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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Can't delete a file.......
  2. "City body sixth" and computer crashing
  3. A little help please...
  4. Just A Checkup
  5. Have been hijacked
  6. Help with log
  7. NETSH.exe Virus?
  8. Spyware And Unable To Connect To Wireless Network
  9. aNTI-SPYWARE(FREEDOM) (moved from XP)
  10. Very slow, constant popups, unable to delete problem files, details inside.
  11. spyware (moved from XP)
  12. New Malware.q trojan; trojan; Uploader-r and other viruses here, thank you
  13. Can you help us?
  14. SpyAxe Removal Failed
  15. Urgent! Can NOT get rid of Malware! Keeps coming back!
  16. PC Keeps freezing
  17. Look2me, bhtsprx2.dll, wfwall.exe and pop ups
  18. Help would be appreciated
  19. My Pc shuts off all the time
  20. please help hijack log
  21. please help before i go nuts!
  22., Winfixer, and other popups in IE, but I use Firefox
  23. AVG/Trend Micro and Clean_Up Issues
  24. Uh oh.....HeLp!!!! PLEASE!
  25. Help! Cant clean look2me,
  26. please check my log
  27. Multiple Viruses :(
  28. Hi, heres a HTL I recently got.
  29. My computer is running very slow and Not functioning properly
  30. Hjt
  31. Infection [Multiple Logs Posted]
  32. I was infected by Spyware Strike and Trojan horse Downloader.Zlob.GG
  33. Filost Problem. Noobie Here....
  34. Winsock Hijacked, Please Help
  35. BackDoor Virus
  36. pop-ups keep regenerating like zedo/cassava
  37. pop up hell..please help hjt log
  38. Computer restarting!!
  39. Spyware Strike and Trojan horse Downloader.Zlob.GG
  40. SearchWeb2
  41. Websites keep popping up themselves
  42. how to get rid of filost
  43. slow page opening or folder etc.
  44. Trojan/HJT Help
  45. Slow computer
  46. "oinadserver" and "advertisement" popups
  47. I have spysheriff and ibm00001.exe error
  48. IE hijacked... goes to instead of 404
  49. system32\rdriv.sys help....
  50. please help. multiple problems!
  51. Dying drive with issues
  52. SpywareStrike and Spyaxe Malware Infection
  53. spyaxe/spysheriff?
  54. CPU usage 50% and higher, SLOW & SLUGGISH
  55. My Computer is mad! This is my HiJack Log...
  56. i am really trying...
  57. HJT Help Required
  58. hjt log help
  59. Trojan zlob
  60. Elitemedia pop-ups
  61. My Pictures popping up smut sites
  62. Spywarestrike problem
  63. ist istbar and cnsmin
  64. I have Trojan.Vundo virus and i have my HJT log ready
  65. Trojan.Desktophijack.C help needed
  66. Trojan on my PC
  67. please help hijack this log
  68. Need You Help, Blank Desktop! (moved from XP)
  69. Exploit.MS05-053-WMF
  70. Started off as Spysheriff... no clue now!
  71. Mozilla firefox infected, pop-ups eg and
  72. Popups, Programs, BSOD, Sluggish Computer
  73. Help! lots of popups and broken internet connection
  74. explorer using up cpu
  75. Pop Ups, Possible Virus?
  76. Secure32 Browser takeover
  77. Trojan or something else?
  78. HJT Log; very sluggish
  79. Removal of 540filost popups
  80. GB Dialer
  81. your computer is infected pop up in xp
  82. Malware/Spyware Infection & Viruses & HijackThisLog Help
  83. grassi's not clean
  84. Even HijackThis won't run. Lots programs etc not running.
  85. pop ups
  86. Slow computer and clean up
  87. Help! My browser is bogging down
  88. Explorer.exe (not iexplorer.exe) crashing
  89. Only Wallpaper and cursor at boot-up!
  90. trojan vundo
  91. Hijackthis Log Help
  92. Morwill Search
  93. Hijack This Log/TrojanZlob Virus
  94. General Check-Up
  95. please help!!!!!
  96. help me! spy sheriff/spy ware/constant popups
  97. Brand new laptop getting viciously beaten by malware, HELP
  98. Problems galore
  99. Ad-ware opens tabs in Firefox
  100. THEUGLY's log
  101. I also have Win Fixer 2005 popup -- anywho, can someone please check my log?
  102. Win Fix and possible trojan
  103. Browser may be corrupted or hijacked
  104. Invalid Syntax error -please help
  105. Texas - CWS.HomeSearch frustration
  106. Minor problem in Oklahoma
  107. SpywareStrike Hijack
  108. So helpful in the past.
  109. blinking desktop has an html file on it i cannot change
  110. a bunch of junkware
  111. Help Clearing z1.adserver
  112. Maliceous file in c:\windows\system32\mljjg.dll
  113. firewall disabled/firepod toolbar keeps bugging me
  114. IEXPLORE.EXE remains a running process. when all windows are closed
  115. browser pop up
  116. Strange trojan / Zeno?
  117. PC will only start in Safe Mode - very slow before when it could start normally
  118. ElDentisto's Desktop
  119. Winfixer Help
  120. IE SO SLOW!! Hijackthis log here.
  121. Problems with IE crashes and popups log
  122. Can't get rid of clsevnt.dll
  123. google "hijacked"
  124. Exploit-obscured HTML
  125. problem with multiple popups even if IE is not in operation
  126. Constant popups (in Firefox, default browser)
  127. help with trojan.vundo :(
  128. DVD/CD-RW Drivers Virus ??
  129. I'm desperate
  130. My HJT log
  131. alot of problems! please help!
