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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Clora/Babylon
  2. need virus help
  3. [SOLVED] Random Ads/Music playing in background
  4. Ransomware Help Needed - ASAP
  5. Advert virus
  6. [SOLVED] Desktop Window Manager Stopped Working and C:\Windows\SysWOW64\rundll32.exe
  7. Browser Hijack and Redirects
  8. Desktop Computer Infected
  9. Laptop infected by Win32/sirefef
  10. Search redirects
  11. smart hdd/ zero access virus infection
  12. DDS Report. How Long?
  13. Rampant Trojan.gen.2 attacks
  14. Rootkit problem
  15. UKash virus help please.
  16. Browsers Disabled, Antivirus Shut Off
  17. Malware/Trojan Issue ([email protected], [email protected])
  18. Rootkit Help plz
  19. Re: Post-Google Search Hijack Loss of Internet Connection
  20. Trojan Horse Patched_c.LXT threat by AVG
  21. hunizeakezif.exe : fresh new virus on the block? (another user infected) please help
  22. Trojan horse Generic_r.bat
  23. userinit registry value
  24. ToxicEligibilityTool.exe removal
  25. Internet Browsers won't load Search Engines
  26. Mailer worm
  27. Need help with malware/ trojans
  28. Firefox Browser Hijacked By Mystart by Incredibar.
  29. problem with Trojan horse Patched_c.LXT infection
  30. browser redirect
  31. something running in the background
  32. SearchYa?
  33. Trojan horse Dropper.Generic_c.MMI
  34. Avast says I have an infected file...which isn't infected
  35. Bad Download...
  36. [SOLVED] services.exe trojan ?!
  37. Trojan Horse Patched_C.LZI help!
  38. Trojan in svchost.exe
  39. Infected programs run on startup HELP!!
  40. windows wont minimize
  41. PC won't restart after "Computer has Detected Trojan Horse Virus, Shutting Down"
  42. Can't remove smitfraud
  43. Trojan horse patched_c.LXT
  44. Help With svchost.exe Endlessly Avast A/V Alerts Plus OS Update Issues...
  45. Need Help removing smitfraud c generic
  46. Something is wrong
  47. BSOD possibly caused by malware. Help Please!
  48. rootlkit in MBR?
  49. Browser redirects and cannot update windows - help pls
  50. Trojan Horse patched_c.LXT
  51. Patched C LXT
  52. services.exe and desktop.ini
  53. Website Redirect Virus
  54. [SOLVED] Malwarebytes showing as trojan - False positive
  55. Google Redirect Trojan
  56. [SOLVED] Mine too infected with Patched_c.LYU
  57. Trojan Horse patched_c.LYU
  58. FBI warning virus
  59. windows 7 64bit issues after removing Trojan horse backdoor rootkit
  60. Clock changes time, is this a virus?
  61. Random Audio playing on laptop
  62. Trojan Horse patched_c.LYU in services.exe
  63. weird spyware
  64. Trojan horse Patched_c.LXT and Luhe.Sirefef.A
  65. hacking and viruses - please help!
  66. multiple redirects *and* right side popups!
  67. [SOLVED] Yorkshire police virus
  68. Also getting Browser Redirects and Phanthom Audio
  69. MULTIPLE THREATS - Trojan horse Patched_c.LXT, Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic15.AXLA
  70. Infected by Sirefef Trojan - Please help!!
  71. Trojan Horse Patched_C.LXT
  72. My computer is spiking to 100% all of a sudden
  73. Checking for malware, grayware, quirks or OS issues
  74. Win 7 and MSE wont update and random web page redirects
  75. Win 7 and MSE wont update and random web page redirects
  76. Trojan Program
  77. Keylogger
  78. I need help removing a Trojan horse Patched_c.LZI from hell!
  79. Any help needed
  80. Win 7 or MSE wont update. Possible Virus. Please Help.
  81. Laptop Randomly Loses Ability To Detect/Connect To Any Networks
  82. Audio playing as soon as connected to internet?
  83. Windows Command Processor Virus
  84. Do I have a trojan?
  85. Repost Per: CatByte Trojan:dos/alureon.e and SmartHDD problem
  86. avg detected trojan c_lxt
  87. "welcome to nginx" Problems?
