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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Computer getting slower and a virus
  2. I really need help. Please check my hijackthis log
  3. Receiving Pop Ups, seems to be
  4. Spyware infection - spysherrif? please help!
  5. browser being redirected
  6. My computer is infected with SpySheriff (and maybe more?)
  7. E6F1873B.dll error on start up
  8. winbfi32.dll - Trojan.Abwiz - Cant restart in Safemode
  10. Help Needed. Please Check My HiJackThis Log File.
  11. Ciadoor trojan. Very persistent. Help please.
  12. Popups from and and others
  13. Help...pretty please???
  14. I followed the 5 step process
  15. Critical System Messages (Possibly Canada.exe back too)
  16. 2GB RAM has insufficent system resources
  17. freezing
  18. My HiJackThis Log
  19. need help
  20. Generic2.FTK Trojan
  21. Canot rid trojan.proxcrack.a and sort out my registry keys
  22. Browsers Denied Access to Internet
  23. It is me again, with an XP machine this time
  24. Computer running very sluggish....Please check log...thanks
  25. asus.exe, IsearchTech.Sidefind
  26. Possible MSN browser hijacker and consistent spyware found (spybot etc)
  27. Hijacked printer?
  28. Spyware and Other Related Problems
  29. Virus help
  30. Don't know if i am infected, computer slow
  31. V20060821.rar / tzdfds.bat Help
  32. Vundo, Backdoor-CVT and others
  33. IE Spyware/Adware/SearchBar Urgent!
  34. Cant even run hijack this!
  35. [SOLVED] HJT Checkup, Popup windows even if no browser session is open
  36. how do i get rid of ishost.exe, ismon.exe, issearch.exe, isnotify.exe????
  37. HijackThis analysis pleeeease
  38. Found & removed, avertmen, casinoonet - the comp. is still glitchy
  39. Constant popups, error messages on startup, help!
  40. viruses viruses viruses
  41. Trojan Horse Backdoor Sdbot2.cfl and Trojan Small.FR
  42. HijackThis! Log....Help please
  43. Popups, hangs at boot, only runs in Safe Mode
  44. Credit Card Compromised!! Need help
  45. Spybot keeps catching "Avenue A" trying to download
  46. Hijacked by Spyware and Porn remover
  47. [SOLVED] mIRC Trojan
  48. generic host process for win 32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close
  49. chinese spyware
  50. Infected with Windows.RedirectHosts
  51. ToolBar888 among many other problems...
  52. HJT log - Symantec detected results window
  53. Drive Cleaner infection? (Hijack This log incl)
  54. Moved post
  55. WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 - HJT log included
  56. TROJ_DLOADER.DKU and another one which i cant remember
  57. still getting popups
  58. Hijack This Log Help
  59. Hangs at shutting down
  60. Hijacked, v.2
  61. Malware and popups Surfsidekick
  62. problems with internet explorer...
  63. Freezing at Startup
  64. After a few hours of trying
  65. slow startup, Dr Watson, CWSgooglems, schoolpop, WJViewer Main Error, and more...
  66. Need to get rid of Aware.iefeats
  67. popups, trouble launching app's, PC freezing
  68. Bikini.exe & Pest Trap have hosed my System
  69. Ads keep popping up, shrinks the window
  70. Cannot update xp, IE popups, reg change attemps
  71. help with Trojan horse dropper virus
  72. Hijacked.
  73. Problems in IE..
  74. WinAntiVirus IE popups and Norton detects WinFixer
  75. suspicious behavior
  76. Slow computer
  77. Various/Random IE pop-ups and IE freezing
  78. i worm attck v122.02a balloon and pop-ups
  79. Can't remove winlogonhook
  80. Impossible Spyware!
  81. Slow Computer, cleaned with AA/SS&D/antivirus
  82. MagicControl.Agent and associated pop ups..
  83. Laptop HJT
  84. My hijackLog file *~Windows starting up problem~*
  85. Windows update problem, malware check
  86. Laptop acting weird
  87. HighJackTHIS 1337 Style
  88. HJT log from cmd thread
  89. TrojanDownloader.VB.FI trojan
  90. HELP! Please take a look!
  91. EEEP Compy sick
  92. Cleaning up a spyware invasion.
  93. Infected by pesttrap and spywarequake
  94. Help
  95. PC is running really slow.
  96. Multiple problems, have hijack log
  97. WinAntiVirus / Sysprotect (Vundo does not find!)
  98. TROJ_AGENT.CBW problems and many more
  99. Pop ups that won't close down
  100. spyware!!!
  101. startup problems
  102. Newbie with a problem
  103. winantiviruspro appears in adaware scan
  104. search engine hijacked
  105. General log/clean up please.
  106. PurityScan in Wuaclt.dll, WinAntiVirusPro 2006 Pop-up
  107. here is my log file i think.
  108. Lots of Pop-Ups(, Drive Cleaner,etc.)
  109. hi jack this log help
  110. Failed to boot
  111. Hijack This log help
  112. Computer very sluggish at times. Apps hang and slow to open
  113. ToolBar888 - Help remove this please
  114. Please help
  115. pop ups saying infected with spyware.
  116. Trouble with pop-ups, may have a trojan.
  117. Downloader.Tibs Removal?
  118. Random Popups?
  119. Help again please
  120. Pop Ups
  121. A Request for Assistence - HJT Log
  122. Snidely
  123. need help!!!!
