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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. hi jack this logfile
  2. First time forumer
  3. Malware and Pop-ups and Trojans, OH MY!
  4. IE window sometimes not opening
  5. IE, WMP, MSNMSGR, IKERNEL, use 100% cpu!
  6. redirecting to different web pages in explorer
  7. PC running slow
  8. pc crashing
  9. HighjackThis Log
  10. More problems than I can name!
  11. with all due respect
  12. spyquake iehomepage Zlob?
  13. Slowed Wireless Broadband Connection: Spyware?
  14. Minor issues with redirecting
  15. Problems with trojan horses, malware keeps returning
  16. Lots of problems, scans didnt help
  17. Previous problem with spyware now not sure if it is registry or spyware issue
  18. ishost.exe help
  19. pwdump2.exe;system lockout+more help hijack log file inc.
  20. Can't rid myself of BullsEye Network, SurfAccuracy... please help!
  21. Keep Getting Pop Ups
  22. Infected System - No Folder Options, and more... (HJT Log inside)
  23. Here is my Hi-Jack This Log..
  24. internet explorer popups
  25. Computer freezes, mouse and shutdown problems!
  26. Spyware pop-ups
  27. Mother's computer in need of help
  28. Msn Viruus Help!!!
  29. Infected with a lot of spyware. Help is appreciated
  30. Detected Malware: TSpy_Zlob.cbz
  31. Sisters laptop - So much malware, random BSOD, you name it.
  32. mysterious indian music that wont go away..
  33. Somebody check this out and tell me what ya think
  34. Computer running slow
  35. HJT log - Pop-ups
  36. Help with virus
  37. Hompage hijacked & Popups
  38. SSL problems?
  39. Virus or Hijacker - Hijackthis log inside
  40. Can't Remove VSToolBar
  41. How do i fix Rundll32???
  42. SpyDoctor - Trojan
  43. need help with adware and malware
  44. Stubborn Smitfraud and About:Blank
  45. Internet explorer infections, due to son on malicious site.
  46. I have several odd problems. My HIJACK LOG is inside.. Someone Help Me Please!
  47. Sdbot Worm and DoS attacks
  48. Need help with a trojan? please!
  49. (Same Problem)
  50. Stupid mistake.
  51. Browser Hijacked / Hijackthis log
  52. HELP.....Really Slow PC..aaahhh!!!
  53. Klone-N, Smitfraud, etc. (with hijackthis.log)
  55. Virus Burster in system tray!!!!
  56. Lots of problems!!!
  57. HJT for slow laptop
  58. Slowing down of computer
  59. Suspect Malware
  60. Multiple Trojans and Viruses Found
  61. Totally new desperate for help chaps
  62. Just curious
  63. panda scan...need help..
  64. Totalpcprotection etc
  65. odd entries
  66. trojan horse and spyware
  67. Pulling my hair out here, help greatly appreciated
  68. AdStart IESettings problem
  69. think i need some help...please!!!
  70. smitfraud and missing drive
  71. WinFixer
  72. Computer All Messed Up!
  73. Please help me! I have an HJT log. Bombarded by pop-ups....
  74. ~*Slow computer*~
  75. hijackthis log file-edifiz
  76. pop-upzzz unlimited
  77. possible ist srv infection
  78. Dropper.Agent.BMH
  79. slow PC due to being always corrupted
  80. outerinfo? that's how it all started...
  81. Lots of Random Popups
  82. another mess
  83. System/Connection running slow
  84. My Hijack This log... ismini.exe and ishost.exe along with some more
  85. Google/Search Redirect Malware
  86. HJT found two odd entries
  87. virus burster 6.2 - and others
  88. iesettingsupdate, when computer starts
  89. Problem with popups (HJT log inside)
  90. Slow Computer
  91. computer freeze/crash and internet lag
  92. Could someome ck this out for me please?
  93. Computer got slow, please take a look at my HJT log.
  94. runs very slow/ freezes
  95. Adware.ZangoSearch (HJT log inside)
  96. Another victim
  97. Hijack This Log Help
  98. Virus:Trj/Jupillites.G
  99. HiJackThis Logfile. Helping a relative.
  100. Please Check My HiJackThis Logfile.
  101. I need help.. here's my hijackthis log
  102. Backdoor.Rajump?
  103. HELP! Full of spyware!
  104. [email protected]
  105. Someone or Something in IE6 is Trying to take me somewhere!
  106. Questionable Process
  107. Trojan: Generic2.DGM
  108. hijack log can someone look please :smile:
  109. My turn
  110. help!!! 5 adwares: dollarrevenue, wupd, ieplugin, sahagent, media-motor; with HJT log
  111. HJT log help
  112. pop-ups and Norton alerts
  113. Project 1 Virus/Trojan
  114. Windows Defender tells me I have ardamax keylogger, is it lying?
  115. i media codec trojan
  116. Klone virus APPT47.dll
  117. Spyware Issues
  118. Wizards: Spyware removal, Malicious Software, Sys Integrity
  119. dialer.trojan and "spyware removal wizard" issues
  120. Antispyware Soldier
  121. Slower computer, folders wont open, and automatic popups!
  122. Help! Stubborn Antispyware Soldier Infection
  123. ad.firstadsolution pop ups
  124. Can't delete bad file
  125. My hijackthis log
  126. explorer.exe using 99% of cpu time
  127. have i got a virus/ spyware?
