared
  104. Several problems
  105. No Internet/PC Running Slow
  106. virus
  107. [SOLVED] rootkit.boot.pihar.b
  108. Google nginx + Redirect + DDS stuck
  109. [SOLVED] NEED PROF-HELP for Trojan .JS. Redirector.ACI
  110. TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen2
  111. Virus using my bandwidth
  112. Virus limiting bandwidth use
  113. Rootkit
  114. Windows Errors
  115. Virus slowing down my PC and blocking me out to remove it.
  116. Pesky Smart_HDD
  117. Problems!
  118. Please I need your Help Immediately.
  119. Virus/spyware removed and now no internet
  120. Info Request
  121. mywebsearch
  122. have internet connection but browsers do not work
  123. Happili Virus.Redirect Virus
  124. Voauxo.exe?
  125. wsock32.dll Error
  126. The Happili Virus
  127. Ordinal 1112 in the WSOCK32.dll
  128. PC optimizer Pro - legit utility of malware?
  129. Voauxo.exe, anyone know?
  130. Can't get firewall to turn on
  131. FTP Error/Virus?
  132. Re-directing problem
  133. hijackthis log: unknown constant download?
  134. Lots of Bad Image errors when starting my notebook.
  135. virus
  136. Hercules deluxe webcam issue.
  137. mouse trys to open bank stuff
  138. Happili Virus
  139. Svchost.exe Virus
  140. audio adverts randomly playing on my PC
  141. Redirecting to porn or ad sites from Google results
  142. high "number of open sessions" on router
  143. Can't Turn on Windows Firewall
  144. High CPU readings in TM when at rest
  145. Redirect ad-feed and trojans have taken over my computer.
  146. This message appears every time I Log In my PC please help!
  147. Need Help - Possible Infection? - Can't Download Files, Stream Videos
  148. Browser hijack funmoods
  149. Help! After help with Maleware fix my card reader no longer works
  150. Virus Keeps coming Back
  151. VIRUS HACKED MY COMPUTER p8hpzwgf4.exe
  152. Cant open any Browsers other than IE
  153. Random Website Redirects
  154. Missing Windows Firewall
  155. can't go online and aps do not open
  156. virus adds numbers to my writing
  157. [SOLVED] Hi there please help to ensure my new PC is clean as I have just had my PayP
  158. Possible virus on computer
  159. dmw.exe error help
  160. Google Search Redirect to Happlli
  161. Trojan:JS/Redirector.JA
  162. sbhips.sys blue error screen
  163. Smart Fortress 2012
  164. Rootkit malware?
  165. dwm.exe error
  166. After installing Avast C0000135 %hs is missing
  167. Hotmail account is sending spam.
  168. Cannot Acces Google, Please Help!
  169. [SOLVED] Possible Malware
  170. PC can't connect online or run system restore
  171. [SOLVED] AVG keeps reporting .dll errors
  172. Cannot access the Internet
  173. Error Message with C:\ProgramData\ipcoetup64.dll
  174. [SOLVED] Definetly Infected with Operating Memory svchost(1776) trojan and other viru
  175. Windows - Delayed Write Failed, multiple cascading pop-ups
  176. Potential Virus
  177. Information for my Bachelor essay
  178. 1st, my hotmail sending spam email, 2nd, I can not login anymore.
  179. Chinese characters in msconfig
  180. System running slow, suspect malware
  181. svchost.exe process problem
  182. Botcomputer??
  183. Trojans that i had on my machine?
  184. Slow Computer - Cannot find a problem.
  185. Need help -- CANNOT get rid of redirect virus
  186. Win32/Rootkit.Whistler.A
  187. [SOLVED] Virus removal
  188. Virus logs
  189. Unknown file in Winsock?
  190. Congratulations, You've Won!
  191. Multiple "Failed to save...System32..." Popups Virus on Windows Vista Laptop
  192. Can't get this spyware file removed *Pic*
  193. A raft of problems - virus related
  194. Rootkit Virus and lost internet connection
  195. I have a trojan I need IMMEDIATE help please!?
  196. Cannot Install Vista SP2 - possible infection
  197. Security Shield Problem
  198. Adwarewin/32 open candy
  199. Hotmail Sending Spam Emails
  200. Help Please
  201. Nasty Browser and Search Engine Hijack.
  202. XP boot up with no icons?
  203. Win32 ZAccess Virus.....
  204. Infected by JS/Exploit-Blacole.i, what do?
  205. Virus Attack
  206. asking for guidance
  207. browser redirects
  208. Did I get it? (BSOD startup issue)
  209. launchmodem/redirectBS.htm
  210. [SOLVED] Suspected virus.
  211. Jump or redirect virus
  212. [SOLVED] A Moose in Need of Help
  213. Re: Am i infected
  214. Possible Win32/ virus
  215. Help! Searchbnu.com406 virus How to remove?
  217. Virus redirects google searches. PLEASE HELP ME REMOVE IT!!
  218. Can not remove Avanquest VirusScanner Pro
  219. Not responding
  220. Kaspersky Anti virus
  221. Not responding
  222. Suspected virus/trojan.
  223. re direct?
  224. alot toolbar
  225. [SOLVED] First google redirects, then svchost and no internet
  226. [SOLVED] VIRUS????
  227. wuauclt.exe
  228. 195 viruses! Network not working!
  229. system failed to shut down properly/Google search results redirect
  230. Unsolved Topic - inactive thread continued...
  231. Firefox/untrusted connection/Google
  232. firefox/ untrusted connection/ google
  233. I suspect my system is infected with a rootkit
  234. IE8 hijacks and AVG disabled
  235. Virus or just my computer not working
  236. infected? several issues
  237. Possible Haxdoor Infection?
  238. [SOLVED] Browser Redirect/Windows update issue
  239. Trojan(s) messing with internet browsing
  240. infected with "failed to save system32 yada yada yada" have some logs
  241. Hacktool:Win32/ Keygen
  242. [SOLVED] Rootkit Virus Removal Aid
  243. Started as redirect virus, now worse
  244. New "old" computer is slow and MSE detects trojan. Need help please!
  245. Do you need more info? Haven't heard back in a couple of days.
  246. weird flash drive virus
  247. Need help, Have keylogger
  248. Rootkit TR/Sirefef.BP.1 and Rootkit.Gen2
  249. BUMP: Malware infected USB drives
  250. have been hit by exploit so trying to follow steps in removal article