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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. lots of pop-ups and trojans
  2. wat is on my computer??
  3. tons of popups tons of malware
  4. Desktop icons and taskbar disappeared [MOVED FROM WINDOWS]
  5. Computer system crashes intermittently
  6. Hijack This Log
  7. Constant Ad Pop-ups
  8. Tons of spyware and Trojan.w32.looksky worm
  9. All Inc. (Slow Startup, Running, Programs, Not Responding)
  10. win anti virus pop ups
  11. Neibors IE Hijacked.
  12. pop ups slow start and kazaa remains
  13. Error message and some problems with internet
  14. Savetheinformation: Constant Popups
  15. Various Trojan/Viruc Problems
  16. wow account stolen
  17. Red desktop virus
  18. pls help! constant popups/warning boxes (
  19. Abetear A.
  20. Constant pop-up ads
  21. Constant pop ups ?? [email protected], trojan-spy.win32'mx
  22. What's Right?
  23. windows extreme slow
  24. Cannot access internet
  25. Clean machine? (or so I thought)
  26. any nasties?
  27. [SOLVED] Trojan Horse Virus
  28. Worst mess ever!
  29. Win Anti-Virus 2007 -- several Trojans
  30. I need help please :)
  31. am i clean or far from it?
  32. Ultimate Cleaner spyware
  33. First Hijack This Log - Serious Malware Problem
  34. WinAntiVirus problem
  35. Removing AMAENA Trojan- please analysis this DSS scan and advise!
  36. Problem with Generic2
  37. Need help finishing cleanup
  38. HELP needed to remove belt.exe
  39. udefender takeover
  40. Please help with hijackThis Log
  41. Google Virus?
  42. Many different problems :(
  43. Trojan.w32.Looksky corrupted pc
  44. WinAntiVirus Problem.
  45. Need help with popups : TK58.exe
  46. False security warnings. Trojan.W32.Looksy
  47. Outerinfo removal assistance needed
  48. Post-infection HJT Log Check
  49. WinAntiSpyware 2007 FreeInstall
  50. Hijackthis Log..
  51. Can't remove something placed on desktop
  52. Adaware:ZenoSearch; Trojan:Virtumonde.O; BrowserModfier:Fotomoto Removal
  53. [SOLVED] Trojan downloader help
  54. attempting to clean up my cpu
  55. Win32/Rustock.gen!C help needed please!!!
  56. help needed with Malware takeover
  57. HJT Log - Computer Deranged
  58. WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 - Need Assistance
  59. Still needing help with pop ups
  60. Pop-ups and recurring infections - can't clean.
  61. please help with my log file
  62. Pls Help w/ Generic BackDoor Trojan Removal
  63. Im getting popups beleave im infected
  64. Please, help me analyze my logfile
  65. Need help!!
  66. General System Maintenance
  67. How do I permantently remove tk58.exe & 83122.exe files
  68. rootkit.dayoff.process
  69. Virus keep popping up in Content.IE5
  70. Malware on my system[moved from xp]
  71. Can't run cmd or taskmgr
  72. YieldManager popups and feezing internet browser
  73. pop ups/dissapearing desktop/spyware etc!
  74. Browser hijacker, backdoor.haxdoor, etc
  75. Bad start :-(
  76. My hijack this log
  77. My HJT Log
  78. My Malware
  79. Constant Pop-ups, three different programs on Desktop, comes back after cleaning
  80. Trojan Downloader Issues
  81. Constant pop ups- vundo, winfixer, generic AdClicker.d
  82. Popups,, WinAntiSpyware2006, drivecleaner2006, etc - log file included
  83. Vundo and Downloader-BDF
  84. Possible virus -- changed windows background (not desktop background)
  85. PSW.Banker3.SXK Trojan Horse
  86. computer really jumpy, 'system' process at 50%
  87. HijackThis log (UltimateCleaner)
  88. pop up No virus or trojan found.
  89. HJT Help with everything from spyware to "antispyware"
  90. Windows XP Media Center Edition locks up, can move mouse unable to click anything
  91. "Trojan Horse Generic"