  88. Trojan horse Patched_c.LXT
  89. need help removing trojan Zaccess.EE
  90. Browser sacked by virus/hijacker/malware: help!
  91. I need help with Trojan Horse patched_c.LYU
  92. Trojan
  93. My computer keeps starting up with Winzip registry optimizer
  94. Trojan Horse Patched_c.LXT help?
  95. Getting browser redirects and phantom audio
  96. Possibly a malware infection
  97. c\windows\system32\services.exe Trojan horse Patched_c.LXT windows 7 OS
  98. Help with Trojan Horse Patched_c.LYU
  99. Trojan Horse Patched_c.lxt HELP PLS
  100. Redirect Virus
  101. Trojan horse patched_C.lxt - Please help!
  102. Rootkit, hacking my email's and other things :/
  103. Malware Infection Browser Redirection
  104. Cannot start up Firefox or IE....
  105. I need help removing trojan horse patched_cXLT
  106. Searches being redirected Trojan.BHO
  107. Cannot get rid of win32/zaccess malware
  108. Redirect Virus is Worse than I Had Thought
  109. West Yorkshire Police Ukash virus
  110. hijackthis will not open
  111. Recurring Virus Undetected by McAfee or Malwarebytes
  112. Google keeps redirecting me.
  114. Misdirected links and Trojans that AVG won't remove
  115. Audio Ads in Background & Trojan.Gen.2 Virus
  116. irp hook rootkit and fake antivirus
  117. A few nasty viruses are on my laptop, please help!
  118. Who can help me with HJT log?
  119. Random audio playing in the background
  120. rootkit suspected
  121. IDP.Generic / RunDLL.exe threat detected
  122. Windows Virtual Firewall
  123. Random Sounds Playing
  124. Fake hard drive defragmenter? Or MFAData Malware? UPDATED
  125. operating system virus
  126. Added complication in malware removal
  127. Trojan horse Patched_c.LXT
  128. Can't clear the BIOS password to do a fresh install
  129. Random noise/music
  130. [SOLVED] audio playing ads/trojan horse virus
  131. Windows Up date wont work
  132. Trojan Virus and Audio in the Background
  133. some sort of adware problem
  134. Help needed with trojan horse patched_c.lyu
  135. Weird spike in Avast network shield whenever opening a save file prompt
  136. google redirect and slowww
  137. Desktop.ini Trojan
  138. Puzzling laptop virus?
  139. keylogger help
  140. Some kind of virus or malware help??
  141. Virus plays random audio ads
  142. Virus plays random audio ads
  143. Virus preventing anti-virus working properly
  144. Keylogger help
  145. banner ads attach to
  146. Trojan horse hider.mpr
  147. I need help removing the troan Zaccess.EE from my PC
  148. Desktop.ini Trojan problems
  149. virus help
  150. Logs for Can't open AOL e-Mail
  151. Please help - vbalgrid error. virus?
  152. Virus plays Random Audio with no programs open
  153. sirfef trojan...farbar logs
  154. Laptop showing "Scripts taking more than usual time" and will hang for a while
  155. Files are randomly getting deleted
  156. Google Redirect Virus
  157. Sirefef infection
  158. Virus (Possible Trojan Patched c.LYU)
  159. virus?
  160. Help with possible virus
  161. Can't Open AOL e-mail
  162. Malware help
  163. browser redirects
  164. wpbt0.dll
  165. win32/Zaccess.EC
  166. What kind of virus do I have and how can I get rid of it?
  167. Hello
  168. [SOLVED] noton found Trojan
  169. trojan.patchep!sys
  170. Computer restarts randomly...
  171. Pleas help
  172. roper0dun.exe RunDLL error after removing
  173. Sirefef trojan
  174. Adyield manager and youtube pop-up Help
  175. Suspicious computer behavior
  176. Missing Firewall service
  177. Computer playing random music, ads, and laughter
  178. [SOLVED] Data Recovery Virus hanging on...
  179. Computer Problems
  180. Possible redirect virus
  181. Rundll32.exe HELP!
  182. Windows Security Center red alert
  183. Random Music/Ads on XP PC
  184. PC speed problem
  185. virus of sorts, preventing anti virus installation...
  186. XDva351.sys possible malware?
  187. Random Ads are playing on my PC HELP PLEASE!
  188. SMART Virus
  189. Laptop doesn't go past Welcome screen
  190. infected my PC...
  191. Spyware issues
  192. Virus?
  193. Possible Virus?
  194. Virus disables MicrosoftSecurityEssentials and keeps coming back after being deleted!
  195. patched_c.lxt
  196. Random Audio Sound Clips and Webpage redirects
  197. HELP possible virus
  198. Explorer.exe issue - files attached
  199. Laptop will not connect to internet
  200. Removed the Live Security Platinum virus, but now I have Sirefef :(
  201. Trojan Horse Generic problem
  202. Trojan Removal Help please
  203. Problem Downloading
  204. Blekko virus removal
  205. A Challenge?
  206. virus removal assistance needed
  207. virus i think cant run spybot or view virus detection progam web pages
  208. program opens and closes really fast.
  209. down for months
  210. RunDll, Error Loading .. please help
  211. Dell is running SO SLOW
  212. managed to pick up some malware
  213. Malware acting as security software
  214. Dell computer randomly plays music, ads, radio announcements June 16 2012
  215. Desktop.ini Trojan
  216. TrojanDownloader:Win32/AdLoad.DA virus
  217. Quick Question on Backing Up due to Rootkit Infection
  218. Another Google Redirect
  219. Trojan Help
  220. Vista Random Commercials, Multiple Other Problems
  221. Multiple Viruses detected by Avira but can't Remove
  222. Windows XP PC. Slow with Virus.
  223. [SOLVED] Website Verification
  224. Virus Removal
  225. Redirect virus, bcod, and missing drive path after recovery
  226. [SOLVED] Windows XP Firewall Won't
  227. virus removal
  228. Congratulations, you've won.
  229. double underlined hyperlink
  230. Kaspersky help
  231. [SOLVED] MSE hangs when taking care of "Threats".. $RECYCLE.BIN
  232. [SOLVED] Sirefef.EZ Trojan - help!
  233. [SOLVED] PC running far less smootly than before...
  234. Can't get rif of Trojan 'Sirefef'
  235. Random Audio Ads in BG + Search Redirects
  236. Help needed - Security Shield virus
  238. Windows 7 Search bar `````` virus
  239. HELP how to delete exe virus
  240. my little brother put a virus on my computer
  241. Limited Webpage Access
  242. Welcome to Nginx redirect-- I would be so thankful for help!!
  243. ComboFix and AVG
  244. Security Center can't turn on Windows Firewall
  245. Really Slow Computer
  246. Please help me delete Mystart Incredibar
  247. 3 Trojans
  248. AVG anti virus didn't take any action
  250. Possible keylogger, trojan, etc.