  132. hijackthis log, cant even turn PC on w/out safe mode
  133. Trojan.Dropper keeps coming back along with malware
  134. 8 Re-Occuring CWS Entries
  135. Virus / Adaware, Virtumondo
  136. New browser windows with Ads
  137. "Task Manager has been disabled..." Warning
  138. please HELP!!!
  139. Windows XP won't load
  140. Malware problems.
  141. Hacktool.root, spyware, popups, coolwebsearch, etc...
  142. hijack this
  143. W32.Licum virus
  144. PC Running Agonizingly Slow Suddenly - HJT here - Your Guys are my Awesome!
  145. HIjackThis Log
  146. Passwords known by B/F (HJT Log)
  147. moved
  148. Cannot see some .gif pictures in IE6
  149. unstoppable pop-ups and unders did everything i could...
  150. not-a-virus virus
  151. Winfixer, adultfriendfinder, etc popups, won't stop
  152. hello team i gotta live one
  153. Trojan.win32.crypt.o
  154. At wits end
  155. Multiple pop-ups on multiple user system
  156. Please Help
  157. Help needed with MSN Messenger virus - services.exe
  158. Normal file error message in Word - thinking Spyware
  159. VIRUS: Exploit/Metafile
  160. please help with popups!
  161. smsse.exe not found, RPC Error and Continual Pop Ups
  162. Help with random popups
  163. IE Acting Real Slow!!! Can't Log Into IM With Norton On, but haven't changed it!
  164. Mouse and keyboard locking up
  165. AZE Search + other problems..HJT log
  166. Very Slow PC - Help
  167. Clean Log?
  168. Check-Up Time
  169. Can't Connect to internet - Bad url.grandstreetinteractive
  170. Download Trojan? Please take a look
  171. Various spyware threats
  172. Various Viruses/Adaware
  173. Computer is Spamming Email (Can see through Virus Prot Program) Multiple Trojans?
  174. slowed computer, games uninstall/install doesn't work anymore.
  175. Please help with
  176. Filost problem?
  177. Just making sure
  178. VCODEC Virus keeps reappearing
  179. Fighting Spy Strike and spyware popup
  180. HJT Log
  181. CPU sometimes running inexplicably at 100%
  182. posted in Internet Explorer in error
  183. Lose Browser Connection
  184. W32.Licum VIrus
  185. various spyware, ads, virus!! need help!!
  186. Hijack Log 1/6/06
  187. help i´ve got problem with a virus!!
  188. Ruined by warex p2p
  189. Looking-For.Home Search Assistant Browser Modifier
  190. IE and “Limited or no connectivity…” problems
  191. Troj/Abox-d infection
  192. virus is trying to send emails
  193. Trojans Removed But Lose Internet Connect
  194. 100% cpu usage in 1 account
  195. HJT Logfile Help (spy sheriff, BPS)
  196. McAfee detected a virus but wont/cant remove it..
  197. Windows font is all Webdings
  198. w32.licum, w32.spybot.worm, Backdoor.Sdbot
  199. ads in web pages with popups and redirect
  200. favset.exe and a few other problems
  201. "Your computer is infected!" Message & Spyaxe
  202. reformatted after winsock takeover, still having problems
  203. Multiple pieces of Malware/Adware/Spyware...
  204. Trojan.Spaxe
  205. Here are my results.
  206. HELP!!!! Pop ups are driving me crazy
  207. Can You Help Me Please
  208. I've been Hijacked - Am I Clean now?
  209. Winlogon possible error.
  210. Redirect (Adultfriendfinder)...HJT Log
  211. Im loaded with virues, please help me!
  212. super slow internet pages not loading or are timing out please help
  213. Mystery Toolbar
  214. Phoning home?
  215. hijack this log help
  216. Help removing fccdb dll
  217. IE homepage hijacked by
  218. Infection is Causing Pop-ups
  219. Continued Pop Ups in IE
  220. Downloader
  221. hello tech team its grassi happy new year
  222. I've been High Jacked.
  223. Blank Screen!
  224. Horrible Malware Infestation
  225. Computer running slowly
  226. HiJack This Log.....
  227. Help with spyware-hijackthis log
  228. HSA, Search Extender, Shopping Wizard, and Spysherif
  229. Stubborn Spyware/Virus - Look2Me, Trojan?
  230. Spysheriff and IE problems-Hijackthis log
  231. yyy102.html, flash advertisement, az_landing, etc.. HELP
  232. Infected with Paytime,timesquare,StartCpl,winstall..lots of virus and Adware
  233. Hijack log Newbie
  234. HiJackThis log
  235. PC running slow HELP!
  236. Locksky and adware that I can't resolve
  237. Computer really sick
  238. PLEASE HELP w/ HTJ log..
  239. Help with stupid CWS.HomeSearch
  240. Pop up nightmare!!
  241. Please Help Me With This Evil Sheriff Business
  242. "Your computer is infected!" balloon in taskbar/SpyAxe
  243. emailing virus
  244. netsh_taskmag help
  245. Help! Backdoor.Tofger
  246. HJT log from slow computer
  247. HJT log
  248. Problems with Internet Explorer accessing sites...HJT log included Tks
  249. Spy Sheriff (and others)
  250. Dangerous Malware infection was detected