  92. Hi-Jack-This log
  93. Spybot Resident floods the desktop!
  94. pop-ups remain after inital clean-up, HJT log inside
  95. Win AntiVirus Spyware 2007
  96. Some pop-up problems, and DSS problem
  97. Same old Redirect Problem
  98. Help
  99. Vista Vitumonde Problem
  100. Problems with Trojan: Win32/Virtumonde.0
  101. Virus creating executable folders
  102. Browser Hijacked -- How troublesome...
  103. Constant popups and warnings with erroneous messages - Ultimate Defender 2
  104. Explorer.exe won't start on startup
  105. HJT help!
  106. recent trouble- programs slow to start
  107. Rootkit.Dayoff.Process
  108. Constant popups and warnings with erroneous messages - Ultimate Defender
  109. Trojans & Adware
  110. Browser Hijacked
  111. Possible Threat
  112. Viruses and Trojans, Oh My!
  113. Computer running slow and pop-ups all the time
  114. Slow Browser - Trojan.Zlob, Trojan Horse
  115. Posible WIN32:ctx
  116. Possible Spamming Virus
  117. Completed the 5 Steps
  118. Help...!! Pop ups and viruses....
  119. Firewall Issue
  120. System messed up--HELP!
  121. HELP!!!Unable to remove: Downloader, Trojan.Vundo
  122. Very slow loading web pages
  123. New:Virus:Eicar.Mod, Hacktool:Hacktool/MSNpass.D, Virus:Trj/Downloader.MDW
  124. vundo and downloader -- please help
  125. Can't access anti-spyware sites
  126. Pop ups driving me crazy!
  127. iexplore.exe constantly running, restarts independantly, occasional pop-ups
  128. I want to get rid of "Alcra" worm, this is my log file
  129. hijackthis log help toshiba satelite
  130. Not able to launch Mozilla browser
  131. Re: Cleaning up sluggish computer
  132. Pc Problem
  133. Pesttrap infection
  134. Excessive PopUps (win32 agent.pz)
  135. Avast: Win32:DCom-F in restore,snapshot, REGISTRY_MACHINE_SYSTEM
  136. More maleware again muliple user system
  137. Adware problem, getting worse
  138. HJT Log,help needed
  139. [SOLVED] Slow PC
  140. [SOLVED] IE Only Works in Safe Mode - Trj/Downloader.OXI
  141. Errorsafe and drive cleaner and popups (Hijackthis log enclosed)
  142. Continuous Pop-Ups
  143. help appreciated, details enclosed
  144. spyware, trojans worms and virus and nothing is happening just bothering
  145. HJT log help please (Panda scan included)
  146. Viruses wont remove-Help!
  147. need help- func.exe
  148. Can not run explorer.exe
  149. Analyze HJT log
  150. pop-ups galore
  151. Virtumonde/Trojan I think
  152. Continually getting viruses, malware--nothing will remove them
  153. Security alert virus/Trojan virus [moved from Security]
  154. At a Loss - here's my log
  155. help needed -
  156. Virus issues [moved from Security]
  157. trojan.w32.looksky infected laptop
  158. Services and Controller app problems
  159. Google link redirect
  160. Constant IE Popups - Spyware/Virtumonde
  161. Fake windows security alerts, fake trojan.w32.looksky on WinXP
  162. full of problems
  163. computer slow and tons of popups
  164. Constant Installing BHO's. Anti-virus automiatc install.
  165. PigeonPP
  166. pop ups, hacker threat and spywar
  167. Help! - Virtumonde.O Trojan!
  168. Im completely LOST.......
  169. Constant Popups, Please Help
  170. Vundo Trojan ddaya
  171. Popup ads starting to show on my laptop
  172. Help with a very infected Computer
  173. Virtumonde and Other Various Viruses
  174. Windows installer dialogue keeps opening and my MS Office aps do not open [RESOLVED]
  175. HiJackThis Log
  176. Pop up box "Windows Security Alert"
  177. Getting rid of Malware
  178. TROJ_VUNDO.AYD problem
  179. Trojan.Vundo blocked
  180. pop-ups and pc running slower
  181. please help me!!!
  182. kernel32 infection
  183. AD-Ware possible mal-ware/virus/trojan
  184. Winantispyware
  185. VundoFix can't remove Vundo even in safe mode :(
  186. Constant Detection after Startup - ZapChast.reg Trojan
  187. Help!!!!
  188. Popups virus- Vundo
  189. [SOLVED] Viruses found, Still not right, Hijack this scan
  190. Drive Cleaner Virus
  191. suspect virus
  192. trojan adwareW32.expdwnldr driving me Nutts!
  193. Possible Trojans, WinAntiVirus Pro
  194. IE running by itself, pop-ups, can't run Ad-Aware...
  195. kernel32.dll, user32.dll, ntoskrnl.exe changed
  196. Help I have virus's
  197. Vundo Trojan Detected
  198. IE7 Runs Itself- Trojan SHuer.ZQ
  199. Pop up problems
  200. I have a worm that I need to get rid of
  201. "Downloader" Virus...
  202. please check my hjt log, malware present.
  203. home pc windows firewall stuck in off, grayed out, log results
  204. Searchportal virus
  205. PC SLOW. Virus? Freezes too.
  206. Hijackthis Log
  207. VundoFix removes vundo, but the vundo reappears...ljjiifc.dll
  208. possible Vundo-1
  209. Smitfraud-C.CoreService Removal
  210. Slow Startup, Crashing Computer
  211. I would post a HJT LOG, but won't let me...
  212. Windows Security Notification
  213. HijackThis and Activescan Log...please help!!
  214. need advice on HIJACKTHIS log
  215. Trojan.W32.looksky Help!
  216. Please help
  217. Pop ups. please help
  218. about:blank issue in Internet Explorer 6
  219. reassurance!
  220. Another Outerinfo problem
  221. Many popups and advertising
  222. Help with ZEDO/Webbuying, HJT Log inside
  223. Help with laptop
  224. My log, help
  225. Having lots of problems lately (iexplore.exe, random reboots, etc)
  226. Need help cleaning a load of spyware + viruses
  227. Hijack This Log
  228. PLEASE take a look at my friend's computer
  229. Need help to remove "square symbols" from msconfig
  230. Browsebar.exe
  231. yahoo and google search redirects me
  232. Firefox crahses and Vundo trojan? hijack this long
  233. onlinestability spyware problem HJT log inserted
  234. very slow computer, lots of unknown items in msconfig startup
  235. Various connectivity problems and error messages
  236. Help with numerous pop ups
  237. Extremely slow computer please help!!!
  238. Pop ups and slow computer - Trojan horse Kolweb.G etc.
  239. [SOLVED] Weird e-mule after worm.bagle.ZIU
  240. Help!!!!
  241. ZAPCHAST TROJAN INFECTION (Log in thread)
  242. Help I keep getting pop ups -tried several products to remove them
  243. Windows Security Notification - Malware and Privacy Violation
  244. Popups, Slowdown, etc. (the usual menu!)
  245. Annoying Spyware/Adware Popups
  246. IE Security Zone Virus with popups
  247. 100% CPU Usage and crashing issues
  248. hjtl zlob dns changer check please.
  249. Trojan Horse + W32.Spybot.Worm on Startup [Can't Clean!]
  250. Pops up in Google searches