  124. Mouse freezing, tower beeping, puter acting very very strange!!! Help please!!!
  125. My HiJackThis Log.. HELP!
  127. Infected with TROJANS
  128. Hijack this log
  129. need help with "dwdsregt.exe" and "NEWDOT~1.DLL"
  130. Trojan Horse, Need Help
  131. help!! HKsRv dll pop up plus more :(
  132. winantivirus pro 2006 popups
  133. Hjt Log
  134. hijack this log
  135. Log - Winanti Spywear popups
  136. Need Help.... PLease!
  137. trojan.dropper.dll (hijack this log inside)
  138. Best Offer Popups and SLOW response times
  139. I think I have a trojan... any help?
  140. HijackThis Results...Please Help
  141. StopSign/eAcceleration problem, spyware and viruses
  142. Popups
  143. Possible trojan remains
  144. Flood of stuff. Pls Help
  145. Ahkntfs.exe and various other problems now...
  146. help!
  147. computer freezes before even finishing virus scans or even ad-aware..
  148. processes are appearing twice HJT log
  149. svchost using memory, low virtual memory warning
  150. general clean-up
  151. Can't get IE to open
  152. I suspect something odd: HJT log
  153. Downloader.agent.uj
  154. Pop ups, Hijackthis report inside
  155. ad.yieldmanager issues
  156. Mouse freeze with tower Beep
  157. My mom's computer's CPU Usage keeps going to 100% and going back down to 10%.
  158. Netsky/Prorat
  159. My Ad-AwareSE has lost critical scan ability
  160. lots of problems
  161. computer runs slow on internet
  162. hi team, i have critical objects recognized?
  163. Hello from New Zealand everyone
  164. HijackThis Log virus and things not working correct
  165. Problem with [email protected]
  166. Super Lag and slow
  167. ad.yieldmanager pop-ups
  168. Computer troubles and tons of adwear... please help
  169. Computer deeply infected; HJT log
  170. Computer Freezing and Shutting Down
  171. Infected Computer.
  172. A HJT log, help desperately required
  173. Help: Trojan.downloader.small.cml, infection
  174. Very Slow Computer - Different PC This Time
  175. My hijack log - Please reply as soon as possible
  176. download.generic2.FTK trojan
  177. HijackThis Log
  178. New Spyware or Something
  179. STUPID SPYWARE...i can't get rid, help!
  180. Pest Trap, mssync.sys, Trojan dialers
  181. HJT log - anything need to be done?
  182. SVCHOST.EXE Keeps the CPU useage at 100% for awhile.
  183. hard drive always active, strange things..
  184. Popups, slow computer, possible trojan
  185. Task Manager
  186. Very Slow PC, "" infested possible trojan, hijacker, virus??
  187. winrnt.exe problem along with very slow page fetching
  188. winlogonhook infection
  189. SpywareQuake related/ Slow Computer
  190. Susprotect Attack!
  191. "Byte.Verify", "Downloader" virus, and endless popups
  192. exitexchange
  193. trojan spx/lx
  194. WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 - Can't get rid of it all
  195. My Log
  196. Is All Well?
  197. can anyone help me, please
  198. Task bar intruder
  199. Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic3.CFP
  200. Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic2.RMJ
  201. overall slow preformance
  202. unremovable virus!!!
  203. HijackThis Log posting
  204. your my last chance before...
  205. browser redirecting and other stuff
  206. about : blank
  207. Hoowah and other fun (NOT!) pop ups (HJT log)
  208. log help needed
  209. Cruel Tricks
  210. no internet and slow computer...trojan proxy.dvi?
  211. very slow computer
  212. HJT Log for [email protected] Problem
  213. Hijack log
  214. hijacklog-my pc is running slow
  215. Dialer PZ & Win32/Adware Winfixer
  216. WinXp Autoshut down
  217. winlogonhook
  218. More Then one IEXPLORE.EXE running while the ie is not up.
  219. Computer Runs Slow - Spyware Problem?
  220. W32myzor virus
  221. limewire virus help please
  222. SurfSideKick 3 removal help
  223. Slow computer, processes using 100% CPU
  224. Surf Side Kick / Worms
  225. system running slow
  226. Win32:Rpcnet (tool)
  227. hello team wonderin if im clean??
  228. conhook.aa/ab
  229. AVG cannot clean virus
  230. Put a virus/spy-ware on boss' wife's computer
  231. Low Priority - just want peace of mind
  232. Computer Freezing up, slow operation...
  233. Toshiba Laptop
  234. Cannot identify cause of computer freezing
  235. HJT log internet running slow
  236. Infected with PSNREG.DLL
  237. Removing Legacy_amidiageventservice
  238. Virtumonde
  239. log posted- slow comp and popups
  240. sluggish computer
  241. Cleaning family computer, for good!
  242. change homepage
  243. ***hjt Log Help!!!***
  244. Hijack log pls help
  245. WinAntiVirus Pro and other pop-ups won't go away
  246. Hijack Log
  247. mcafee says i have trojans and a virus...can someone please read my log and help me??
  248. downloaded spyware/trojans etc. removed all (i hope) need log file checked
  249. Internet Explorer freezing up
  250. help needed