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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Windows Explorer crashes each time the pc is started..
  2. [SOLVED] Microsoft Drive Cleaner
  3. Web Buying Pop-ups
  4. frfwebsite popup virus
  5. Previous problems may have fixed
  6. Constant Pop Ups- Trojan Vundo
  7. Trojan Adware.32.ExpDwnldr Please help
  8. spyware killing my pc, nonstop popups
  9. Hi Team - No access to Task Manager - Red Screen etc
  10. Another help request
  11. help please!!
  12. malicious attack help
  13. soundvol32.exe - Can i get rid???
  14. Reocurring Virus? Spyware?
  15. constant popups from contra virus
  16. Compuer starts slow and I happened to see
  17. trojan help
  18. Virtumonde and major performance issues!
  19. slow pc
  20. Vundo virus infection?!?!?!?!
  21. PLEASE HELP!!! I am drowning in popups!!!
  22. Spybot
  23. Slow PC - suspect spyware
  24. google search is messed up
  25. new log, could be a doozy
  26. Request Assistance With Nebuler Trojan Removal
  27. Blue Screen error
  28. RUN Command [moved from networking]
  29. Win Error Fixer Installer Popup at startup :(
  30. MGRS.exe and possible Vundo Trojan?
  31. "Everything" has encountered a problem, and needs to close.
  32. AVSystemCare removal help
  33. Help A Trojan! Asap
  34. spyware won't go away
  35. Work PC infected with Trojans and Spyware
  36. Virtumonde found
  37. Windows Live Messenger Virus
  38. Re: say hello and can you hepl
  39. spyware invasion
  40. Windows Security Notification/Privacy Violation
  41. Slow computer, drive cleaner pop ups and 'supermwindow'
  42. trojan horse
  43. Home PC for family,slow
  44. multiple popups: and/or adware.w32.expDwnldr
  45. HIJACKTHIS help needed!
  46. new log file. please help
  47. slow pc and no microsoft updates
  48. Panda online scan found virus then stopped
  49. please help I'm new to this and have a threat
  50. pop-up problems
  51. Another hijackthis log full of malware
  52. Infected with Purity Scan and OIN - please help
  53. Please Review This Log Soon!
  54. Laptop has been slow
  55. New to TSF. Check-up, STOPzilla found threats but have to buy to remove, please help!
  56. invaded by virus? large pic covers desktop bg says "your privacy is in danger" (link)
  57. Several weird problems...
  58. Popups galore! (WinAntiVirus mostly) - Generic PUP.g, BackDoor-CVT
  59. Would appreciate someone going over my log
  60. trojan adware.w32.expdwnldr spyware
  61. Can't delete a file...
  62. I've been jacked... hijackthis log inside
  63. Pop-up problem
  64. Deckards system scanner
  65. Help, my pc is wrecked!?
  66. Help, Serious Pc Issue
  67. PC Running Very Slow
  68. computer never updated-running very slow
  69. iexplore.exe running each time I reboot/Please help
  70. Several problems ... help pls.
  71. Trojan.Peacomm.B
  72. Avast pop-ups "There are too many identical e-mails in appointed time"
  73. [SOLVED] alot of viruses that heal and then reappear
  74. 'System Alert' message
  75. Constant web browser spawns w/advertisments
  76. HijackThis Log File - Edifiz
  77. Winfixer HELP!!!!
  78. need some help - computer running very slow
  79. Homepage in MSN lost to spyware!?!
  80. Ad popups/spyware/who knows what :(
  81. Good Samritan needs Help
  82. vundo infection and various others
  83. What is this stuff? HJT Log
  84. Popup & Spyware Issues
  85. Please help me... Comp infected
  86. HJT log help
  87. Log Help........... Thanks in advance
  88. Need to get rid of Errorsafe (and other bad stuff)
  89. Need help here msn virus - Log
  90. Possible Virus Infection: Dialer & Clicker
  91. Popups freezing computer! Here's my DSS log
  92. hijack log
  93. Spyware Attack - WinAntiSpyware2007
  94. please help - infected machines #1
  95. Spyware remover fakes: Dr. Antivirus and Spylocked
  96. Can I call on you for advise?
  97. unable to install, computer is a sitting duck
  98. [SOLVED] Vista Slow and using 100% CPU alot
  99. popup problems
  100. [SOLVED] FireFox opening new tabs
  101. Internet Explorer Pop-ups
  102. HiJackThis Log
  103. Constant pop-up - maybe Zlob.Video ActiveX Object
  104. Help
  105. Please Help!! Trojan Adware.32.ExpDwnldr is hurting my PC
  106. Pop-ups, Slowness, Oh My!
  107. Hijack this Log(Trojan) please help
  108. Constant pops up - cpvfeed redirect
  109. Internet Explorer Start Page Hijacked...
  110. cannot remove pmnooli.dll, vundo file
  111. request wininitlog.exe help.
  112. Need help with massive spyware...
  113. Vista looking for possible keylogger
  114. Windows IE Popups- Trojan or Hook?
  115. Too Slow!!
  116. How can I get rid of micro bill system software? Please help me.
  117. Slow Laptop, Trojans, Viruses, Help Needed
  118. Suspicious virus alerts.
  119. func.exe virus problem
  120. very aggressive virus
  121. Vundo virus and other popups
  122. CPU Usage 100% when online
  123. has hijacked my browser
  124. Malware Possibly...Need Help.
  125. Please help! My computer is infected!
  126. Sytem is Infected - Highly I Fear
  127. Panda scan results
  128. Multiple problems, in serious need of help
  129. help cleaning up
  130. infected system
  131. Virtumonde Can't Be Removed
  132. Outerinfo.exe with a lot of pop-ups
  133. Some hits on Activescan check
  134. Hi, I believe I have a problem.
  135. I think I got a problem
  136. Any takers to help Zazula? (Uncommanded mouse moves + Panda won't conclude)
  137. Hijacked!!!!!!!!!!!!
  138. Popups wont go away!!!
  139. my hijack this problem?