  128. Freezing/Locking Up in Windows XP
  129. doubleclick and few other
  130. Altnet
  131. Hello, can some one take a look at this hijackthis log file for me
  132. pop ups
  133. Hit by PestTrap
  134. Computer Snailish Slow, Hijacked
  135. Do I have Downloader.Trojan???
  136. Computer sending email
  137. Any viruses?
  138. Firefox Hijacked
  139. Going crazy, need help
  140. Command Service
  141. Corrupt Norton, almost all webpages are redirected to
  142. Desktop Hijack
  143. JS/Exploit-BO.gen and/or Trojanspm/LX Problems.
  144. Win XP Won't Allow Access To Anything Except My Documents
  145. IE popups, gaming disconnect, shutdown
  146. Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
  147. Popups with search engines, ebay, partypoker, etc.
  148. google redirects/ibm300002.exe error and cant run trend micro w/o error
  149. Exploit MS 04-011
  150. HJT Log help requested
  151. Project 1 and other pop up problems
  152. Hijacked browser. Pop-ups. Trojans galore
  153. me thinks i got a buggy
  154. Malware Galore
  155. HJT log file for review
  156. ?pe386 ?lzx32.Sys: need help
  157. hijacker?
  158. Spyware keeps coming back!!!
  159. Infected with download-ruins trojan
  160. Problems with PC speed and virus
  161. s&d keeps finding 180Solutions.SearchAssistant
  162. rtlgina3.dll
  163. system slow, hjt log, help
  164. Vundo Infection Aftermath Help Request
  165. Plz Help Any1
  166. Malware Slowing Down Browser
  167. A warning icon says i have spyware/malware but...
  168. Spyware and Trojans that will not die.
  169. Google Redirect Trojan
  170. IE Pop-Ups
  171. Can't Open Taskman,Msconfig,Regedit - Freshly Formated!
  172. bargain buddy + possible trojan
  173. [SOLVED] "RGB No Inp
  174. Need help with PestTrap / Spy Sheriff infection
  175. Recycle Bin & Zipfile problem
  176. Constantly finding "problems" in Spybot and Ad-aware
  177. orig. post 8/26 no response: Ghost app runs; New Poly Win32 virus uncleaned and more
  178. Definite hijacking of my computer
  179. Computer detects the word "virus" and closes the file automatically
  180. Suspected Trojan Virus: Win32:StartPage:216[Trj]
  181. HELP!!! about:blank
  182. Cannot Load C:\PROGRA...1\MYWEBS...\bar\2.bin\MWSBAR.dll
  183. over run with pop ups and general slowing up of the pc
  184. Trojan Downloader.Generic2.FTK
  185. New PestTrap that cannot be beaten...yet.
  186. W2K computer was infested, still slow & connectivity problems
  187. Help with HijackThis Log
  188. please help me with this win32 trojan downloader
  189. think the internet tubes are jammed...
  190. Errors all around, speed slowed to a halt
  191. trojan dropper and spyware, i think
  192. Trojan..Java/byte..ISTbar help
  193. Adware.savenow (HJT log inside)
  194. Win32 trojan downloader
  195. Bad trojans, offline pop ups, error messages, and more.
  196. lots of bad cookies, downloader and who knows what else won't go away
  197. Stubborn Malware
  198. 7adpower removed but want help to check log - please!!
  199. "=78y5" code pops up every 10 seconds and opens windows media player
  200. I've got a virus - Help!
  201. Persistent, regenerating spyware slowing down system
  202. Virus Removal Help
  203. Browser Redirect from Home Page, Hijack Log
  204. I'm plagued by ad.firstsolutions
  205. Slowed PC due to Processes - HJT Log
  206. PC Slow - HiJack Log - Panda Log
  207. [SOLVED] Kazaa wont uninstall
  208. on line scan
  209. Internet is still slow
  210. Please help me with my log, thanks.
  211. Advanced PestTrap, Java Re-installing
  212. Very Slow Computer
  213. please look at my log
  214. Multiple pop-ups and virus eTriust calls "!update.exe" or win32/clspring.FH"
  215. Many Viruses and Spyware that won't go away...HJL in post
  216. infected ismon.exe, winantirus pro pop-ups
  217. please review
  218. iexplore.exe
  219. Explorer.exe runs at 98%+ CPU
  220. Slow computer?????
  221. "outerinfo" plus others
  222. Keylogger that targets World of Warcraft
  223. HJT Assistance
  224. HJT Log
  225. antivirus inaccessable
  226. Arrrggghhh!!!! HELP ME!!!
  227. MY COM IS TOO SLOW.. pls help
  228. Deskbar,MediaMotor,Look2me.Topconverting,Windows.S ecurity.Internetexplorer, Newdotn
  229. winlogonhook?
  230. Found Java/ByteVerify!exploit & Java/Shinwow.AB on computer
  231. Please Help - Window Pop-up's and Mailware
  232. malware Trojan horse Pakes.U/Trojan horse Dropper Agent.BTI
  233. HJT Log.
  234. Downloader.Generic2.JVQ, Pakes.U and Dialer.28.A
  235. zetamainhosting, taking over my computer
  236. computer slow and possibly infected
  237. random desktop!
  238. explorer.exe
  239. Outlook Won't Open
  240. idd##.tmp.exe
  241. Virus and browser problems (log included)
  242. Home Page Hijack
  243. Suspision of malware
  244. Help in checking this log
  245. unexplained browser hijack with IE
  246. Maxifiles and LinkOptimiser and Tclock.exe - Sluggish system
  247. Adware.DollarRevenue Problem
  248. can't open google, yahoo...
  249. Registry Cleaner, pc slow, crashes & freezes
  250. bombarded with popups and 'Lookme2' virus?