  140. Pop ups, horev43855.dll and more
  141. need help!!!!
  142. IE popups Help is muchly appreciated!!!:D
  143. Vb.akv found
  144. Frequent and annoying problems...
  145. Friends don't let friends use their computer...
  146. HIJACKTHIS help!
  147. Help Virus, Mallware, Hijacks
  148. BAD_Pool_Caller
  149. [SOLVED] Computer Virus ?!?!
  150. totour.exe 100's spam email from me
  151. Trying to send email from my computer
  152. help when ya cani had the red desktop win23.trojan.rx
  153. Random pop-ups on friends computer...
  154. Internet Explorer, Help and System Restore not opening
  155. [SOLVED] comp crashes
  156. Any problems?
  157. Worms trying to send email
  158. Trojan removal help plz
  159. Spyware + Malware = Popup's
  160. spybot startup list strangeness, poolsv asking for access
  161. Network/Internet connection lost after adware removal
  162. Win32.Trojan.Downloader Please Help with Log File
  163. Can't Stop Pop-Ups - DSS Doesn't Run
  164. Hellllllp
  165. Outerinfo pop-up and adware.Purityscan
  166. Spyware again?
  167. Pop-ups!!
  168. computer and game performance slow..
  169. [SOLVED] Re: Lag/Freeze problem - moved from Windows XP
  170. HJT Log Help-Winantivirus pro 2006, Smitfraud-C.Toolbar888
  171. How am I running?
  172. Vundo, can't remove
  173. Stuck with Smitfraud 888
  174. Popup and IE pages get redirected to a spyware ad
  175. hanging, slow load times, lots of freezing :(
  176. Wollf.16 Trojan Vendor Microsoft Corporation
  177. Urgent HDD shrinking problem
  178. internet is slow while browsers loads
  179. WinAntiSpyware, WinAntiVirus etc.
  180. unable to remove popups and trojan.vundo
  181. My computer keeps redirecting me to websites
  182. PandaScan Log involving ClickSpring.PurityScan
  183. Highly infected computer needs help.
  184. Need a complete disk clean-up (hijackthis log included)
  185. Cant run Ad-aware 2007 & 100% CPU usage
  186. Smitfraud-Toolbar888 & Agent 100
  187. please help me. last tech support forum didn't
  188. Pop-ups,no access to folders, slow computer
  189. Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)
  190. CPU slowdown
  191. another win32.trojan.rx prob.
  192. Help! Just recovered from a malware "security toolbar 7.1"
  193. Possible Virus, CPU Slowdown
  194. Help, tried everything but can't remove Vundo
  195. Help Please! Spyware Pop - Ups
  196. Need help with C:\Windows\system32\drivers\NTNDIS.exe error please!!
  197. Boot sector changed
  198. Smitfraud-C.CoreService/Virtumonde plus Pop-ups
  199. Malware / Virus Help Needed
  200. Smitfraud.888.toolbar and can't get rid of it
  201. help me
  202. Trojan Horse and Viruses
  203. virus that sends outgoing mail that symantec tries to block
  204. First Post, Log analysis please, pop ups, trojan
  205. Log Help
  206. Help! My IE Browser has been hijacked.
  207. Comp slower than usual
  208. xxwwx.dll threat
  209. Smitfraud888toolbar - yada yada yada
  210. virus keeps renaming itself in zonealarm
  211. Need help with Vundo!!
  212. Hope somebody can help me. I did everything I could to clean my pc.
  213. Constant Popups - celldorado, party poker, system cleaner,
  214. dss.exe log pop-up problem
  215. HJT help [RESOLVED]
  216. I need some big help...PLEASE...
  217. popups by outerinfo and system errors
  218. IBM T43 running slower and slower everyday....
  219. search hijacker
  220. Hijack this log
  221. sluggish explorer performance, pop ups...
  222. Windows cant run in normal mode
  223. Help with Amaena and winfix!
  224. trojan.vundo [moved from]
  225. Hijack this log help!
  226. Re: Drive access error! [moved from XP support]
  227. First Time HijackThis Log
  228. Infestation, mostly cleared?
  229. Help, Popups! Tried Everything!
  230. Random Chinese Character error messages on startup[Transferred from XP by chauffeur2]
  231. Infected by Think-Adz (and maybe others)
  232. Pop Ups and Computer Running extremely slow
  233. Cloner + other viruses + unable to update windows
  234. Anything I Need to be aware of?
  235. HiJackThis Log Help
  236. malware help please
  237. Pop ups, software loading, New Malware.aj
  238. SmitfraudC.Toolbar888
  239. Deleting One Annoying .dll File
  240. Antivirus Popups - Trojan.Vundo
  241. Slow Pc
  242. Browser trojan - CiD
  243. Desktop icons/taskbar gone, multiple infections[RESOLVED]
  244. Malware, virtumonde, adware conjesting PC
  245. perfc000.dat
  246. Unable to remove those nasty ads
  247. evil virus and trojans
  248. Computer running Extremely Slow (Vundo Trojan)
  249. Need help with Sasser-like virus
  250. Trojan pup ups [transferred from XP]